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Scholarships and Development Opportunities No. 12

1) NIGERIA LNG Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme 2015 Applications are now being accepted into the Nigeria LNG Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for entry into Masters Programmes in the United Kingdom in September 2015. Application form for the scholarships can be downloaded here or click the download tab.  Completed application form, along with an attached coloured passport photograph of the … Continue reading

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Participation at the Oxford Forum for International Development Conference

I have been invited by the Oxford Forum for International Development to chair a panel at the annual Introduction to International Development Conference. The panel I will be moderating is titled, ‘Keeping Score: Reflecting on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)’. The three panellists are: Ian White from the World Bank, Dr. Sabina Alkire of the … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Political Transitions in Zambia and Burkina Faso

Last week, there were two political transitions on the continent which were both dramatic in their own right. Zambia’s Michael Sata passed away in London, after battling an illness. This occurred amidst persistent rumours about his failing health. In fact, there were rumours about his death during this year’s UN General Assembly in September after … Continue reading

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Scholarships & Development Opportunities No.11

Scholarships for students from African countries to study Politics and International Relations at the University of Cambridge. This is available to candidates undertaking either a one-year MPhil in International Relations and Politics, or a three-year PhD in a field related to governance and human rights from 2015. The scholarships are jointly funded by the David … Continue reading

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‘What Does Boko Haram Want?’ ~ Insights from Ahmad Salkida

Ahmad Salkida, Nigerian journalist with access to the leadership of Jama’atul Ahlus Sunna Liddawati Wal Jihad or Boko Haram, gives rare insights into the group’s ideology, modus operandi and gives his recommendations on how this intractable insurgency can be contained, in a Twitter chat. The session was moderated by Akin Akintayo and Dr. Jibrin Ibrahim. … Continue reading

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Incumbency and Opportunity: Forecasting Nigeria’s 2015 Elections

For months, my colleague, Dr. Oliver Owen and I have been working on some forecasting of Nigeria 2015 elections based on 2011 dynamics. The draft findings were recently posted on African Arguments HERE. I am re-posting it below. We welcome all comments, suggestions, critiques etc as we continue to refine our understanding of this rapidly … Continue reading

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Speaking at ARI Event on Urban Violence in Africa

On Wednesday 08 October, I will be participating in a panel discussing Urban Violence in Africa. This is an event organised by the Africa Research Institute, a think-tank in London. Specifically, I will be speaking on political cohesion  and the capacity of the Nigerian state to contain Boko Haram. My co-panelists are Dr. Paula Meth, Senior Lecturer, Town and … Continue reading