How I Fell Victim of a Recruitment Scam in the UK

Wednesday 19th October was unlike most days. Apart from my excitement in anticipation of my long-awaited trip to Paris the next day, I was woken up in the morning by a phone call and an email simultaneously from two firms in Birmingham, namely Primus UK and S5 Marketing, inviting me for a job interview the next day. I got a job by Friday 21st with Primus UK Ltd and by Monday 24th, I had quit the job because it turned out I fell victim to an elaborate recruitment scam in the UK, otherwise known as Cobra Pyramid Scam or Marketing Pyramid Scheme.

Such scams have apparently been going on for a number of years, especially in the wake of the global recession. They post deceptive jobs on recruitment websites with misleading job specifications, to lure and exploit their victims before the victims wise up and quit.

When I applied for the two jobs on Tuesday 18th October through a recruitment website, the job specifications were for the roles of a “Customer Service Representative” and “Customer Service Advisor” respectively and there was absolutely no mention of sales or door-to-door marketing. Both sounded pretty much like standard customer care roles with a bit of office administration and secretarial duties.

When I got the call for an interview the next day, I was so excited, being an international student, and knowing how difficult it is to land a job anywhere in these hard times. I should have known something was up because it typically takes a couple of days to a few weeks between submitting one’s CV for any job and being actually called for an interview. Ironically, I did not even bother to look up the two firms on Google, when I typically spend most of time on the Internet daily.

When I got to the venue of the interview, I started becoming uneasy by the office and its location. It was dirty and didn’t look very professional. There was no plaque, no sign or anything to indicate the name of the firm in the building. It was located on the second floor of a building sandwiched between two tacky fast-food joints. Everything about the environment looked very dodgy. The so-called HR staff were ladies who wore tight and tacky clothes: mostly leggings with tight and short t-shirts/tops and very high, unprofessional, cheap, colourful, summer-type high heels in autumn! Some of these ladies actually looked like they had been picked-up from a dark alley!

Another thing that set-off the alarm bells in my head was that the office was used by 8 other similar marketing firms including Praetorian Marketing, S5 Marketing (the second firm that sent me an email that morning inviting me for an interview), Oracle Advertising and others whose names I cannot recall.

The office was like a market place! There were hordes of applicants dressed in formal attire like myself, sitting, waiting for interviews for the numerous firms. I found it very strange that several firms were operating from the same office, using the same “HR” staff. Though warning bells were going-off in my head, the fact that I saw many applicants like myself, formally dressed, looking very educated, many with at least one degree, convinced me that: “surely, this couldn’t and wouldn’t be bogus, right?” Wrong!

The interview essentially entailed the manager vaguely explaining a four-tier process of progression to becoming a manager within 9 to 12 months instead of the normal 5 years plus in other firms. Of course that sounded incredibly ridiculous and unbelievable and I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. But I didn’t care much. I was looking for part time work before my graduation and some UK work experience which will be very valuable when I go back home eventually. I definitely did not envision myself working in that environment for more than 3 months.

I also found it strange that what was meant to be an interview (that is, the potential employer asking questions and myself, the applicant responding) turned out to be me sitting in front of the manager, in his untidy office, listening to him talk about progression to managerial position in 9 months, in such a fast manner, as though he had memorized those lines. I suspect he repeated the same line to the 20 or so people that were interviewed in an assembly line fashion.

After the “interview” I was told that I would be contacted that same day, between 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm, to be notified if I had made it through to the second stage and that if I did, I would be expected to attend an assessment which would last an entire day, from 12.30 pm to 8.30 pm. I eventually received the call around 6.30 pm that I was “successful” and was expected to attend the assessment day the very next day. I was scheduled to travel to Paris for a vacation the very next day, a trip I had saved for and planned for months! However, the prospects of having a good job made me cancel my trip at the last minute, thereby losing a substantial amount of money.

At the assessment day, I kept feeling very uneasy as it became more evident that the only thing to be done in that job role is intensive door-to-door sales. All of a sudden, the initial fancy-pansy “Customer Service Representative” role dissolved and transformed into “Independent Sales Advisor”. It became increasingly apparent that they expected us to spend the whole day outside, essentially harassing and pestering people not just for a one-off donation to “charity” like British Red Cross and Care 2 Give or the other big name charities and blue-chip companies they kept mentioning, but for people to actually commit themselves to a minimum of £6 (about N1500) per month by signing up for a direct debit agreement which would debit this amount of money from their accounts continuously for about 12 months or so in these hard times!

What was even more worrying and unbelievable was that we, the applicants, were made to sign some disclaimers stating that we were not employees of Primus and that we are not entitled to any pay or benefits or claims. So if I get hit by a car for instance while running around from house to house pestering and extorting money from people, there’s nothing the firm can or will do.

The employee is also made to dress in formal attireand work from around 10.00 am till 8.30 pm (you actually report back to the office by 8.30 pm and fully close for the day between 9.00 to 10.00pm) Mondays to Saturdays! In addition, the pay is entirely based on commission if you meet a minimum target for the day/week (about £13 per day I think) otherwise, you get nothing.

The office is the dirtiest and most unkempt I have seen in the UK by far.  In fact, in one corner of the Manager’s office, coffee or some other beverage had been spilled on the carpet. The so-called managers of the various firms operating from that office are the shadiest looking bunch of men (and two women) in black, in suits, I have ever come across. We were told several times that Primus UK was founded in Canada, then it expanded to the US, then UK and other parts of Europe with presently over 100 offices in the UK. The information on the website, after I checked did not seem to tally with what I was told and the whole site itself looks pretty dodgy!

Needless to say, I quit on Monday 24th October 2011, my “first day at work”. I did a lot of thinking and came to the conclusion that my dignity is worth more than going around houses, begging and extorting money from people in these hard economic times, getting cold stares, disapproving looks and possibly insults for nothing! With the disclaimer I was made to sign and all, it means I couldn’t even use the experience in my CV or get a reference from the firm in the future, that is, if I had for any crazy reason decided to take up the job. So what was the point!? This is pure deception and exploitation. It is absolutely astonishing that such a Ponzi scheme of sorts is going on in the UK!

I only realized that it was a scam after I had quit, on Tuesday 25th October. After silently licking my wounds and feeling like crap at home all day, I decided to look up the company online and lo and behold did I make a discovery! I came across different websites, blogs and Facebook pages where people like myself had fallen victim to these Cobra scams. A blog by Lecari from Essex details the author’s experience (in 2009!) and over 160 comments follow suit with different people from all over the UK sharing similar experiences. A Facebook group titled “Name and Shame Recruitment & Job Scams” has over 1,200 members who recount their experiences with such Pyramid-Cobra scams, pretty much similar to what I had gone through or much worse.

The scam here is that the job titles and job specification posted on various internet job sites as “Customer Service Representative”, “Customer Service Advisor”, “Executive Assistant”, “Sales Executive”, “Events Assistant” and so on are worlds apart from the actual job role of an Independent Sales Advisor or simply put door-to-door sales person. Because of the disclaimer stating you are not an employee of the firm, and that the firm is not your employer, one is essentially self-employed and as a non-permanent resident, it is actually illegal because you cannot be self employed with a student visa. Consequently, as I got to know from a friend’s friend in Plymouth who was also a victim, you might not get your commission after a while because the firm could easily say, they just realized you have the inappropriate visa to take up that kind of self-employment (as an Independent Sales Advisor) and therefore they cannot break the law by remitting your earned commission. You end up getting fired after a couple of weeks of being over-worked for nothing! The fact that you are misled into thinking it is an office role with pay at the end of the month when it is actually a performance and commission based role is deceptive.

Furthermore, working from 11 am (actually it is from about 10am because over the weekend, I was told to report before 10.30 am to meet with the Director who “luckily” for everyone, happened to be in town) till 8.30 pm or so based on commission is highly exploitative and bordering on illegal because you end up receiving less than minimum wage and being overworked as it is virtually impossible to meet those difficult targets.

In addition, it seems these firms which are spread across major cities in the UK – from London, Birmingham and Manchester, to Glasgow, New Castle and Essex amongst others – as  I found out from the testimonies of fellow victims like myself, pretty much do the same thing as I described above. Also, these companies get access to one’s CV, your personal information and data and could end up using it for God-knows-what, given that being deceptive and dishonest is their trademark. Generally speaking, it is pretty obvious that these firms are taking advantage of the recession, the growing unemployment rates and people’s desperation for jobs to perpetrate their nefarious activities.

What Have the Authorities Done?

If this recruitment Ponzi scheme of sorts has been going on for as long as I have suspected, since 2008 or thereabout, then it behoves that people must have been filing complaints with the authorities and in this case the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). So far it seems only one complaint has been officially documented and addressed against one of such firms called: AC Generations Limited. And this was the action taken by the ASA:

“The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told AC Generations to ensure that their ads stated when positions were door to door or field sales and when earnings were based on commission only”.

Clearly, this warning or recommendation is certainly not being adhered to by such firms. I also found out that there are numerous such shady firms, or they could possibly be the same ones using different names as they seem to change their names every year or so, probably after people have filed enough complaints, they fold-up and open under a new name. In one of the Facebook groups titled Marketing Jobs Scams, someone who worked for the BBC said they were doing some research for a BBC Scotland investigation looking at these marketing companies and how they operate. I am not sure yet if the research has led to a programme or an exposé  on the situation.

I feel this is absolutely unbelievable, the fact that it is happening in the UK is utterly incredible and mind-boggling. I never thought I would witness something like this here. I guess scams afterall, especially with the recession and so many people increasingly thrown into the labour market are not the exclusive preserve of certain countries like Nigeria.

Below is a list compiled of such companies and firms by several people on blogs, message boards and some of the Facebook groups, notably the “Marketing Job Scams” group I came across on this issue. I hope it will spare others the agony of wasting their time, energy and resources:

3 Galaxy Marketing

4ward promotions

A1 Marketing Company

AMM Direct

Approach direct


Aspire marketing

B.A.M.C.O Global Direct

B1 Client Services Ltd

Bandeira Marketing Ltd

Blackcode Advertising

Bohemiam Marketing Ltd

Bradford marketing manchester

Castle road


Celica Marketing Ltd

Centurion Marketing

Chilli Corporation Ltd

Co & Co Marketing


Code Marketing Ltd

Cooper Advertising Ltd

Corsica Marketing

Coulson Corporation Ltd

Creation Marketing Ltd

CSC Marketing Ltd


D Commerce Organisation Ltd

EA Worldwide Acquisitions Ltd

Eclectic Marketing Ltd

Endeva Advertising Ltd

Entice marketing

ETM Marketing Ltd

Excelsior Marketing Solutions Ltd

Extreme Marketing

Fast track

Fastlane Enterprises Ltd

Financial Training Academy

FM Solutions

Fosters Marketing Ltd

Fourways Marketing Ltd

G Force Marketing Ltd

Granton Marketing

Harlequin marketing



Heaton Marketing Ltd

HelpMeGo.To Ltd

Heyes Client Services Ltd

Horizon marketing


Innovation Marketing Ltd

IPG Imports

JACC Marketing Ltd

JK Marketing

JMS Marketing

JPK Advertising



Karma Marketing Solutions Ltd

Keys Worldwide

KMH Organisation Ltd

KMS Promotions Ltd

KPJ Enterpries

Krishna Worldwide Ltd

Kudos Promotions Ltd

Life Style Advertising

Live Marketing Direct

London Green Marketing

London Marketing Services Ltd

Magnum Marketing Ltd

Manchester Interactive Marketing

Maximum Dynamic Ltd

Maximus marketing

Monster Marketing Direct

Montana Marketing Ltd

Mosco Marketing Ltd

Motion Marketing

MRD Corporation Ltd

MSG Elite Marketing Ltd

Navitas Organisation Ltd

OMS ltd

One Way Marketing

Oracle Advertising Ltd

Oratory Commerce

Outsource Ten

Oval Innovation

P&D Marketing Ltd

Paragon Events Direct Ltd

Paramount Force Promotions Ltd

Parker Worldwide


Pinnacle Promotions Ltd

Platinum Force

PME Marketing (Prospects Marketing Enterprise)

Powerhouse Ltd

Powerhouse Worldwide

Praestantia Promotions

Primus UK Ltd

Pro Sales Direct

Progressive Global Training Ltd

R2R Promotions

Red Five Soloutions (Southampton, Plymouth and London)

Red Planet Ltd

Red Square Direct Ltd

RS Advertising

S5 Marketing

SeDa marketing

Select Marketing Solutions

SMG solutions

Smiths Marketing Associates

SOGO Marketing Ltd

Source Marketing direct

SRJ Marketing Ltd

SRM Marketing

Stride Marketing Ltd

TA solutions

TC World Ltd

TH Nationwide

The Fresh Organisation Ltd

The Klub Advertising Services Ltd

The Marketing Machine UK Ltd

The Premier Organisation Ltd

The Saturn Organisation Ltd

TML Promotions Ltd

Touch One Advertising Ltd

Tuscan Marketing Ltd

UK Acquisitions

Unik Corporation Ltd

Unique Organisation Ltd

XS Worldwide Marketing Ltd

Zee solutions

Zenith Force Promotions Ltd


529 thoughts on “How I Fell Victim of a Recruitment Scam in the UK

  1. In my own case, they scheduled an observation day after I was told that I passed the Interview. I covered my transport expenses to and fro wolverhampton where I was expected to observe and be trained by their supposed clients who I later discovered were pple that were recruited days earlier. After few moments of observatn, I and the Lady who was in the same predicament whispered to ourselves about how misleading the Job description was! We followed and watched the supposed clients get insulted in some instances, while few people were nice to them and invited them in. We planned to follow them till the end of the day even tho were disappointed at what was goin on. I consoled myself that I’d never been to the city befre so it was a sought of day out for me. By 8:00pm, these folks were still knocking on pple’s doors bcos they wantd to meet targets, otherwise they are not getting paid! I wuld not appreciate anyone knocking on my door at that time of the nite to lure me into giving my bank details to debit my mnthly for british heart foundatn, so I wldnt imagine doin that to anyone. It is unbelievable that after toiling all day, those guys wld nt get paid cos they did nt get pple to sign up for their nonsense! Hw many pple wld agree to such arrangement anyways? We rtrnd to birmingham at abt 10:00pm and were expected to reprt back to the office to fill some questionaire. I and the Lady tld them as soon as we got to the train station that we wer not goin any furthr with their job, while commending them for their hardwork. How deceptive!

    • Hi iv applied for a job with Auctus Outcourse the same address and postcode… i am thinking is this a scam as i only applied a day ago and straight after i receieved an email saying iv got an interview!! im having second thoughts now

      • hello i have just been to first round interview they are right next to smg solutions and share the office…couincidence???? sounds like a scam

      • they reply so quick because for the 100th time, they recruit all the time because everyone is self employed, it dosent cost them.. more recruitment just means there business can grow. commision isnt a scam lmao! nore are any of these jobs there just not the jobs you lot want to do so you decide to call it a scam:)

      • The only problem is they employ people who are too lazy to work for their money. The reason it is performance based is because you get paid for doing a good job. If you want to find work where you have to do nothing and get paid and never make anything of yourself then thats your problem but many people are very successful at jobs like this. The driven and ambitious only should apply, not the lazy and selfish.

      • Any commission only based role that is portrayed as something else is a scam, particularly when they are getting vulnerable people desperately looking for work and trying to get them to work for virtually nothing. They obviously are not making enough money to pay employees the same as every other business in the UK does.

        These companies are putting a big black slurr across marketing. It screams SCAM to me, Stay away from these people in work life and real life. They obviously cant be trusted, it’s a flaw in these people

      • Hey can u plzz check the company named EMPIRE INITIATIVES… Its just giving lots of vacancy adds on reeds and they are exactly like your blog looks dodgy can u plzz comment ??

      • Hi hear are some off the biggest offices that I know off and that I have worked for undercover investigation in 2013 2014 firstly any one who notice’s a logo that says ‘appco’ or ‘appco Group’ then get out they quite literally try to brain wash you in to believing that you can become very successful in a short amount off time by completing a ladder of achievements ( pyramid scheme) and you can earn countless amounts off money and achieve unlimited lifetime success haha if you are stupid anough to belive all off this then crack on in each office you are told exactly the same almost like a script haha #pitch lol well number one that I came across that is in Co with appco is “mantra and cobra marketing” then below them are lots more not just in England I think there are 30 to 50 office under theses two brands I was assigned to the “mantra organisation ” hear are some office’s “121 marketing ” ( BRISTOL) “RED7” “motion marketing ” then switched brand name to “eagle eye worldwide” “benchmark marketing” (Plymouth) “purple cow”


      The APPCO group, Cobra Group or whatever they want to call it has been now for many years tricking people into believing they could become a success. There are many individual marketing companies in the UK who are contracting self employed, commission based sales reps. Initially you will receive a phone call from an administrator who is hired by the company. They deliver a kind of sales pitch on the phone aiming to get high numbers for the current week of interviews. The Director of the Company or the “Owner” has high expectations and needs high interview numbers to keep office numbers high because of the extreme drop off rate. The initial interview will be a group interview where the interviewer will 95% of the time ask questions to try and avoid an applicant asking “Is it commission”, “Is it door to door”. You will walk out of the office and receive a call later that day saying you have passed. Apart from a few everybody passes. The reason for this is for the final round of interviews, which would probably be the day after, they pair you up with a team leader showing you the “business”. A lengthy walk in an area of the UK showing you door to door sales. You then return to the office where you will receive a definite congratulations. You then start on the following week or day after and complete a vetting procedure. It is all rubbish really they don’t check anything all it is is data entry and your all clear. You then receive an ID Badge and hey presto you are then assigned the role of a field representative (FR).

      These FR’s are paid a commission for every sale they make. So lets say the commission is £100 per sale. So if you make 5 sales in a week your total is £500. HOWEVER HERE IS THE CATCH. Out of that £500 you will get paid only 60%. This is called bonding where the remaining 40% goes into a separate space somewhere to account for client cancellations. So if you sign one customer you have to wait 100-150 days later for that to be paid to you. So using £500 as an example £300 will be paid to you that week and if your lucky and i mean really lucky the you will get the £200 from that week 150 days later.

      This is all a huge con because even if you ask the administrator initially when you receive the phone call “What is the salary” they return an answer like “It is commission based where our sales reps on average earn 300-500 pounds per week”. RUBBISH!!!!!!!! On average the earnings truly range between £80-£200. All this money for a 70-90 Hour Week. WOW!! Is it borderline slavery and deception. That is why over 80% of the starting applicants leave in the 1st-2nd week. And if they do the company will 100% Bond their earnings for the last week. Meaning you will not get paid anything until 100-150 days later. This is so the company saves money from paying the FR’s. WHAT A JOKE!!!! They have a real sarcastic and laughing attitude towards this as well..The government should definitely clamp down on these companies for recruiting self employed reps and pay them well below minimum wage for all the work they do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!!

      • Hi. The Appco group has also contacted me for an interview and it all happened as in all these stories of yours. I didn’t remember applying for them, but i did apply online for fundraising for British Red Cross…. for a 9-12 pounds/hour. When the lady from the reception called me, I was actually excited and I answered to her phone interview. She was nice. I don’t know if trained to be nice, but it seemed suspicious that all I said in the middle of the street, covered my the noise of passing cars and buses, it ALL was a correct answer. I could’ve said I eat shit with my hommie house flies as a hobby, and she would’ve said: mhmmm! Good! because I already passed the interview even before she called me. I was appointed for the office interview the next day. Guess what? I’ve been required to dress smart. Like in all the examples mentioned here. It was far from the place I live in, so I spent 10 pounds a day (for both interviews… yes, there were two) changing tubes and buses like I was running from the cops or something. Anyway, I need to warn you about something: i saw in this lovely article (above) that the office was shit and the personnel was made of paysans (my words). Be aware: they evolved! My “recrutors” were members of “Unique Marketing Direct”, I don’t know if the same with unique or unik mentioned in the long list of scammers. So their office was pretty neat, the waiting area as well, they gave us forms to fill in, they knew how to make everyone waiting there feel welcomed. The lady who called me told me I am very positive, which gave me some hopes for the interview :-j I played my cards as funny and interesting as i could while waiting with the others, being sure that it’s all a hidden test to make a social impression at first sight. At the interview, indeed, we received not an interview but a presentation about the stuff that we needed to know whithout knowing anything consistent, really. Nothing about the payment method, but about the limits you reach. I didn’t care that much anyway, i was just glad i can take it slowly inside a real marketing company. “Real”, said dr. Evil. So bla bla bla, went home. The “director”, no, no, even better, “owner” said he would call us the same day not to keep us waiting too long. So he…….. didn’t. The lady called again, saying that she has good news. I did remarkably well at the interview that day, she said. I asked myself: what in the world did i do so remarkable? I put my ass on the chair and listen to the presentation, making hopes and, occasionaly, looking at the nice French girl almost next to me. But i was remarcable :)) they noticed my skills in not paying full attention in the presence of a nice pair of legs and beautiful eyes. So the next day I paid those 10 pounds to get there, at the second, REAL interview. I wrote another application or whatever that was, saying: after i’m done, can I reward myself by going to the bathroom? At one point i was gone to release the kraken (joke, i was just pissing 😛 ) and when I came back, something tells me that one of the ladies from the front-desk didn’t quite want me wandering around in the “restricted area” You know why? Because the seen part of the floor was actually the good one. The other held… secrets. But I can be paranoid, that’s all. Moving forward: good private interview about me. I wasn’t nervous. In fact, I have just a few things to hide… no biggie. The boss then told me that I’ll be working on commision. I asked myself: what the *** happened with 9 pounds/hour? He asked me if I worked on commision before. I lied to him, giving only one bad example from the past instead of two. Commision sucks. They pay 25 pounds for every 10 pounds account you make for the British Red Cross, but if the commision is 100% but very hard to gain, it’s still as shitty as always. What I wanted to warn you about and i forgot is: they have tidy offices now and better personnel. They look, speak professional. BUUUUUUT guess what gave them away even before i knew about the Cobra chain of scammers? The same day, after the first presentation, i received another mail from Innovation Marketing, who happens to be in the blacklist. I found it suspicious that I was suddenly so wanted. I looked both companies on the internet and searching for unique I found this article (thank you, author). Innovation has a website instead. I looked at their address and IT”S THE **** SAME BUILDING WITH unique!!! Well? Someone? Who knows why? Because of the reasons, that’s why ;-j it’s all been foreseen in this article. The signs are aaaaaalmost exact. So heads up everyone: genuine waste of time, pride, money and again time. I stop here, don’t go forward with the work. I’ll tell them my camel is sick, find a reason, something. Thank you for your patience in reading my confusing reply 😉 I write a lot because I’m a writer and I write books and I find it hard to write less 😛 (not in English). Untill the next scam that will bring us together again, I wish you all the best. And good luck! 🙂

      • The IXL company is one of them I left it on first day when I found out its door to door sales and commission based

    • I worked for for a company within the Appco Group over in Australia travelling. I have my MBA and, I applied for a role for the add title ” SALES AND MARKETING”. The manager explained to me everything about the company and about direct sales. Also what should I expect for my day observing and to make sure I felt it was a good fit as well to make sure Im a good fit for them. I understand the progression bu that was explained to me in my 3rd or 4th week but I was just having fun making sales before I started up my own buisness back home in the States. Luckily enough I picked up on sales skills to aid me in that. The training I received was done in a very profressional and vibrant manner. The truth is Appco is many different countries and for such a big organiazition how can the micro manage people so closley. When I read ths blog I called my old manager and asked him questions. Appco have strict polcies regarding advertising, and those managers will be dealt wtih accordingly. The truth is it sounds like a lot of bitter people who chose not to do there research or, have some sort of pre judgments about the direct sales and marketing industry. I hope you all find a job, because its never nice to be unemployed and complaing about an industry thats not for you. Appco has done alot and developed many people with in the company, that dosnt mean you can call everyone in the company a “SCAMMER”. Look at any major company in the world, and look at there issues, in fact they look very small compared to the ones at Appco.

      • Please do not try and justify the actions of APPCO as a whole. I know for a fact that the many different marketing companies withing the APPCO network is trying to recruit self employed individuals who get practically abuse peoples good will and force them to work 11-12 hour days for well below the minimum wage. Performance or Commission Earnings is another way of saying, “Lets save money by not paying the FR’s and wage at all instead lets pay them for every sale they make”. For example in diamond and gold hunting countries they pay the workers only if they find something which is slavery. See the similarities between slavery and APPCO. The development scheme from FR to Owner and VP is flawed in so many ways. At the top of the pyramid millionaires are relaxing living the high life and giving so called motivational speeches on how to be successful. While the FR’s at the bottom of the pyramid are being treated like slaves on a day to day basis, earning £80 – £200 for 70 Hours working door to door. So don’t come to me about pre judgement of direct sales and professionalism within the networking companies of APPCO. You have to look at how the interview stages are conducted to know all type of professionalism has gone out the water. 1st Stage : Telephone Call – You are called by an administrator who gives you a type of sales pitch to get you in through the door. 2nd Stage : Interview – Providing you go after reading this you are having a group interview with the Owner (Managing Director) of the company. Where if you try to ask any question about door to door or commission they twist the atmosphere to avoid any more objective question being thrown at them. 3rd Stage – Observation – Going with a so called team leader or a door to door campaign trying to convince you to do this 4th Stage – Closing Interview – Going back to the office and getting a definite “yes you’ve passed”. Trust me you have already passed the whole interview process since you get that first phone call

        So let me ask you this do you think there is any justice in letting someone through this whole process to start with the company they applied for and drop within the first week and 100% Bond their earnings. NO ITS NOT!!! Working 70-90 Hours and not getting paid for it. Come on don’t even dare giving me the rubbish about having opportunities to develop and grow.

      • What a joker you are, “Mr. Smith”. Your command of English, even for a fifth grader, never mind an alleged degree holder, is more than a tad lacking.
        HOW can ANYONE take you seriously in trying to defend these scam artists?

        Think again before pontificating a lot of eye wash.

      • MBA my arse.
        You have no idea how to construct a sentence.Your grammar is atrocious.
        You must work for one of these companies.

      • Do not even try to tell ur sh** testimonY about these f*** scamms. I went to 1 of them Open Advertising,this week, and was 1 of these victims.
        U should even be punished for manipulating people u b****ds!

      • Congratulations on being selected by our recruitment team to attend your initial screening appointment. Please see below as confirmation of your confirmed appointment details.


        Date:    Friday 31st January 2014 

        Time:     10.30am 



        2 Woodlands TerraceSwanseaSA1 6BR 

        To manage expectations for your appointment:


        Please ensure you attend in business attire and keep a minimum of 1 hour

        clear in your diary in order for us to fully complete the appointment.


        The appointment will be conducted by a member of the recruitment team, where

        you will be given an outline of the company, including the background and

        history, opportunities available, what the openings entail and the

        relationship we hold with our portfolio of clients. You will also be given

        opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the openings.


        This covers everything that you will need for the day. Please do not panic

        as no preparation is required.


        We aim to create a relaxed environment for you and hope you leave the

        meeting with a full insight into our business and the roles we are

        recruiting for.


        Successful applicants from this screening process will be contacted within

        24 hours of completion.


        If you require anything further please do not hesitate to contact me



        It would be much appreciated if you could confirm receipt of this email.

        dd Progessive global to this con list, in south wales..
        this the emaol I receieved!

    • Judging by your grammar, if i took you out on an observation day I’d send you home with a dictionary.

      • Why does the company not have a website? like any reputable company and why has the company had previous names before?

    • I would like to add GM Business Communications to the list here. Based in the same offices SBQ1 in Birmingham. No real indication of job role, no reply to emails and at the same offices as previous job offers.

      • I would like to add that I attended an interview for a company called Mazonai and overheard one of the managers speaking about LGB Direct. Turns out they operate under the same address in Luton! I was offered a job which I am going to decline. BEWARE!

    • Hi I recieved an email from them as well –>


      HELLO !

      Many thanks for your application to Unique Marketing Direct, as to not waste time I have decided to send you an appointment slot in hope you will be able to attend.

      We have now reviewed your CV and would like to invite you to attend an initial appointment in our offices this week, so congratulations!

      This will be the first stage of our application process and is designed to give selected candidates an overview of our business and the positions we have available within sales and marketing.

      I’m really happy to confirm that an appointment has been made for you with Unique Marketing Direct on Wednesday 13th November 2013 at 2.15pm. The roles and any other business related questions will be answered by the Managing Director when you meet.

      For your appointment we will be based at:

      Unique Marketing Direct
      2-6 York Street
      LE1 6NU

      From Leicester Station:

      Come out of the station and walk straight so that you are crossing the road directy infront of you. As you get on the other side of the road you will pass a sainsburys on your left hand side as you come into Granby Street. Walk straight up Granby street and take the third left just after weatherspoons pub. The first door onyour left after you have taken the third left turning will be your destination and you will see a plaque outside that says Montana Marketing.

      Please note that this is an appointment with our Managing Director so come professionally dressed (No jeans or trainers please).

      Any problems with this date and time please call me on 0207 4909493 between 9.30am 6.00pm to arrange an alternative date, but for those who are definitely attending an email will be appreciated to confirm attendance.

      Please note, to be considered for the roles available, all candidates must be over 18 and looking for a full time role. With regret we currently cannot work with anyone holding a student visa.

      I look forward to meeting you,

      Kind Regards,

      Nadia Abdel-Hadi

      Recruitment Administrator

      Unique Marketing Direct
      2-6 York Street
      LE1 6NU

      Tel: 02074909493

      Fax: 02074909499

      I decided to do some research and thank god I found this website thanks to Zainab! I had a look on their website which didn’t give much information about them, what they do, all you could do was apply online or find out their contact details. It sounds like a complete scam and I would really advise you not to attend the interview as you would be wasting your time.

      • Mate, I received the exact same email yesterday, word for word, by the same company (Unique Marketing Direct) and by the same person (Nadia). She had called me yesterday morning about a job I hadn’t applied for. I found it rather odd, but I listened to her anyway. I’ve got a steady office job at the minute, but I’ve learnt the hard way that dismissing a job opportunity just because you’re currently employed isn’t always a good idea (long story!). Anyway, I listened. She thanked me for applying for this role (I hadn’t, but whatever!) and started yapping on about what a brilliant opportunity this is and only the “best selected candidates” are offered a job, but she could apparently tell from just looking at my CV that I’m “easily one the most qualified people she’s spoken to”. I sort of sensed she was bullshitting me when she asked me to turn up for an interview with the “managing director” at 2pm the same day, and that’s when I received the above email confirming my interview. I also found it odd that the email began with “HELLO” rather than the usual “Hi [insert first name]” or “Hi Mr [insert surname]. .

        Needless to say I didn’t go, and she (Nadia) called me up at 2:30pm asking me why I didn’t turn up for the interview, and rather than telling her the truth I fobbed her off with a wishy washy excuse about not being able to make it due my car breaking down. What she said next is what confirmed my suspicions. She said the “marketing director” will be in the premises the entire day (yay, lucky me!) and that he would still be able to fit me in at 7:15pm (yes, 7:15 in the bloody evening!).

        I told her I wasn’t interested because I already had a job,, and let’s just say she wasn’t best pleased. She said, using various expletives that I was wrong for wasting her time (Ha, imagine that. Nadia complaining about time wasted!). I told her to delete my information off her list (wishful thinking, I know!) and to never contact me again.

        I went to bed last night thinking what a weird day it had been. I googled the company this morning just to satisfy my curiosity and see what they’re about and lo’ and behold I come across this wonderful article.

      • i`ve had an interview at the same address as you, but a totally different name montana marketing

    • I worked at montana acquisitions and the managing director took me out and i see him doing coke in the toilets he bragged how he would sleep with employee’s and he use to sell drugs.
      I’m young, 18 so i think he felt that would excite e but it disgust me so i left. i did 12 sales and never got paid a penny.
      the job is not a scam he is the scam he has moved address now…i hope everyone can avoid this drama.

      Kent House

      Romney Place

      ME15 6LH






    • Has anybody ever had a run in with TC world in Leeds? Or anywhere ? U guys have all got me thinking the worse ? Please message back Urgant ?

    • Your missing the big ones that run these they are known as “mantra marketing” “eagle eye worldwide” “cobra group” and the big one that runs the offices is called “appco Group”

    • Am so tired of these companies , trying to sell u dreams: I already know how to identify them, they are very excited and bubbly when they call you, like they are selling you something , just making you go to the interview, liars why say that its just customer service asst., instead of saying sales no commission

    • Hi when I was reading all these victims here in the Uk of these companies been mention , I was asking myself why they haven’t been reported to the authorities if this has been victimising huge of applicants.. I am so sad reading all these victims if this is true Is there nothing they can do to report to the proper government authority ?

    • Wow all these reviews are absolutely false !!!
      The role is a set employed , fully performance based role with the company offering a sales role and a business advancement role ,
      Now they specialise in human commercial , which is what a lot of marketing companies use to aqcuire new clients or customers
      Coaching that was provided was amazing very good , done with people that know what they talking about , the hours are classed as long but that’s due to the nature of the industry of sales , any sales industry is long hours as you work for targets . But for people that want to earn more and learn more don’t mind the hours , all these were mentioned from the 2nd appointment so that it was clear to me and I chose to continue as I see what life has to offer in these conditions and it’s not much , so myself having no degree and no experience yet willing to coach me it’s amazing
      I’ve traveled to 6 countries since joining the company due to international learning meetings which is paid for

      Regarding spending money on travel it’s very simple if you are self employed or running your own business
      Anyone has done or knows of it will tel you

      You work till the job is done
      You have to spend money to make money but the rewards are greater than a “normal 9-5” and worth the effort
      You travel to find clients , so rather than moaning I see it as a positive as ppl moan everyday about doing same thing everyday so I love traveling and going outside the same place
      And every person who’s self employed or runs their own business will tell you it’s hard work but satisfying and very rewarding hence why these class of ppl earn more than everyone else have better lifestyles than everyone else
      These ppl are looked at and ppl say they lucky but no luck is involved , you work hard , you focus on the coaching they give you to help you , and then you achieve amazing things which you never thought or I never thought I could achieve … It has changed my life been working here for 2 years and no 3 months away from getting promoted to run my own company …

      People who leave negative reviews I guarantee , have either started and didn’t like it which is ok nothing wrong with that we are all different , so they slam it cuz it’s not for them ?!?
      They either started and didn’t work hard so they left or got terminated so naturally pride kicks in and you moan and complain that it’s not for you stay away it’s a plague lol ….
      Or they just don’t understand the industry
      As a Sheffield branch SRJ has been great honest transparent , and the best advice I have for anyone who’s looking at these very outdated posts is go to the appointment you won’t die or get killed lol
      And if you feel and like what you hear , then start and do it yourself and see how you get on like everything in life , try it out and see how it is , I never thought I’d like sales but I tried it to say atleast I tried and now love it and proud of working with this group , so try it and hey guess what you don’t like it leave no ones forcing you but don’t go putting reviews for your boyfriends or girl friends lol or if you did it for a week or 2 it’s not fair .
      Be smart see for yourself . Unless you want to make every decision of your life based on some stranger you’ve never met decide what you do or not ….
      Thanks for reading this . Just my honest opinion .

    • I need to get in contact with some one about this! I have an interview today with a company called live innovation and I think this is the same thing! I need some advice asasp!

  2. First off, sorry for the fact that you had to cancel your trip to Paris. That’s really unfortunate. After one year of studying, spending some time far away from Birmingham would no doubt have been worthwhile. You mean there’s no way for you to reschedule the trip?

    Those adverts litter virtually every jobs website. I’ve been seeing them for as long as I can remember and I never bothered applying for any of them because I somehow sensed they would all boil down to outdoor sales roles. They never appeared serious to me, many of them don’t even have websites. But some weeks ago my flatmate fell victim to one of them called ‘Praetorian Marketing’ in the same ‘SBQ1’ building in the city centre, right? After hearing his experience, I later applied to one of them ‘Premier Outsource Ltd’, got an interview two days later and went just for the fun of it, to practise my interviewing skills and to see things for myself because my friend is the naughty type and his description of the place was just crazy. I laughed when I read your description of the office- the ladies and the generally rowdy atmosphere- because I saw it too. Looking back at the whole thing, its just funny. In the case of my flatmate he actually went for the second ‘interview’ and ended up spending the whole day going from house to house with a ‘team leader’, meeting a couple of strange characters and selling internet contracts in far away Dudley. So when I got a call from the ‘executive director’ who interviewed me later in the evening of same day (just like you were that I had been selected to proceed to the next stage, I just laughed. The next morning I sent him an email telling him ‘thanks, but no thanks’…hehe. According to my flatmate, there were three other ‘candidates’ and they all pulled early in the process when they saw the handwriting on the wall. But he decided to stay on, partly because he was confused and lost in the middle of no where. One of them insulted and cursed the team leader with expletives before leaving because he felt, and rightly so, that he had been deceived.

    After exams in the summer I almost feel victim to a different job scam. I applied for a part time job and got an offer without an interview and it just seemed to good to be true. I was told to send some code that will be used to do a CRB check and this would cost about 40 pounds if I can remember. After calling the phone number in the email i received and no one answering, I decided to trace the address on the same email and discovered it was a vacant building that looked like a mechanics garage and no one i asked around there seemed to know the company when I mentioned the name to them. That was it for me. I googled them when i first got the offer. Apart from the fact they did not have a website, there was nothing else to spark any serious suspicion- there were no complaints and all that. But when I googled them again a few days after my private investigations, I saw a lot of complaints by people who had actually bought the code and sent to them for the CRB check to work in a non-existent company. How sad to lose that amount of money just like that in these hard times!

    This is definitely not the best of times to be a graduate with little experience. Competition is ‘madt’ for graduate schemes and even for internships. So far I’ve interviewed for internships with four international development organisations in London but none worked out. These days it seems you even need experience to get the It’s frustrating, but one has to just keep pushing and stay positive and something will surely click someday.

    Well, I guess these experiences are part of our sojourn in the UK. One day we’ll look back at them and just laugh and laugh. Sadly you lost money and a trip to what I hear is a wonderful city. Other opportunities would surely come.

    I’m on a long thing.

    • I’ve just been invited to an interview tomorrow with… Pratorian Outsource Marketing in the SBQ1 building in Brum. I was so happy to finally get a positive response after sending out what feels like millions (ok, slight over-exaggeration!) of job applications.
      I feel so gutted now (after doing some company research) that what looked like might finally be a job is actually a door-to-door sales ‘job’ in which you wind up getting verbally abused and paid less than minimum wage on a self-employed basis with NO insurance cover if anything happens to you. Most companies have a policy in which if you have an accident on your way or from work you are covered and they will help pay expenses etc.

      Thank you to all the posters here, at least now I know what it is and can stay away from future jobs advertised in the same way.

      I feel in two minds whether to go tomorrow or not… probably will go just to see for myself and confirm it’s as much of a scam job as everyone says it it.

  3. Zainab, that’s such a shame you missed out on the trip to Paris. What a good idea to write about to help others not fall prey to this scam 😀

  4. Zainab, more care next time. Crooks are always on the prowl for unsuspecting people. Hard luck, but it shall be better. Hope you have rescheduled your trip to Paris “See Paris and die” lol. Mhmmn, proof read for TYPOS next time.

  5. So sad reading this and the fact you missed your scheduled Paris trip is disheartening. I’ve heard people complain about such ‘Unholy Scams’ with bitterness. Well, its all part of a story and encounters one meets on the journey to the land of success. Hopefully, someday, one will look back, laugh it off and ask “How could I have done this?” It is well.

  6. This information is coming at a time when I’ve been thinking to begin a hunt for part-time job. Some of my friends have actually secured one form of job or another. However, these are lowly placed jobs that I wont dare do. First, the work load is something I have never seen before, to be honest. Combining my studies with a lowly job will impair on my performance at school and affect my ambition to finish my masters with a distinction. Second, having worked in Nigeria and risen to a managerial level, taking a factory job or anything similar is not on my agenda. I told a friend I was not desperate to get a job, when he was pestering me on the good a job will do.

    Most jobs that are available are demeaning and very low to the level of qualifications we all possess. Some of the guys that finished last year, work in factories where they stand all day, make to carry loads of bags and many more undignifying jobs. I had to tell one off! I bought some used textbooks from him and it seems he was desperate for money, he offered some of his shirts (used) for sale! I became furious and told him that even back home in Nigeria, I did not wear ‘bend-down’.

    So sorry about the missed trip! I’m sure its been rescheduled.

  7. hmmm… i applaud your bravery in telling this story in such a detailed manner. Only because something similar happened to me, and i was so embarrassed and disappointed with myself for falling for such a scheme. But since you’ve encouraged me, for the benefit of others:

    Iv’e been living in Dubai for almost 2yrs. In my first yr, after the 1st semester of my Msc., i had quite a long break, and i decided to try to find a job at that time. Some newspaper adverts led me to some “recruitment” companies, which as i look back had all the warning signs for me to see. Examples: It was too easy to get an interview, shady locations, unprofessionalism and the like.
    All of such companies are situated in the smaller, more flexible states (in terms of how far you can bend the law) though they claim all their operations are in Dubai and AbuDhabi (the limelight states) and of course, i didn’t Google to find any information.

    So how they get you is: on the day you arrive, they give you a makeshift interview (of course everyone passes), then they tell you that you’ve got the job but only on probation basis (the probation bit is actually clever). But here it is, since you’ve got the job, they want you to pay them for their services before you start (the next day). On the receipt it says “not refundable” which covers their backside with the law. I should have realized the problem here, all i had to go on was their word and here i was paying them for their “services”(again, not refundable). Well I turn up the next day, and lo and behold there were many of us, we were herded around basically, as far as i could tell without any plan or course of action. At our first stop, most of us gave the benefit of the doubt and let our chauffeur enter the building and supposedly work the magic, with no success. After the next stop we realized what was happening, we were just stopping by at random locations and he would go in and ask if they wanted to hire anyone of us. How is that different from what we could do on our own, after telling us the previous day that we were accepted and hired albeit on probation?

    The final straw was the next stop.. a cyber cafe (i suppose cos we were all with IT backgrounds, they figured hey, get them a job at a cyber cafe). After that, a couple of us decided to go to a police station and report this. At the station, it turned out the police were well aware of the companies and their dealings from many such reports (even their names and locations), but because they technically didn’t do anything wrong, it was a civil case for the courts… And that was that.

    That all seems so long ago now, but i have come to realize that there are always people and organizations out there willing and ready to take advantage of desperate and well, lets face it, Naive people. Some of the stories i have heard from living in this country are so sad that they can only be termed modern day slavery.

    I mean its one thing to con a millionaire or a corporation out of a fraction of their wealth, but to usurp a desperate person out of their last hope and what is probably an already debt ridden financial situation is just despicable. But hey, they’re the ones who don’t have anyone fighting for them right? which always makes them the easy target… Imagine if it were some rich mogul (say an expat from the west) who reported the issue of an organization ripping him off some money… the authorities would not rest until justice is done, so they can be portrayed in a good light where it matters, in the Western world.

  8. Went to the “preliminary” interview yesterday for Praetorian Marketing. Over 15 people waiting in reception when I got there, a good quarter of an hour before the interview time. Some local radio station blaring whilst I waited…for over an hour.

    When I got into the interview, it was with another person waiting to be interviewed. Only had a chance to say a few words whilst he said could take about 6 months to progress to a management position. All whilst telling me very little about the job role. Got a phone call back before I got home saying I had a second interview for the next day, today.

    When i got the email, the hours are from half 12 to 8 and bring a notepad, pen and coat…

    Must say I was suspicious from the off but having been made redundant 6 months ago, you’ll take people up on their offer for an interview for a vacant position even with little detail as to what that entails.

    Having read about them and similar companies online, I now have no intention of wasting another whole day, so thanks all.

      • Wow!!! Thank you so much for the post. I was having the same feeling. Your story is super similar to what I experienced today…From the office environment, to the background music playing, to the shift time (11:30am to 9:30pm).. Just an hour ago (at around 4pm), I received a call saying that I have successfully passed the initial interview..Below is the email:


        You have passed the initial interview and you are now invited for the final interview Thursday 22/03/2012 at 12:30am

        This is where we will explain to you how you will fit within the company and the amazing progressive opportunities that Maximus Global has in store for you.

        You will also have the chance to take a look in person how the company operates on a day to day basis. It will be held at the same office you had your initial interview

        We hope you have a fantastic time!

        Anyway, thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Zee, i fell for Monster Marketing!!! the advert said ‘Customer Service Assistance’ with good pay. during the interview, i was told that if i succeed, i’ll get paid £170 for training. during the interview which was conducted by the Manager; an Asian dude called Sandip where i was told that they are marketing representatives for Sky. i passed the interview and was called to come in the next day which i did. that was were the lady i met played another CD for me saying if i make a sale in my first week, the company doubles it!!! as usual, i was told how to become an executive through network marketing & make up to £4,500 monthly.
    i think these companies capitalize on the unemployment rate in the UK to carry out their acts. during the cause of conversation with the secretary, i discovered that the CEO of Cobra Marketing by the name Marc, groomed Sandip the CEO of Monster Marketing. the craziest part of the contract was that i shall transport myself to anywhere we are going to sell Sky & i asked ‘ why do we have to transport ourselves to where we are going to work? and Sandip said it’s just like you leaving your house to work daily. i said well, i’d done that already this morning! you can imagine how expensive commuting in London can be. i wish the government can look into this issue.

  10. Thank you so much for this!!

    I applied to “Manchester Interactive Media” – thinking the job looked pretty good. I also found similar job, but worded differently by “Educe Worldwide. I awoke this morning to find emails off both of them – worded exactly the same! I found this a bit odd, and then I looked at the address – same address! I knew something fishy was going on.

    Thank you again for sharing your info, and helping others out of a situation that is unjust and unfair.

    • My son was sucked in by Manchester Interactive. He too was promised rapid promotion. The ‘indoctrination’ is very successful. He works ridiculously long hrs, six days a week but never seems to get any money. Even after a ridiculously long day he receives ‘conference calls’ late in the evening. I new instantly it was a pyramid scheme and a scam from the outset but he’s blind to being ripped off. He’s been totally sucked in. His personality changed rapidly from a caring young man into a hard, cold fish. He was given ‘promotion’ to team lead, but no extra pay. He’s promised £200 per week, for about a 70+ hr week -so less than £3 pounds an hr. I’m not sure he even gets the £200. Targets are almost impossible to reach unless he puts in 10 hrs a day and, unless he meets the target consistently the bonus is non-existent. All his old friends can see how strange this set up is but he refuses to.

  11. You can add ‘Maximus Global Direct Ltd’, 32-37 Cowper St London EC2A, tel 0207 3360060′ to that list – I’ve been invited for a ‘Sales and Marketing’ interview with them tomorrow and the fact I don’t have any memory or record of applying to them and their website gives virtually no idea of what the company does got the alarm bells ringing straight away. Thanks to you guys I know what their game is and I’m not going! 😀

    • The address and the telephone number you have provided as it turns out that this company also operates under the different name: Innovation Marketing Direct Ltd – I am supposed to have an interview with them tomorrow at 2pm, however, as I am reading on – I think I may not even bother to waste my energy, time and travel expenses to go there. Thanks!

    • Has anybody ever had a run in with TC world in Leeds? Or anywhere ? U guys have all got me thinking the worse ? Please message back Urgant ?

  12. I worked for MSG elite marketing for a short period of time and can honestly say its a fully built pyramid scheme. They wouldn’t answer any of my calls and wouldn’t pay me after working there for 7 weeks.

  13. very interesting. i have one 2moro ( i mean interview) obviously i wouldnt be going,. thanks guys for sharing ur experiences.. life in uk, dat i will never many stories to tell.

  14. These companies are 100% legal and not piramid scheme!
    Do you think British Red Cross and Care to give would allow to use their names if they were scam?

    You are all wrong, sorry. This type of direct marketing will keep growing and expanding all over the world making some people totally succesful. Good luck for you staying at home and doing nothing but complaining on how bad the economy is and how some people are so evil to take advantage of that.

    Economy is changing and the clients they represent are really excited, but you are just too close minded to see or understand it.

    • #Origen, if you truly believe your own statement I truly pity you. These companies walk a thin tightrope of legality, many have been investigated by government bodies, notablely the ASA and AC Generations. They prey on the desperate and operate in a very unscrupulous manner. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess there staff turn over is ridiculous.

      • This is correct and the two complaints I made against ANB promotions and SLS Recruitment have been upheld by ASA. This is what makes it a Scam the initial advertising is not clearly stating in the Job Advert that it is a self employed vacancy and door to door selling.

        I urge everyone who spots an advert or a victim of on to complain it only takes 5 minutes online. Write to your MP as well urging them to legislate properly.

        As far as charities go, using these companies well it’s very questionable and I will certainly never give to any charity that collects on this basis. If you give money to a charity you do so to help the cause, not line the pockets if as you say it is as successful as you claim “Origen” of the door to door canvassers!! Sadly these days Charities have become big business and have lost site of their purpose.

        However I don’t agree about banning Origen’s comments, I’d rather refute them 🙂

    • The clients such as Red Cross, etc outsource their marketing activities to marketing/sales organisations. so a large amount of the companies will be oblivious to what actually goes on and simply witness successful results. I’ve recently managed to slip out of a scam by G10 Global/Glasgow Interactive/Manchester Interactive Marketing (Yes, all one organisation) where Talktalk was the client. I would not have been employed by Talktalk but wouldve been promoting their services through an intermediary, i.e G10.

      • auctus ousource said exactly the same thing, they said they promoted business for talktalk however there were no adverts or sponsors in the ad, i bet if you contacted talktalk they would never have heard of any of these companies.

      • I have been working at a glasgow marketing company. for 4 months now and am clearing over £1200 every week and I’m only 21. It’s all commission so the people who deserve success get there – you must just be scared of hard work. I too started at the bottom and worked my way up the programme. If your not driven then you won’t do anything with your life. I’m living breathing proof the system works. That’s why I’m successful and you probably flip burgers now. All you are is another negative with the ATTITUDE of a wet mop…..which is probably what you spend most of the day doing….mopping floors. But good luck anyway.

    • To origen and the rest contributing here.
      You are right the world is changing and progressively works towards E-marketing and sales. Direct marketing is old fashion and slowly disappearing technique. Yes, there are still some jobs like this and they would be great for some people, but those eventually has to get paid…in most cases they do not get their targets and get paid to make up the minimum wage because the marketing/sales nature moves towards online, tablet and mobile e-marketing and people more and more purchase online or high street retailers!!!
      Guys you can add this company here and address.
      (several marketing companies located there, so no surprise…!!!)

      Source Marketing Direct ( also found within the list of companies on Zainab’s post)
      Conference House
      152 Morrison Street
      The Exchange
      EH3 8EB

      here is part of my reply to their invitation for an interview as a consequences of my findings and personal experience from a previous day interview with another company that I found out they share the same location address/job specification/actual job specifics…

      ”…I was also at an interview yesterday at the same building where your company is located but it was held by a different marketing/sales company. My first impression yesterday was disappointment from the ambiance of the waiting room and the attitude of the girl called Steph who acted as a secretary rather than a ‘’Manager’’ of the recruiting as she introduced herself on the phone. Although she might not be part of your company, I would not go a second time to the same reception area to wait for an similar interview where the contact personnel listen to laud music on her mobile, gives wrong number of the building 215 instead of 152 in front of me to an applicant over the phone, and to me (because of which I almost arrived late while searching for the building); keeps her legs on the top of her desk. I regret to say but I find it insulting, irritating and frustrating and this does say nothing but only negative about the recruiting businesses in marketing/ sales personnel part of which is your company. I have observed the waiting for an interview people some of which found the situation at that particular waiting room rather unpleasant and insulting; and lacking dignity and respect.
      I understand that both company recruit people for door to door sales rather than as part of a sales/marketing/administrative role, which I find to be not the right job opportunity for me as I feel very qualified; and I do not believe that I am the right person for the job. The job description on your behalf on the job
      sites such as and jobrapido mislead and do not correspond toowhat you actually look for.

    • I agree with you, how is this a scam? People who can’t earn money on commission simply don’t work hard enough.
      14 months ago I joined a marketing company had my 1st round interview, observation day exactly as described.
      After 14 months of hard work I have completed the management programme and am more successful than I could have imagined being.
      People who are put of by nae Sayers shouting scam you would not be strong minded enough to work in this industry anyway.

      • Then why give these people a job? Why employ people who, by your own admission, are not right for the job? Then lie in job adverts to convince more people to apply for a job that you seem confident is not right for them? Surely it would be in your best interest to tell these people what the job is, ask questions at the interview to ascertain if they are right for the job and only offer the job to the few who have what it takes. This is the strategy applied by other businesses who wish to hire door to door sales reps on a commission only basis and you don’t see anybody calling them scammers. It’s not employing door to door sales reps that is the issue, it’s not even paying on a commission structure, it’s the lying about the job and the pay and deliberately ensuring nobody knows the truth thereby encouraging the very people you are certain should not be doing this job, to attempt it, this is the issue at hand here and neither you or any of your friends who have nothing better to do than troll these forums with your success stories and insults have actually addressed that issue.

      • If its so genuine then why are you anonymous . Is it because you’re actually the Director scamming these poor desperados and will lie and sink to any level to promote your pyramid scam? It sounds exactly like the shite my son was given. If it’s all so legit then why don’t you have a proper website?

    • Origen… for the simple fact that you think that these companies legal make me wonder who you really are? are a representative of if so then are backing the wrong company and you are in wrong profession.

      Look up the word “Charity” for a start. if I want to work for a charity organisation, I will do so with the intent of not profiting from them (free) because I am ware of their good work they’re doing. but dont call me up for an interview and lie to me about the JD (job description). if these job are legal why dont you advertised the JD and lie about it.

      please refrain from making anymore comment and will ask the admin to block you for your stupidity.


    • These companies are 100% legal and not piramid scheme!
      Do you think British Red Cross and Care to give would allow to use their names if they were scam?

      You are all wrong, sorry. This type of direct marketing will keep growing and expanding all over the world making some people totally succesful. Good luck for you staying at home and doing nothing but complaining on how bad the economy is and how some people are so evil to take advantage of that.

      Economy is changing and the clients they represent are really excited, but you are just too close minded to see or understand it.

      • They take your money, make you work all day for weeks, make you pay for travel costs to get to the areas they tell you to go to, and don’t pay you. They tell you you will become a manager in a few months and you will not. They only have one manager. They tell you they have loads of offices all over the world and they do not. Its pure lies.

      • What makes you so sure that everybody who doesn’t work for APPCO stays at home and does nothing? I am a nursery nurse and I can assure you I work harder than any of your friends. You think you’re such a hard worker? And that I sit on my ass all day? Come to Leicester, come to the city nursery just off Charles Street and I’ll arrange for you to do the job I do for a day, supervising a room with 24 3-4 year olds, keeping them occupied with activities, monitoring their play and reporting back to the parents. If you can make it thru to lunchtime without breaking down into a flood of tears I’ll give you £1000

      • Origen you have clearly been brainwashed and you wont see reason but consider this. The fact that the company provides very little financial security + other traditional work benefits to the average worker is THE SCAM
        As others have said these dickheads prey on those who are desperate for a job. However i would not classify walking around harassing people to buy products/sign up for charities to be a job. Hell i have more respect for cleaners and garbage collectors!
        Ironically enough you think youve earned the job but the truth of the matter is they were the ones who sold you the job using the very sales tactics they taught you.
        I doubt youll become successful when you reach management you will incur more costs and inevitably fail. You will see how wrong path is and how much time and money youve wasted!

  16. i have actually just applied for ltd on tuesday there they phoed on wednesday and i went for the interveiw today – and they told me to come back tommorow to shadow the manager, if i find out that it is door to door sales and is commision based only im going to refuse. Your detailed story has truley helped me, being unemployed and just out of school i was ready to take anything but now that i realise it might not be national minimum wage i know i can do better. Thanks again for your story and im sorry you missed paris – thank god i have found this out sooner as im due to go to turkey next week and i do not want to put that into jepardy.

  17. AC Generations, Colchester. Same thing. #Origen, if you truly believe your own statement I truly pity you. These companies walk a thin tightrope of legality, many have been investigated by government bodies, notablely the ASA and the company I mentioned above. They prey on the desperate and operate in a very unscrupulous manner. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess there staff turn over is ridiculous.

  18. I attended an interview with Paramount Force (a company on the list) yesterday. I can say I was less than impressed by the office. It was small and dirty. A line of chairs were placed for candidates (of which there seemed to be a constant influx!) with the reception desk facing us. The receptionists were all very unprofessional sounding and definitely not dressed appropriately with their tight clothing and other revealing dress.

    The interview was conducted in a room right next to the seating place, by a man named Jon Johnson (a name which may seem all too familiar to many). He sat there, and asked me only one or two questions, and spent the remaining time speaking in rapid pace (almost tape recorder-like) explaining what the company does, which I found extremely strange considering it was an interview and not a sales pitch to me. In it he stated 4 in 10 customers for Sky are due to their advertising (not sure if the claim is substantiated in any way) and that they operate in 26 countries worldwide (with a firm which is situated in the top floor of a building, in a tiny office, I seriously doubt this claim) and that they are a “big company”.

    I would recommend potential applicants to steer well clear from this company, who’s name changes so frequently that it’s almost far too obvious that it’s a sham job.

    As the saying goes, and made famous by The Real Hustle, “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”.

    • I have a interview for a company called aurora worldwide ltd and from what I have heard everything up till now sames. Roundabout the same as you guys have said….I’m a little worried now

      • I got a position with this company to start Monday. Did you pass the interview? If so, what happened with the job, is it a scam or not?

  19. I got work with them recently, I wasn’t out doing door to door sales though thank god. I was in the office writing up “press releases” for other shady marketing firms throughout the uk and beyond. These press releases consisted of copying and pasting news stories from bbc news and the like, then rearranging and paraphrasing them including fictitious quotes from managing directors and mentioning the name of chosen sales firm in the document as much as possible.

    As each of these marketing firms have blogs created about them by people alerting others of their activities and are usually the first search results you receive – the purpose of releasing these news stories is to push those results further down the list and moving these pointless ones up. Essentially spamming search engines.

    I was put on a placement with MSG Marketing by the local jobcentre. I refused to participate anymore in this activities as it would hardly look to good on your cv… and I was punished by the termination of my benefits!!

  20. Are these companies legally allowed to do so? I understand being paid on OTE basis as its a sales job and they would not want to pay someone who does not sell anything. But working for weeks without pay, can you not sue them? Ive got a interview 2moro and im not even going to bother going and wait for them to ring me so i can give them a piece of mind. Bunch of heartless cunts. Ac generations & Maximus Global

  21. I applied for Praetorian Outsource Marketing!! They’re a bunch of liars!! I have been there for 3 weeks and got paid £0, disgusting. It is a door or door sales job. Please do not apply. Everyday my leg were hurting, we had to go to diff areas to sale and that means using my OWN money for the bus/train. Why I stayed there for 3 weeks? I MUST OF BEEN ON DRUGS. The managers are all heartless. The lastest I got home was half 11PM. Again DO NOT APPLY.

  22. worked there for a month and I got paid £0. The whole company is a joke, the managers walks around thinking they’re millionaires, I can’t believe these companies still exist. I’ve been working for a month and got no pay? I really want to sue them. I can’t believe I fell for this. I regret it badly now. The company mentioned nothing about doing door to door sales. The company location is filthy, there are no chairs so we all had to stand up to practice our ”pictch” even though we will be walking for like 9 hours. They are located here…

    Floor 2
    SBQ1 Building
    Smallbrook Queensway
    B5 4HE

    If anyone reading this do not apply for company. They brainwash you into thinking that you will become a manager and you will have your own office in a matter of months. Full of bullshit. I feel sorry for the people who have been there for 7-9 months and they STILL think they will become a manager and they can open their office in diff countries HAHA! I only worked there for a month because I was desperate. However I have woken up and I can see what they really are. Thanks for your story I’m glad I am not the only one who fell for these stupid companies.

  23. I worked in the glasgow office of educe worldwide june to early september last year. Have since went on to secure a good graduate job. To be honest I gained a lot of confidence from doing face to face sales but in the main the place is full of bullshiters. I bumped into my old leader coming home from work one day – the first question he asked me was how much do you earn haha. Why would anyone want to end up like these people. If you are invited to this interview only go if have cash to burn, don’t want a life and put yourself at risk of becomming brainwashed

  24. SBQ1 building in birmingham. The workers are like dogs lickin da managers ass and the manager soo called PETE stoops sooo low to get every penny from everybodys pocket! I HATE HIM. WORKED THEIR FOR A MONTH N NEVER GOT PAID!!!

    • Spot on! I experienced the same thing from that ass company! Pete is a noob, money grabing scumbag.

  25. MSG Elite Advertising has changed name to Stream Advertising if you want to add that name to your list. Bunch of scammers.

  26. I was scheduled in for an interview with Praetorian, I’m SO glad I read this first! Obviously I’ve now cancelled and given them a good ticking off for wasting my time and deceiving me. I will be making others aware of such scams!

  27. Add Global Platinum Marketing to that list. What you described is exactly what my ‘i
    nterview’ entailed, and I really have to thank you for making me aware of this before I got exploited any further. I just hope that I’ve also helped by raising awareness about a company in Bournemouth described exactly like this

  28. I can’t believe I went for an interview for Praetorian marketing! Full of bullshit. The place is a mess, fake people walking around. Loud music, it is like a bloody nightclub. Glad I didn’t go back for a SECOND interview. Soo happy that I read this first, don’t want to be out in the streets knocking on doors till 8:00pm. DO NOT APPLY GUYS. Total joke.

  29. Woah this weblog is wonderful i like studying your posts. Keep up the great paintings! You understand, a lot of people are looking around for this info, you could help them greatly.

  30. Went for an interview for Praetorian. What a shock! The people there all seem SOOO fake. As soon as I walked into the scammy building, music was blasting, young guys in fake suits thinking they are millionaires. They invited me back for a second interview I told them to piss off. Glad I found this site.

    • Well said. I had an interview with that company “Praetorian”, but I had a feeling that something was wrong with the vagueness of the Company. I declined the interview. What additionally happened in the first interview?

  31. I almost found myself in a similar predicament. I applied for a Job with the SMG Solutions. I was quite surprised, in fact curious that I was able to apply for a Job late in the night and receive an email at approximately 9:30am the next morning telling me I have an interview the following day.

    I was further surprised by:
    1. The Website was quite vague. It is difficult to quantify what they “really do”. It seemed extraordinary that a Company expanding “rapidly” has only two paragraphs stating what they do.
    2. The Job Description is likewise ambiguous as to the roles that a successful candidate would perform.

    The email they sent me was as follows:
    “Hi __________”
    We have reserved a meeting with one of the managers on ___________________. Please be sure you are dressed smart for the appointment as it will be taking place in an office environment, please have a printed copy of your CV with you.
    We anticipate the day being busy, due to the high number of people currently looking for work in the West Midlands area so please keep us informed if you are running late or have any problems.
    One of our managers will want to learn more about your background and your aspirations, so please be prepared to discuss these. We will also break down a more detailed description, tell you more about the services we provide for our clients, and outline where you could fit in to our plans for 2012. Any specific questions you have about the opportunity can be addressed at this stage.
    We have included directions and a link to a map below. If you have any difficulties locating us, please do not hesitate to ring the office directly on 02476 220 522 and we can direct you to the office.
    Congratulations on being selected and we look forward to seeing you soon!”
    What do you guys think?

    • Thank you Pete.Another brilliant idea to post their automatic email. Here is what I have got, so job seekers in Edinburgh be aware!!!

      ”…Here are all the details that you will need for your interview Friday October 26th at 2:00pm. If there is anything else I can help you with prior to your appointment please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our directions are below.
      The appointment will be quite brief (around half an hour or so). The key things that will be discussed are below to give you a better idea of what to expect so you feel organized!
      The manager will be running through:

      The Company: Our history as well as our current clients and the services we provide for them.
      The Role: Specific responsibilities, skills required, and where we see this role heading towards.

      You have to be prepared to talk about your studies, your skills and strengths gained from previous experience or what other things you reckon will be making you stand out from the crowd.
      If you could please bring with you a copy of your resume so I can go through this in the meeting would be great!
      Directions: Source Marketing Direct is located in the West end of Edinburgh City. Morrison Street runs between Haymarket Station and Lothian Road. From Lothian Road you will walk down Morrison Street where you will pass Edinburgh International Conference Center. On the right hand side of the street you will see a building called the Regus Conference House. Walk in and please ask for Source Marketing Direct..
      From Haymarket you will walk down Morrison Street. You will pass the Premier Inn. Keep walking straight down until you reach the building on your left called the Regus Conference House.

      There is a map attached below, remember to ask for Caleb at Source Marketing as there are multiple businesses in the building.

      Source Direct
      Conference House
      152 Morrison Street
      The Exchange

    • Thanks very much. I have decided not to go to this interview. After all it would be tragic if I were to go there and waste a considerable amount of time and money only for a scam. I find it disgusting that people would put up a Job like that knowing that it is not as it is described. Has anyone else dealt with a similar company? Do they still try and contact you?

  32. Pete the so called manager for praetorian is a twat. What a freak. He walks around like his is somthing. I think everyone hates him. Stupid bullshitter.

  33. I am so happy I looked up this job and found this website before I applied to this job. I feel sorry for the person that has went through this but thank them for the detail of information they have provided of this scam!

  34. Have an appointment tomorrow with Maximus Global Direct Ltd .. Thank you so much for publicizing this!I won’t go.

  35. A friend of mine got sucked into the APPCO Group; and to be honest, I nearly did as well.

    I was having a few drinks with my friend on Thursday night, and met up with a few of her ‘workmates’. They seemed like quite a nice bunch of people – friendly, confident; although, I think that’s part of the ‘sales patter’. One drink turned to another, and chat turned to their sales job. They then asked if I would like to pop down to the office to see what they do…

    This morning, I put on my smart clothes and headed to the offices of TPR Enterprise in Colchester. Now, I thought I was there for a bit of a tour of the office, just to see what the job is like. The next thing I knew, I was filling out an application form for a job. The form was quite basic, personal details, qualifications, work experience etc. I then waited in line for my ‘interview’ – there were 2 other applicants before me.

    As for the interview itself, I wasn’t asked that many questions; it was more of a motivational speech from the manager, which said a lot, but didn’t actually EXPLAIN anything about the company.

    A few hours later, I got a phone call from TPR, saying that I’ve been invited for the 2nd interview; tomorrow morning. That raised my suspicions; usually, when you apply for a job, you wait a few days for an interview, and you wait another few days (if successful) to confirm that you’ve got the job.

    I decided to do a bit of research into the company I was working for. Alarm bells were starting to ring in the office, where the sign outside and the print on the door said ‘TPR Enterprise’, but the posters on the walls were testimonials from APPCO Group. So I Googled APPCO – found very similar stories from former “employees”; with low pay and no holiday entitlements. Words like ‘scam’, and ‘brainwashing’ came to mind.

    So, I’m going to have a lie-in tomorrow; and turn my mobile phone off… Thanks guys, but I’ll stick to my steady day-job, at least I know where my next pay-packet will be coming from!

    [A little footnote for you: My brother actually worked for a similar company about 8 years ago, selling NPower contracts in Luton, citing similar issues to the ones others have mentioned. He never got paid.]

  36. I feel so sorry for all of you guys who can’t understand the concept of been rewarded for your hard work !
    That’s what performance based pay is all about , the thing is most of you people probably apply for a position and talk loads of crap about running your own business one day blah blah blah ! In reality non of you obviously could ever have the balls or work ethic to do so ! Everyone wants the damn lifestyle of a wealthy business man but no body wants to put in the time and effort first !

    For all of you guys who got “scammed ” as you say , ask yourself this …. Who is actually the scam artist ? Aren’t you guys the one that say you want progression , money , high earnings blah blah blah
    Then when you get the chance you find some shitty excuse not to do it because its hard !

    Seems to me like you guys are the ones doing all the scamming !

    If there was no money or progression why the hell are these managers still doing it ?

    What you really should be posting on here is
    ” I had my chance to begin to fight for every thing I thought I wanted in life , but I just wasn’t that motivated ! ”

    Don’t worry though I’m sure asda or tesco needs more till staff , that’s probably the best job suited for people who want thier career paths and income controlled by someone else …..

    Sad !

    • Someone who is controlling his career path should be proud of what he does and be happy to reveal his name. Why then do you have to hide your identity? Probably you are ashamed of what you do and just putting up some bravado here. Back to the context of what is being discussed, how do you respond to people working and their salaries are not paid and other unethical employment practices?

    • How patronizing of you. There is always someone on these forums who writes some ridiculous comments. Why do you decide to post these things? These companies job descriptions are very vague, and they seem desperate to employ you. Does that not start to ring alarm bells in your head? I would rather work for Tesco than work with some stupid marketing Job that is a scam.

    • Mmmm, me thinks someone who works for the aforementioned companies is getting a bit annoyed that people are warning about the scam going on.

      The bottom line is that any marketing company should provide you with a detailed contract of employment and if you only have one company you work for as your sole employer then you are not self-employed but an employee as far as the tax man is concerned.

      The comment as to “If there was no money or progression why the hell are these managers still doing it ?” the answer is simple they need you to earn the money for them and if you are not doing that then they aren’t earning money or they are so deep in the mess that they lie to themselves that it will all work out otherwise they will look the fool.

    • I understand the concept of hard work, reward and taking chances. I’m motivated and have a career path. That’s why have a job I love with a legitimate organisation that has set, regular hours, a pension scheme, work benefits and pays a salary at the end of the month. I don’t have to stand in the rain six days a week and neither do I lord it in in some crap office ripping off so called employees to fund my lifestyle. Its called having integrity. You obviously won’t understand what that means, though.

  37. Haha well said mate !

    I bet 90% of you guys who post an opinion on here are jobless ! 5 % are unhappy with their current jobs but have no balls to do something about it ! And the other 5% need advice from small Internet forums like this on how and when to take every step of his/her life !

    Get a grip !

    It’s so easy to act powerful behind the comfort of your laptop screen! Take some chances In life!

    How can someone “scam” you into a job ?
    That doesn’t even sound right

    Just sounds like another excuse for Britain has a high rate of unemployment !

    Forums like this create regret and mis use over one of man’s best invention !

    The Internet !

    • Guess you are intimidated by the credentials of the people here and you want them to end up on the streets like you, working their sods off for some crappy firms.

      Wish you all the best in your sales job!

      • Anonymous – I bet you are involved in this scam and are only on here trying to give false information to people who are actually genuinely looking for a job.
        You are a disgusting person and if you really believe that most people would rather just sit in their house unemployed you are deluded. I know a lot of people who are desperate to find work and hate being unemployed and it is extremely prejudice and unfair to label every single unemployed person as a lowlife scrounger. You are probably the manager of one of these outrageous, corrupt and unethical companies that prey on people who are desperate to work. How can you be so selfish and immoral to think that this kind of work is O.k?
        If you weren’t involved in this scam then I am sure you wouldn’t bother wasting your time insulting people who are only trying to help others be wary of the same things that they have gone through.
        Britain’s high rate of unemployment is down to many factors not just that some people don’t think that it would be worth while to stand outside all day being abused for absolutely no reward. You are a very single minded person and frankly you should keep your opinions to yourself if you cant say anything constructive.Your comments are unhelpful and missing all of the facts.

      • Anybody noticed how this person and the previous anonymous poster both claim to work for an APPCO company and yet are able to post on an online forum at 6pm on a Thursday when logic dictates they would be knocking on doors? Maybe they decided to take an impromptu break at the peak of a sales day and go online on their phones to accuse other people of being workshy.

  38. Yeah, just today I went there for an interview at Pratoerian in Birmingham City Centre. It was a really dingy office. SSBQ1, or something like that. Suprise suprise they’ve invited me back tommorrow and I must wear ‘comfortable foot wear'(I wonder why). Thanks to the guy who started this page off and thanks to everyone on saving me all the hassle. Cheers!

    • I cant belive it i went there for a interview today and to be honest i thought it looked dodgy and when i got a call from a woman at the job centre she said the site looked dodgy and it might only be commission based. They invited me back for a second interview told them to stick there job. They should be reported for misleading people on…. i thought was to good to be true you can be a manager within 5-6 months that what he said to me today.

    • Also avoid kms promotions in birmingham under that woman sukhbir sekhon, she is the owner but her face is not anywhere or their poorly done website.

  39. CBA to explain. Comments above me already said it. All I’m gonna say now is that I have got a well paid job and I am happy 😀

  40. Be careful of Josh Cote, he brainwashes Everybody. They were from America and came to the UK to Brainwash more People. Be careful don’t waste your life away

  41. Pete from Praetorian Marketing is a selfish mutt. The whole office is a mess. The people who work there are all dumb and stupid. They actually think they can become a manager within a few months and open their own office in their CHOSEN country hahaa.

  42. I’m so glad I saw this. I have an interview set up with Krishna Worldwide on Thursday. I will slowly back away now. The search continues. Thanks for the warning.

    • Hi Ali, I work for Krishna Worldwide and have been working for nearly two months and there is no scam involved in this office. If there was a mass scam then authorities would have taken action and the the LTD would have been stripped from the company. I assure you if you took a look at the office and spoke to some of the new recruits as well as the employees who have been working there for a long time, you will see there is no scam.

  43. Zainab, I feel the victim of the exact same scam as you and I am a former graduate taking up OU study in Physics now, I came back from travelling across the USA and was eager to look for a job. I got lured in the same way to want to work in an office in sales and marketing and all I got was hell with a door-to-door job selling scope a form of charity to help children with dyslexia etc. This company was called Be Right on Outsource International aka ‘Brighton Outsource’ as they are in Brighton! The trainer was really horrible and pushing me around intensive giving no crap about how I felt nor showing any enthusiasm with me at all just a miserable stroppy black chavvy looking bitch called ‘Zavier’ who would get offended when I asked her, her name. What was also weird is how they successfully recruited me but this is no success just deception and at the end of the day they said I got the job, I decided then I wasn’t going to take the role as door-to-door sales rep, extorting money and harrassing people – I have learnt that is so not me! They still advertise this role, everywhere here In the end I reported them as a scam to scamwatch.

  44. A new similar company

    Auctus Outsource
    SBQ 1 Business Centre – Second Floor
    29 Smallbrook Queensway – Birmingham
    B5 4HE

    • This is the company that i applied for thanks for this!! its a scam i will not be going to the interview on friday!! bullshit

  45. Glad I researched TC World Ltd before going to one of their presentation/interview days later this week.

    Door to door commission ONLY based selling NO THANKS!
    In actual fact I am against this type of selling and should be illegal ’employing’ people without a min wage and having random people pestering you at your home!

    • I think there is something to do with job preferences here. People are upset that they weren’t told it was commission based door to door selling and didn’t like that it was. I’ll tell you why that part of the program is not revealed straight away: if it was, how many people do you think would apply? As for the commission: it drives people to work, doesn’t it? Not to mention it’s cost effective for charities/companies. There’s method in the madness.

      The person who took you guys out for interview SHOULD have made it clear that it was NOT a ‘forever’ role and would indeed lead to management. Who on this thread has made it that far? How do you know the opportunity doesn’t exist if you haven’t? How long did you guys stay in the business before leaving?

      I’ve had high rolling weeks and I’ve had low rolling weeks and the money HAS appeared in my account every week. Whether you decide to believe me or not is up to you, but I have a question for those who claim they worked for a month and didn’t get a penny – how many sales did you make in that month?

      • Anne,
        the law strictly says that if you are employed you have to get contract with terms and conditions and one of which should be your pay (minimum wage guaranteed). If you are self employed in such marketing companies you should get contacted with their customers (producers, service providers etc.) and receive your fee for your marketing (this is what at the end of the day you do – marketing them to random people). If it is a commission based you still need to get paid the minimum and on the top of that some moneyyyyyyyyy for your performance (N of customers you managed to attract).

      • thank you for this info. my daughter is searching for her first job and when she got contacted by tc world, she was so excited. she attended the induction day along with 30 others. an hour later she received a call inviting her to the 2nd stage interview which she accepted. initially i was excited for her but when i questioned her abouts hours and pay, she said that there was no basic salary. this raised alarm bells so decided to do a little digging and found this forum. i’ve told her to not bother going to that interview tomorrow. thank you for saving my daughter the time and the cost of travel, i appreciate it.

      • Hi, I posted on here a good few months back re to world and inspire in Preston. I ended up working for another company totally unrelated to these and are now recruiting 20 sales ppl across Lancashire, genuine opportunity selling web advert, video ads and websites to small and medium businesses, anyone want a genuine opportunity email carlpicky@

  46. These employment schemes are alive and well in the US, too. I had a close call with a few of them a couple of years ago. Thank you for writing this blog, it was very interesting to read experiences that were dead-on track with mine.

  47. you can add RTR Uk ltd/RTR group to the list. They are another cobra group. ive had exactly the same experience with them and i am horrified! i am still uncovering the other firms that they use at them moment one of which is taylor made aquisitions. be careful people and whatever you do, do not hand over your banks details!

    • Hi, I applied for a job with RTR Group a couple of days ago. Is it the one based in Bradford with the following site I’m slightly suspicious and concerned as they invited me to an interview immediately at an office above some Restaurant. I’ve tried searching them but can only find their official site and loads of job ads they’ve placed. Would appreciate if you could let me know more about this RTR group.

  48. you’ve just spared me from wasting £50 travelling expenses to an “observation day” which was due tomorrow. lol ur description was a mirror image of what I experienced a couple of days ago. thank you!

  49. I was invited for an interview by Maximus Global Direct Ltd’, 32-37 Cowper St London EC2A, tel – 0207 3360060. – I’ve been invited for a ‘Sales and Marketing’ interview with them tomorrow and the fact I don’t have any memory or record of applying to te company. I was happy that I got an interview, but after reading and doing a little bit of research, I came across this website. I am definitely not going. Thanks guys

  50. Similar to the persons above I applied for a job with SMG solutions in Coventry and was contacted the following day for an interview. I attended the interview and was immediately put off because of the dinge setting and the general ambiance. At first I could not find the building and rang SMG, unbeknown to me I was outside SMG but when I quoted the building a few doors down the woman told me she had no idea where I was. How could they have been based in that office for years and not know about their surrounding buildings and businesses?

    As I waited to be called for my interview I spoke to the “receptionist” who was very stand offish and did not want to answer my questions. The office was shabby however the managers room was fully equipped with a flat screen tv and a play station. He didn’t ask much about my experience but told me about how quickly you could progress in this job. I was under the impression this was a paid job which it clearly wasn’t-false advertisement. When I began asking the manager about how he planned on expanding his company amongst various other questions he became very rude and defensive. It became clear he was threatened by my questions and my presence. I explained to him I enjoyed a challenge and hated idle workers to which me replied “I’m lazy, you would hate me”. Are those really the sentiments of a “director”???

    I was told I would be contacted later that day or the following day, unsurprisingly I was not contacted. I put this down to the fact that he did not like my questions and the fact I had fully researched this company.

    This company is a joke, the manager is a con artist. This role is advertised as a sales / marketing role but it most definately is not.

    Name and shame these companies!!!!!!!!!

    SMG SOLUTIONS Coventry is somewhere I would avoid if I was you!! I wasted half a day and travelled 30 miles for no reason. AVOID such jobs and scams

  51. Thankyou for this information.
    You have saved my girlfriend and I a wasted day for an interview at
    Auctus Outsource – Birmingham


  52. I’m going to put my experience in here for the help of others and so those who ‘got the job’ previously can relate to it.

    This one was with Be-Right-On-Outsource International, who I found on
    And was in Brighton (branch was Hove).

    I currently live in Horsham which is around 30 minutes from Brighton but considering what I thought I was applying for I thought the petrol wouldn’t really be any sort of problem for me. I applied for what was advertised as Trainee Marketing Assistant, sounded good to me…

    blah blah blah phone call interview and stuff seemed ligit! So i got there and was a little bit surprised with the fact this ‘Business’ was sandwiched between ‘Toms Sandwich Shop’ and a Hairdressers was a lil odd. So went inside and even the hall way wasn’t very appealing to me, ugly, boring, on the right was a door to the stockroom of ‘Toms Sandwich Shop’ too. So went through this door and down the ugliest, narrowest, and filthy carpeted stairwell I’ve only ever expect from a highrise council complex. Went into the ‘Waiting Room’ where the receptionist who had called me before was there, wasn’t much of an office, tucked in the corner. She wasn’t the greatest dressed either considering her position and her manner was rather different to what I was expecting. She asked me to fill out this form and to take a seat down the end.

    There was 3 other guys waiting, all smartly dressed like I was and all filling out these forms. The chairs were ugly, like the kinda ones you’d pick up from a charity shop maybe. The one I sat on had a black rug over the top of it so I lifted it up out of curiosity and saw the biggest gashes in the arm and seating, like Wolverines been having a good fight with it! Whilst I and the other guys filled out this interview there was a TV above us playing a DVD of what seemed to be an Award Ceremony of those in the company. But it wasn’t this company? Which I found out a little bit later. There was also what sounded like a mass rave going on in the other room, which was rather strange considering it was 10-11 in the afternoon! :/

    So I was second in line I think for my ‘Interview’ and when my time was up a very chatty talkative chap came along, smartly dressed and his name was Andy, he was also Canadian (please bare that in mind if you end up sitting down with him, you will know its the same person!). So he started by asking me about what I did and my ambitions and what not then he started explaining the job. He spoke very quickly, and with a lot of enthusiasm. He then brought out a piece of paper and drew out this ‘Promotion Scheme’, There was 4 different Levels, all achievable within 6 months in being with the company, and to the wage salary of what he writ next to each one I found rather incredible that you could earn such amounts at such an age (I’m only 20), with such little real experience in Marketing and in such little time. So obviously I was fascinated by this and jumped at the opportunity to hopefully get a second interview. He said he would contact the successful applicants later that day, which he did and it took him only an hour.

    So I was told I got a second interview and that it would be 12:00- 8:00pm going around with who would be your ‘Mentor’. I was told to bring something warm, come smartly dressed, bring a notepad and pen and some comfortable but smart shoes. At the time I was a bit ‘wtf’ about the 8 hour shift ratio but I still had the ’25k after 6 months’ thought in my mind so I took the second interview.

    Got there at around 12 and when I walked into the waiting room I noticed the same people from my first interview were back for their second one, again all smartly dressed and what not. Which was bizarre! Spoke to the receptionist again who was looking like a state again… She gave me a form to fill in but whilst I was doing this the award ceremony thing was on again, the same one! Chattin’ a load of bollocks. We had to listen to this bollocks for about an hour before we was all eventually taken into a room and greeted by our ‘Mentors’ (Mine was called Tasha by the way, very good looking girl too!) 😛

    So anyway I went out with her, but also with 4 other people who had recently started? I thought I was meant to be the one being shown what to do, although at this point I had no idea it was door to door sales, it was never mentioned at all! So we arrived down a avenue in Brighton and she told me what we was going to be doing, door-to-door sales… I was skeptical with what this actually had to do with what I initially applied for. So during the 8 hours outside freezing my fucking tits off I had to write down certain things that Tasha wanted me to do. Which I did, So we finished the ’round’ at about 8:10pm and was then told by her that she has decided to take me back to the office to have a final talk/interview with the manager (Andy, Canadian chap). And that I also had to revise the answers to a questionnaire that I would need to complete once we was back at the office and present it to Andy. I had roughly 30 minutes to revise Slogans and Anagrams, most were anyway, and it was twisting my brain trying to do it.

    So got back to the Office and got told to do the questionnaire, there was only me and 1 other guy still here this time (perhaps they walked because door-to-door wasn’t what they was expecting!). But anyway whilst me and this other guy were completing these questionnaires there was another mass rave going on in the room next door and then Tash turned on a high-fi on the table which blared out trance/ dance music! Like wtf I’m trying to complete this damn questionnaire thing you just gave me!

    So anyway I finished it as best as I could, the other guy finished before me and Andy invited him into his office for his final interview, I never heard or saw him leave however. Tash came along and took my questionnaire and had Andy mark it. Then I was called in for my interview, we sat down and blah blah blah “I’ve seen what you’ve done today and am very impressed and you scored very highly on your questionnaire”… (I was buzzing), then Tash came in blah blah blah and it ended up with Andy giving me the job! I was excited by this point.

    Its only till today, and with a lot of my parents telling me not to do it that I noticed it was all a massive scam!

    How; Firstly, read the above experience
    Secondly, type into google ‘Be Right On Outsource’, all it comes up with is job advertisement sites all advertising the job I went for with the same company.
    Thirdly, the actual website ‘’ looks very basic to me, considering what they say they do its very plain, very boring, not very bright, doesn’t really tell you much about what you will be doing.
    And Fourthly; it must be impossible to learn 2 years of Uni standard Marketing experience in 6 months? I don’t think its possible anyway.

    But yeah the point is, don’t rush into things that seem “too clear through steamed up windows” (my own personal quotation haha)

    If you find what I’ve written really quite similar to your experience then please stay clear of these people, they will take you for a mug! But I would love to hear what your ideal was like 🙂

    Hope this helps all those out there.

    • This happened to me today, exactly how you described it. They are now called MyStyle Marketing with exactly the same people (and furniture). One of their “awards” was for a Mr William Wales. Seemed very dubious. One person in the room waiting for an interview left claiming that they were “no longer interested” and another seemed to leave after their interview in a rush.

      Smacked of dodgyness as soon as i walked in.

  53. I had a pretty much exactly the same experience and after doing some research and reading this article i have declined the second interview. The organisation i applied for was called Auctus Outsource, it is in coventry and they share a building with SMG which has exactly the same job description. Alarm bells went off for me when i saw the building, i had a huge to let sign on the front and inside was disgusting. There was barely anyone in the building and the “manager” was saying how he wanted to hire people to become project managers within 8 months, i didnt think about door to door work until a friend pointed out to me that they may have worded it differently, in this case it was business to business, business to consumer and business to events work. The description was very misleading and reading this article has saved me a lot of time and stress, i hope this saves others from falling into the same trap

  54. you can add platinum & co, future employment ltd, avant garde ldeals all based in southampton – Red five tried to get me but luckily im physically unable to do jobs like it because of my back so i escaped!

  55. I came across this blog by a complete fluke and I am so glad that I did! I had an “interview” in Southampton today which echoed this experience word for word- the “4 stage management training talk”, the cattle market environement…even down to the hours and the supposed “call back” time. Naively I thought that the HR team’s attire and the fact that the waiting room had a kings of leon cd blasting loudly on repeat was an attempt by the “company” to appear modern and edgy. I too was invited for a second interview tomorrow-and I now understand why they told me to wear sensible shoes! Its unbelievable, they haven’t even altered the script one bit. Looking back many alarm bells should have rung in my head- the fact that the number always came up as “blocked” on my phone for a start. The office itself I had terrible trouble finding- I was told it was by the bargate “next to lush cosmetics”. It was actually on the very top floor of a small office block virtually tucked into an alley way. After trailing up the seemingly endless flights of stairs it had stuck me as a bit odd that there was not even so much as a lift, seeing as though most established businesses these days pride themselves on equal opportunites and “access for all”.
    I have a law degree, so I like to think that I am by no means stupid or easily fooled, but they took me in completely! I posted a link to this blog on my Facebook page and straight away many of my friends began telling me similar stories. In the worst case one had been made to relocate to Cardiff for a week, (on that note, I now realise why they said I may have to move around- although they did not dwell on this point!) working inhumanly long hours at a loss and being forced to sell a product which she later sampled herself and found was completely unuseable.
    The place I went to was called “8 Global Solutions”…there is a reputible company called global solutions, and looking at the list above it is now painfully obvious that they are making tiny alterations to the spelling of REAL companies in the hope that gullible people researching them will be fooled into thinking that these are the places where they will be working.
    Definitely going to be more cautious in future! Thanks for saving me a wasted day.

    • I went to an interview with the same company in southampton which own a rather unusual office in september. I didn’t realise it was a con until I’d been asked to get into a car during the training day. I asked after about 10 minutes where we were going and the young guy driving refused to answer. It turned out we headed for a rather rough are of porstmouth. I got out of the car to then follow the guy in charge while he lied to people in order to minipulate them into charity giving. One ploye was to pretend that he had a child with a physical disability (barring in mind this guy was only 19 and had told us earlier he hadn’t had an kids). Within 20 minutes 2 out of the 3 of us in the group had left for portsmouth train station in order to get home. Felt stupid!

  56. As a further note- I did not even apply for this job. I signed up to a few sites such as monster/fish4jobs etc and uploaded my CV, but having heard nothing I also signed up to a reputible agency (brook street) last week. When I got the initial call I was told that my CV had been forwarded to the “company” and immediately said “Oh by Brook Street?” they hastily said yes and changed the subject so I now realise it was a lie. Again talk talk was the big name mentioned…


  58. Hey guys… I’m currently working for one of these companies, and I find it funny how everyone who doesn’t have the work ethic and self belief just pass it off as a scam and complain, because it’s not. I have already been promoted twice, and yes it’s commission based, but I actually earn nearly 500 pounds a week going door-to-door. I also see people being promoted out of the offices they have started in and open up their own on a daily basis. The fact is this is an outsourcing business model, where you are given the opportunity to run a business and make something of yourself as long as you are willing to work hard. Hard work is what it is – and that is why you are not employed – you are self employed. You have to take responsibility of your own business and performance from day one. I have three friends who have recently opened their own offices through these companies and are now earning 75-125 thousand pounds a year. So you all can sit there and complain all you want… at the end of the day the people who run these companies started where you did – by going to those interviews/opportunity meetings. Then again threads like this shows exactly why there’s only a few who makes it! At the end of the day, they chose to work hard instead of whining and are as a result now part of the 5% of the UKs top paid people…. and look where you are.

    • I’ve taken a job at one of these companies too, and I have nothing but respect for everyone who works there. Yes, it is hard work, but the clients we represent currently are very good causes (Asthma UK and DBA), so not only am I helping children less fortunate than myself lead easier lives, I’m also building my own confidence and interpersonal skills, and earning great commission.

      Yes, in my first week, I did had rubbish days. My first day, I made 6 sales, the second about 4, and so on, but with some practice and determination, I’m now hitting my third incentives and making a name for myself in the office, constantly pushing myself to do better. Had I quit at the first sign of adversity, I’d still be unemployed, sitting at home because no-one gives an inexperienced graduate a second glance.

      The key to doing well at this kind of job is perseverance and self-management. No-one tells me what I should be aiming for, or what I need to work on, I decide that myself. I am in charge of how well I do, and that pushes me to become better at my work.

      In the words of Jim Rohn, ‘If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you must settle for the ordinary.’

    • £500 per week at 70 hours AND self-employed is crap. I’ll bet you’re so skint now that you no longer have an internet connection. The so called managers who earn 75k+ per year: that’s what they tell you – how come they all live together? To use your ever repeated phrase (and a sign of low intelligence) ‘at the end of the day’, when you get home and are so tired that you can’t be bothered cooking and go straight to bed, only to be up again in 6 hours or less for atmosphere or impact, think about how money has blinded you, made you friendless, and how the only ones that are really making money are right at the top. A business that only makes money is a poor business my friend. And the biggest problem in the world today is people like you, ruled by greed and selfishness, willing to sacrifice friends and family for the sake of money.

      Add Marketstorm Global to that list and the creep manager Gavin Walsh

      • Well said, my friend! Add Manchester Interactive Marketing to the list of cons artist managers. I could call them a lot worse but wont sink to their disgusting level.

    • Look where I am? Working in a Nursery planning and seeing thru activities with kids? Running around after toddlers all day (I suppose you think that makes me scared of hard work) Most importantly loving my daily routine. Bouncing out of bed at 6 every morning and smiling as I cycle to work. Finishing just before 5 every evening laughing with my friends about the fun we had that day and some of the things we saw. Witnessing a slow developing child take her first steps, being lit up inside by the enthusiasm of a boy who has managed to clearly write his name for the first time. Having my evenings and weekends free to practice my hobby as an amateur drag queen, something else I greatly love doing. Yes look where I am, I love it.

  59. warning, another new company called “Unique Marketing Direct” is recruiting people in London. According to some info it may be “Unique Organisation Limited” that has changed its name

  60. I worked for a firm in Glasgow and received much of the same treatment. I had to work the same long hours (10.30am-10pm in most cases) and was bewildered by the old fashioned, highly sexist and inappropriate atmosphere of the office. Secretaries were all high heeled and big breasted, the ‘managers’ made racist jokes about black employees, the men at the top clearly had all the money while the rest of us were forced to meet impossible quotas. We were told it was possible for us all to make 3 sales out of 100 doors knocked due to the Law of Averages. I did see many agents hit these quotas but these were often attractive female employees exploiting lonely men who simply wanted someone to talk to. In addition to this, the managers expected us all to be full of energy every morning when we’d come into the office despite working until 11pm, going to sleep, waking up, and starting all over again. It was exhausting and the people who bought into the ‘dream’ of owning their own company within a year went at it with obsession, helped along by cult-like morning meetings with pep talks and group motivational rallies. I am now in a better job with a steady pay and no creepy marketing executives spouting hollow motivational lines at me all day long as I am forced to harass the general public. Charity work shouldn’t be treated like this by these pyramid scheme scammers.

  61. You all truely are dumb asses. I actually went ahead and started with the client 8 months ago worked through the phases and completed the program opening my own office. There is a reason 93% of the world works for 7%.

    Enjoy your small lives living in the small apartments, still looking for work.

    What fools you all really are. Do you really think huge clients like the red cross would work with agencies without doing there homework. What idiots you all are

    • Well its better to live in a small apartment than to be a slave to the APPCO Group and the many worthless, brain dead and money grabbing individuals who work with and for them. How can you sit there and let FR’s work and “train” from 11am-11pm. Even if they earn £300-£400 a week its still below minimum wage. Plus £300-£400 is whats told to each applicant if they ask what the earnings are on average. However why isn’t the bonding of their earnings explained to them before they start. Oh yeah just to clarify to everyone on this forum that you will be paid 60% of your weekly earnings whilst the company you are contracted to will keep 40% to account for client “rejects” that may come through. These rejects can come anytime during your 150 claw back period So you sign a customer and if they cancel anytime in 150 days from the date of signup you loose that 40% from the total per one sign up. Leading back to the applicant stage, the so called directors or owners hire their administrators to make recruitment calls to bring in interviews to keep office numbers high. They actually don’t care who comes through the door as long as the numbers are high. If you pass this interview (wait why am i saying if). When you do pass your interview 100% they will invite you for an observation where you spend a day with a Team Leader. Paired up you are invited back to receive your congratulations. So from when you receive your initial phone call you know you have already got the job pretty much. Most people leave within a week of starting anyway where if you have made sales the owners “Kindly” decide to 100% Bond your earnings so you will not get paid for that week of working. Stay well clear of this corrupt environment.

  62. Being a university student in Brighton, East Sussex work is hard to come by. I started by using the job sites such as total and, applying for nearly every job. MyStyle Marketing, through a woman called Stephanie Green (“administrator”) called up and said that I’d been selected for an interview in Brighton for the next day. Being the 2nd of January and in Blackpool for New Year that was impossible so instead settled for the 4th (yesterday), meeting in their office at 3pm.

     — E-Mail I received —
    Dear (my name),

      After Careful consideration and the review of all applications I can confirm that you have been selected for a preliminary interview with us at My Style Marketing on 04/01/2013 at 3:00 PM
      This is an opportunity for you to meet with a member of the management team to discuss your application, run through your CV and the job description, and assess your suitability for the role.
    Please reply to this email as confirmation of your attendance.
    Below are some points for you to consider as preperation for the interview.  However if you have any further questions regarding the role or the company, there will be an opportunity to raise these during the  interview.
    Why do you feel that you are suitable for this position?
    What 3 main attributes do you feel that you can bring to us here at My Style Marketing?
    Where do you see yourself progressing to within the next 5 years?
    What do you feel that your biggest achievement has been
    Please bring a copy of your CV with you. 
    Our office is based at the Palmeira Square section of Western Rd with Holland Rd being the next main intersection. We are on the Lower Ground Floor of Intergen House, next door to Tom’s sandwich shop. Please press the bottom buzzer marked Marketing Suite upon arrival (Bottom Buzzer).  Once our receptionist has buzzed you into the building please pass the lift and come down the stairs to the lower ground floor
    We very much look forward to meeting with you.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Stephanie Green
    Marketing Suite
    Lower Ground Floor
    Intergen House
    65-67 Western Road
    BN3 2JQ

    Did a bit of research on the company. The website is sketchy and doesn’t give any detail on who they work for and no direct contact details/names.

    So I arrived on the 4th dressed for the interview in Hove where the buzzers are dirty and in need of replacing. I press the “Marketing Suite” button (remember that for later) and am greeted by a male voice to which I respond “I’m here for the job interview” at which point I’m let in. I pop into the lift which goes anywhere but -1 (look at the e-mail, “go past the lift…”) so I descend some dilapidated stairs into a windowless set of rooms with a receptionist, a man with long straight brown hair on a ponytail and wearing a red waistcoast from the 60s, at a makeshift desk on the right, and two other interviewees sat down on either a sofa or chair in front of a 40″+ TV linked to a DVD player with a CEO looking type spouting on about profits a company has made for Talk Talk and how it is going to continue growing rapidly.

    I walk in and I am asked to fill out an “enquiry form” with no company logo or detail on it except the words “Enquiry Form”. I sit down and start writing my personal details in when the woman who is sitting on a sofa with a weird sheepskin or similar rug next to me who was watching the Tv stood up and approached the receptionist declaring she was “no longer interested” and walked out and up the stairs (keep that in mind). The other guy is called in at 3pm (when my interview is due to take place) to which I can have a proper look around.

    It quickly became apparent this was no office. What it seemed like was an old apartment or flat that had been converted. It had three glass stalls which displayed Talk Talk brochures and “Emoloyee of The Month” trophies. Whilst looking closely I notice one of them saying that someone called “William Wales” had received one of these. Surely that couldn’t be the same Prince William who is currently a Royal and is in the Royal Navy? I scan the room noticing years old magazines and extremely worn-out furniture with the occasional cardboard box behind a blue screen shielding the rubbish overflowing from it and sofa stuffing.

    My attention is now drawn to the lack of office noise. The job description made it sound like an office job, yet I could hear nothing and had only seen two actual employees since I had arrived 15 minutes ago. Before I had put two-and-two together, the previous interviewee had rushed out pretty wuickly and ‘Andy’ walked in. A Roughly shaven Canadian with a piercing in his right eyebrow, he led me through another empty room and into a bare office.

    Now, you’d expect an office you’d work in would be personalised with all sorts of different things, or even a computer. Well not this one, it was the bare bones. A desk, an oversized digital clock showing the time 15:10:24, a dusty filing cabinet next to the door and two chairs with a window to Andy’s back. on the desk was an on-charge iPhone 4S, the only phone in the room that was being used it seemed, and on he desk a solitary Canada-branded pen that he kept flicking and letting the lid fly.

    Now it was straight down to business, I thought. Remember those questions I had prepared for? They were asked, but the answers were not exactly followed up on as you would expect. Right from the off it seemed like a very informal interview and not anything like I feared (too good to be true). He started talking about how they represented LoveFilm and how they had asked the company to expand and help them expand. Seems a bit strange though as Amazon employ their own staff and not through Outsourcing agencies, I didn’t challenge him and just let him carry on.

    Onto the four tier system he went, saying how I could become a manager in 9 months instead of 3 years. For each of the four tiers he asked whether that would put me off, to which I went along with it and said no. He asked me about my previous experience of selling (this was the only question he asked about me in this part of the interview).

    Concluding the interview, he mentioned that he had been overloaded with applicants, reed said they had more than 100 applicants to this job alone, and that he had narrowed it down to 40 who he was interviewing today, to which I though ‘actually, only 39’. He said that he wanted to narrow it down to 8 by tomorrow and give me a call then (tomorrow being Saturday).

    I leave the interview and get the bus to the train station to get the train home at roughly 15:25. In total a 15 minute interview, bit short I thought at the time. This was when I had time to take in what I had seen in that 40 minutes in the building. With all these things buzzing in my head, I get a phone call saying I have been successful and Andy wanted me to go to Orientation the following Wednesday for 12pm until 20:30. Fantastic, I thought. Until he told me what I needed to bring. “You need to be smartly dressed, with a notebook, pen, and dress for the weather”. ‘Dress for the weather’? Why would I need to do that?

    Suddenly it dawned on me. Everything started to add up, what I actually was going to do was so very different to what I had been told I would do. Dread began to fill my mind.

    The “Marketing Suite” button, the cheap and barely furnished offices, only 2 members of staff, the woman and man leaving hastily, William Wales’ “award”, the lack of landline office phone, LoveFilm. Why I didn’t notice these things before I don’t know, maybe I was just overwhelmed at the prospect of getting a job to help pay for uni.

    Remember the name: MyStyle Marketing. In the same office operates a very similar company with the same contact details called Be-Right-on Outsource Marketing registered at the same address. Co-incidence? I think not.

    I’m £10.70 worse off due to the travel costs of getting to the office, and I’m back to the drawing board…

    • Every single thing you typed happened to me, you described it perfectly . I was so unenthusiastiic in the interview the candaian man didn’t ask me one question in this interview. He called me up 2hours later to tell me I had been “successful” I turned it down because I don’t want to be self employed and be on performance related pay.

      I knew the guy was lying to my face I must might admit though he did entertain me with his bullshit that a door to door salesman can earn 5,000 a week

  63. Stay away from Oracle Advertising, Iconic Promotions and Ark Promotions. They are scam and conning bastards. I was just about to go for an interview with them but the night before I found out their truth and I decided to get my revenge by wasting their time and not showing up for the interviews making their recruitment process inconvenient. They advertise with stuff like “no experience required” to lure you and scam. And they all ask the same questions and their job descriptions are the same too. In fact I got rung by one of the companies within 30 minutes of applying :S Look at their facebook and twitter accounts, hardly and likes and followers and the things they post are such b***s*** trying to look good but in reality they are FAKE!!!!

    They can go f*** themselves, these companies need to get bankrupt and be burnt down.
    People should just apply for their jobs, arrange interviews, BUT DON’T SHOW UP TO THE INTERVIEWS AT ALL!!!

    Oh and the ones who are clearly praising these companies and saying they are actually good are sooooo fake they are obviously people from those companies just trying to hide the truth. Do not fall for their traps.

  64. Cascade Plymouth and Motion Marketing Plymouth are also scams. Advertising false information, sales assistants and even for bar staff?! I applied for Cascade through thisisplymouth jobsite, I, after all am desperate for work and boy, do these people pray on that, I got an email saying my cv looked good and that I need to ring for an appointment, I left it as I was researching them and they rang me all eagerly. So confused I got roped into an afternoon appointment the next day, said yes and then got a confirmation email with a map. I am from the area and the area they were in is known locally as Prositute Alley, classy.

    After that I googled them, third result was how much of a scam it is. Needless to say I didn’t bother wasting petrol money on going to town to see them and later that evening I got a phone call from Motion Marketing saying my CV had been sent to them from a jobsite, which a lie as I had applied for no other job. I cannot believe they are allowed to get away with this.

    I don’t particularly like door to door salesman, the idea of giving out card details on the doorstep to someone does not sit right with me, charity or not and as I was googling I found this article:

    Motion Marketing, clearly not making enough money and being forced to resort to that. People like this need to be stopped!

  65. Somehow it’s not such a big surprise for me finding so many similar stories to my accident with Edinburgh based damn recruitment companies especially Direct Source Marketing, Empire Initiatives and Direct Liaisons. It is so disappointing.

    • Also add Green Global Acquisitions to this for companies based in this office in Leeds.

      I applied for a Trainee Marketing Rep (a graduate position), advertised on Reed at 11:30pm last night, with a basic salary of between £18-25k dependant upon experience. I am not actually unemployed but a recent ‘mature’ graduate from a Russell Group university alongside working in third world areas in Africa. Before this I was employed in the civil service and at 30 I decided that I would have a bit of a career change and apply speculatively for a few marketing positions aimed at graduates.

      At 8:30am this morning I had an email from a girl called Rebecca at Green Global Acquisitions:

      “Dear [applicant],

      Thank you for your interest in our openings within our Leeds office. My management team has reviewed your CV and I shall be contacting you shortly to discuss your availability and arrange an appointment with one of our managers. Alternatively please feel free to call myself, Rebecca.

      Kind Regards,

      Rebecca [surname hidden for legal reasons]

      Green Global Acquisitions”

      I was staggered at the swift response to my application but as someone who has worked hard for years and has lots of experience and qualifications I thought perhaps they had seen my CV and were just keen.

      Then at around 9am I had a phone call from Rebecca telling me that they had actually interviewed already but due to the high volume of applicants over the weekend they wanted to get me in. What set off my first alarm was that Rebecca kept on calling me by a shortened version of my name (which is unprofessional and something which I actually dislike) and spoke at a million miles an hour. But she seemed genuinely quite nice and due to her patter and outgoing nature I let her continue with her sales pitch to get me into the office for interview. She informed me that the role would be office based for a few weeks (which startled me as the role I applied for was a permanent office role) and invited me to interview tomorrow. Again, alarm bells were ringing as this seemed such a rush and all the while Rebecca chatted away until she said something that planted a bomb under her sales patter. Here she was, talking to someone who has worked all over the world, a graduate from a good university who in their 30’s was looking at a potential career change and she obviously never looked at my CV. She told me that as it was so early (9am isn’t early, I’ve been up and at work for a while by this point) she would send me the details by email so that I wouldn’t have to get out of bed to look for a pen and paper (I’m sat at my desk with a whole stack of both). She signed off with a laugh and a comment about not wanting to interrogate me so early and it felt more like I had pulled than won an interview (which is not a nice feeling as I am a happily settled family man). Anyway here is the confirmation email:

      “Hey [candidate],

      It was lovely speaking with you earlier and as discussed here are the details for your meeting on 27/02/2013 at [details retracted for privacy]. Directions to our office are below!

      We will need you for around half an hour or so, this stage will be very straight forward, you will be meeting directly with the Manager Huw to discuss the opening and your suitability.

      Dress code: Smart/Business

      Documentation: Printed CV (and any references you may have printed and available)

      In terms of preparation, please be ready to discuss the following:

      Your reasons for looking for work
      Your interests in events and or marketing/sales in general
      Your education
      Previous roles and responsibilities
      Key skills / strengths
      If successful, you would be responsible for the following;

      Presenting product and pricing information to customers
      Consistent and meticulous customer service – answering sales enquiries and completing sales orders
      Demonstrations (where necessary) for customers so that they can try before they buy
      Sales support – Customer verification calls
      Ensuring that client(s) brands are best represented with a professional attitude and approach
      Relaying customer and sales related feedback to the Manager
      If you are a recent graduate or one of our more ambitious applicants then we will cover our management development programme in your appointment and explain the progression that our business can offer if our compatibility suits.

      If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. If you have trouble finding us please call me on the number below so that I can help!

      Look forward to meeting you,

      Rebecca [surname removed for legal reasons]

      Green Global Acquisitions
      3rd Floor
      22 East Parade
      LS1 5BY

      From Leeds Train station:

      Turn left out of the station and walk through city square (Having the queens hotel behind you) Turn left onto East Parade walk, passing the Park Plaza Leeds and walking through a very small bus station, at the end turn right onto East Parade and follow the road until you reach 22. We are located in the offices above Sams Chop House and are directly opposite the Luxury Nails Salon.

      From the Leeds Bus Station:

      Leave the bus station to the right and turn left down George Street passing Kirkgate market on your left. At the end of George street turn right onto Vicar Lane, then turn left onto the Headrow and follow this all the way to the Town Hall (This will be on your Right hand side but stay to the left of the road) Turn Left onto East Parade we are located in the offices above Mr Foleys.

      Finally, on arrival at our premises please use the buzzer entitled “Third Floor” to enter the building.”

      Now, who starts an email to a prospective new employee with the word “hey!” Naturally at this point I saw it was all a bit farsical and I decided to look up Green Global which was fruitless until it led me here. I obviously wouldn’t put my mortgage, family, livelihood and children at risk by joining a company that was too new or had a bad history so I would encourage anyone to do research on potential employers the same way that a good company will do discreet checks on you. As I read this forum I saw what had been said and decided to give Green Global the benefit of the doubt by contacting Rebecca asking the following:

      “• Will the role be door to door sales?

      • Is the role commission only or is there a basic wage, as advertised?

      • Is the role employed by Green Global or self employed?”

      I have waited until this afternoon for a reply, none has come so I am now reporting my findings here. Naturally, I won’t be attending my interview.

      To any of the people who attack people on this forum for not having ambition, being lazy and so forth I can guarantee that to be a fallacy, in my case I have worked in countries and environments in war zones that would challenge anyone and I was looking for a fresh challenge and willing to start at the bottom and work my way up, but I would be crazy to work with no basic salary as it is illegal and not likely to make my children and family happy. I would actually be fine working long hours, after all I’ve previously done 24hour emergency watch when bombings have happened and worked 6am to 8pm in the middle of nowhere in Africa so a day hard work in my home country doing a bit of door to door is hardly a challenge. My gripe is that I never applied for that job, I wanted to train in marketing and earn a wage that reflects my experience, qualifications and passion. The job I applied for is apparently non existent and as such the job advert is misleading and breaking the law. If I wanted to apply for a door to door canvassing job for a charity I would go straight to source, after all, it is only 3 or 4 years since I VOLUNTEERED my time to help set up a new branch of a national charity shop in my local community and I have worked for free abroad in Africa in the past for international organisations providing aid and medical expertise! If I wanted to apply for a job going door to door selling company products I would go to the company in question, earn a decent basic wage and the commission would be a bonus incentive to earn more, not the actual wage itself. Something there is wrong, if you are wanting to do sales call up your local call centres and call local businesses and so on, use the opportunity to sell yourself over the call and display your communication skills and rapport building ability directly, even if there are no jobs immediately get them to take your details, trust me the would remember you as a proactive, positive, ambitious person. Please don’t fall for scams like this.

      In the meantime, if I get a response to confirm the position advertised and basic wage were real then I will report back and clarify, don’t be paranoid, not all companies in sales and marketing are out to get you. If this one turns out to be genuine I will let you all know immediately and apologise, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Until then, I’m off back to do some more work after my nice paid lunch break.

      Take care and good luck in your job hunting.

      • Thank you so much for your post. I returned this afternoon in shock after having an interview in the exact same office as you but a different company, now ‘Marketstorm globa’. The interviewer Gavin Walsh was sexist, discriminating towards my regional accent which isn’t even strong and swore all the way through the interview. Please EVERYONE avoid at all costs. I’m currently in the position where spending train fair to get to the interview is affecting me significantly. Be warned.

  66. wow.. I actually cant believe what im hearing..

    A bunch of people trying to claim so many companys are a scam? are you lot really that thick to think so many of those companys are a scam?

    Yes, all these company’s deal with marketing like door to door, event based or business to business and they dont clearly advertise it because why would they? when half the people in britain are to fucking lazy to get of there ass and work hard.

    Its commision because its sales, if someone got paid when they made no sales all it would do would loose the company money so how is that good business ethic? you get paid for the work you manage to do.

    Yes its hard hours and if your not good at it you wont get rewarded no, but for people that actually are good at it and can do the sales, they do get the quick promotions. Its not like other business’ were you get promoted for the amount of time you have worked there, its because they have tick boxes of criteria they have to meet before they get promoted.

    Once they have completed the program, they take over a branch under whatever business name they use. Thats why there are so many different names. Because whoever has actually MADE it through the program gets to open there own business, even though the original business will always have a stake in it.

    So look at how many companys there are out there and ask yourself how exactly it could be a scam when the people that put in so much time and effort and are good, get rewarded?

    Granted its not everyones faviroute job but coming on an internet site just to bad mouth it and through false accusations about how there all ‘scams’ is the biggest load of bullshit iv ever read.

    You guys have either been smoking way to much weed and your paranoia has got out of control, or your lazy fuckers who cant tell people that work hard.

    Half the poeple who work for commision work 10 times harder then most people, because of people like you who are always having ago.

    Also, most work to raise money for charities.. whats wrong with that?

    They can recruit so much because everyone earns commision.. it doesnt effect them how mahy employee’s they have it just means the business can expand.

    do your research before coming on here moaning and bitching like litttle children.

      • Yeah, and unless any of you can come up with facts to show how its a ‘scam’ or how anything I have said is wrong there, please keep your bitching and pathetic insults about genuinelly hard workers and fair companys a rest.

    • Sure everybody who fights for a descent income, who wants to make a descent living is lazy blah blah blah… anymore excuses? Just because you have no skills and the only thing you can do is harassing people to buy the stuff you sell doesn’t allow you to use your foul mouth that way.

      Try stop me in the street to sell me your meaningless stuff and you will receive a nice punch in your face. Idiot.

      • No skills? I can garuntee you that if half the people tried the job and put 100% in they still couldn’t do it.. Having to face countless hurdles wile learning all the sales skill’s and still keeping upbeat isn’t easy. They have to have sales skills to be able to sell/sighn people up, my foul mouth yet your saying you would punch someone.. Makes sense. I’m not saying its not for most people yet all the people on here claiming its a scam, have no evience of it being so, saying there con artists and filth yet they work harder then most people to get were they are. Sick of small minded people having to put a negative on everything they wouldn’t want to do.

    • I completely understand where you coming from but what bothers me is that why are they not being clear on who is it they are looking for.

      We are all different and some of us do not mind coming to other houses – however there are those that do. Then be clear at your job description. Clearly state who you are and what you do.

      And please – do not change the company’s name for different when you operate in the same building. And if there are two operating companies under the same roof – have it mentioned somewhere on the site.

    • I used to work at a Cobra group company and although nothing on this earth would ever induce me to work for them again I have to echo Carly’s sentiments. A scam it is not.

      The work, by its very nature is tough and unappealing, it can also be unrewarding. Naturally the attrition rate is astronomical, as such these companies are constantly recruiting. However, at no point is anyone coerced into taking this work, people are there from their own free will. To label it ‘a scam’ is simply untrue.

      The fact that there are comments here lamenting lost train fares to attend these interviews sadly speaks much more to the maturity of the poster than the admittedly opaque recruiting processes of the Cobra group/Appco subsidiaries.

      In summary, I’d like to reiterate that I don’t work for Cobra, nor would ever wish to again, I was lucky that I was good, I shudder to think what it must have been like for the people who couldn’t sell, but comments regarding it being ‘a scam’ smacks more of people who thought they were onto a good thing and then were disappointed rather than an objective comment on the companies themselves. Plus, in my experience most of the girls who work there are fit. So Carly gets my support for that reason alone.

  67. Ontario Consumers Home Services – for the title “Customer Service Representative” in Toronto, Canada.

    I felt pressured into an interview with this company, almost immediately after I applied on the website kijiji *red flag.* I had tried calling them several times prior to the interview to ask some basic questions since that’s what normal companies are supposed to do and could NOT for the life of me get through to the company.

    Upon finally deciding to go to the interview after MUCH consideration, the location of it in downtown Toronto seemed to be non-existent. I had to ask some people from across the street if they knew where this place was and they’d never even seen or heard of the company; when it was SUPPOSED to be located across the street from them. Even Google Maps and Streetview showed no evidence of this place.

    I finally discovered it was “hidden.” You had to go up a flight of stairs into a very narrow space and you would finally see the sign “Ontario Consumers Home Services” located in the very back of the sketchy-looking joint.

    At the “offices”, there was absolutely no one there except for your typical, flamboyant young girl of a receptionist and several other young grads such as myself waiting to be interviewed.

    Interviews were OVER an hour late and the other people I was waiting with were becoming extremely annoyed. There was only one person who interviewed you; the only other living worker of the company present it seemed.

    By this point, it was confirmed that I knew what this company was all about and attempted to just walk out, but decided I might as well go through with it since I had wasted so much effort.

    The interview to me was a joke, lol I had absolutely no interest or desire in the company at that point and gave very basic answers seeming very unenthusiastic. It was no surprise and a relief for me when I didn’t get a call back.

    Lol, so to everyone else, if you don’t wanna bother with this place and what they’re about (which from the interview, I STILL wasn’t 100% sure what a “Customer Service Representative” entitled) then don’t bother with Ontario Consumers Home Services.

  68. Carly works for the company.

    They trawl these sites and make comments in an attempt to deflect bad publicity.
    However it shows them up for the fools they are as their bad grammar and below average writing ability give them away.

    These people have no class at all or scruples.
    They are appalling scamsters who attempt to con vulnerable people searching for genuine honest employment.

    They use techniques used by cults in the US and Africa to brainwash people. It’s similar to the techniques used in Scientology and pseudo-religious cults in order to strip people of their cash or exploit them.

    You can find many articles and sites like this on the web by using buzzwords such as fraud, scam and con artists along with the said company names – of which there are many as they have to set up new ones to avoid detection.
    Similar links can be used to search YouTube for stories about scamsters in the US.

    Most of these blogs are peppered with comments from the people who work there like Carly who would like you to think that it is they who are being victimised but fortunately they’re easy to spot as they are not the smartest people.

    I doubt that they would even understand some of this text.

    • I’m supposed to be the one who’s un-educated, yet you are saying these company’s are a scam yet again, how an earch would they be able to have company’s like this all over the world if It was a scam:s oh but sorry.. I’m the un-educated one, the goverment have clearly just not realised about all these company’s conning people out of money.. Just because they are commision jobs dosent mean there a scam. How are the company’s ment to make money if people don’t make the sales but are still getting paid.. They won’t have a company if they worked it that way. But please, I do really beg you to actually tell me how these are a scam, with facts? As your so educated you might be able to enlighten me on what they are doing that is so wrong and un ethical blablabla.

      • Carly stop talking out of your ass. You actually said on this forum for someone to bring you facts to show why its a scam. Guess im the right person for the job. Here are the flaws imprinted across the whole APPCO group network:

        1. Commission / Bond: Every sales rep will receive a fee for a sale they make. Accumulated the average earnings for a person will borderline £100-£200 a week. Now HERE IS THE BIG CATCH. This money is not actually full given to you. In fact 60% is given to you whilst 40% is held back by the company to account for client cancellations. This is called a bond. It is almost certain for a customer to cancel within the first three months of signing up so your bond will be taken away for the accumulated sum in your bond balance.
        Even if you earn £400 after bond which is very rare working 70-80 Hour weeks. So £400 divide by 80 do the maths and its is always going to be below minimum wage. And to pay the worker below minimum wage is illegal.

        2. The Recruitment Process. This is where an Administrator will call you and give you a kind of sales pitch on how the company is high and mighty and so forth. From the initial phone call YOU ALREADY have the job. I say that because unless your are really stupid they pass everyone. It’s because the administrators need to keep office numbers high because of 1. The massive drop off rate that all companies experience and 2. They are at risk of losing their job. So you get the call, you do the group interview where the Director tries to avoid question like is it commission and is it door to door. So you will pass this then you’ll be invited to the observation day. This is where you shadow a leader to see what they do and return to the office to get a definite pass. So the interview process is pretty pointless as everyone who they call will get the job.

        3. The Business Development Programme (Which I call the shite APPCO Pyramid). So a the top of the pyramid the Vice Presidents are living a high life earning millions whilst giving so called motivational speeches at several meetings throughout the year. Whilst the Field Reps at the bottom of the pyramid are earning peanuts and struggling to get by. All pyramid schemes are a plan to affect severely the people at the bottom and suit the people at the top. So as long as the APPCO Group continues to grow the more likely it is to shut down completely.

        Now time to wipe the floor with you Carly. According to you the companies withing the APPCO group network can recruit so many people because they will be on a commission pay structure . Unfortunately you are completely wrong. They reason they recruit so much is to as i said before keep office numbers high so they can use people and pay them below a minimum wage. it is technically another form of slavery. Ill give you a real time example. In Botswana they pay teams of slave labour workers a commission depending on the amount of diamonds they excavate. While the rich at the top live the high life making millions upon millions of pounds profit on the selling of the diamonds. Hmmmm does that remind you of anything.

        Carly think before you speak. People come on this forum to write of their experiences. And don’t dare comment on how lazy they are. You don’t know them so don’t be so condescending towards them. So please reply I would love to hear what you have to say

  69. Well said Just is…

    Clearly you do work for one of these companies or suck off one of their sleazy managers so I wont waste time trying to open your eyes, however I can enlighten you with some basic spelling and grammar tips.

    “I’m supposed to be the one who’s un-educated, yet you are saying these company’s are a scam yet again, how an earch would they be able to have company’s like this all over the world if It was a scam:s oh but sorry.. I’m the un-educated one the goverment have clearly just not realised about all these company’s conning people out of money.. Just because they are commision jobs dosent mean there a scam. How are the company’s ment to make money if people don’t make the sales but are still getting paid”

    Company’s is a possessive – referring to something that belongs to the company – (Carly)
    Companies is a plural – referring to more than one company
    Uneducated has no dash in it
    It is spelled earth not earch
    There is no colon in scams
    There are 2 n’s in government
    There are 2 s’s in commission
    Dosent should be doesn’t
    Ment should be meant

    Not all your mistakes but some, I hope you feel enlightened.

    P.S Don’t sarcastically imply others are uneducated then proceed to demonstrate your own lack of education.

  70. I had an interview for Direct Liasons, and Empire Iniatives in Edinburgh. Office is quite well known (conference centre on market street) so that didn’t raise my suspicions. However, there was 6 of us sitting at the group interview for about an hour while a blonde girl (steph) blazed music from her laptop and talked on the phone. She was suppose to be the secretary! Like previously said, all the ‘managers’ were young and in suits. I had one called Nathan who looked at my CV and gave me the pitch ‘£2k a month, manager 9 months, xmas holidays off etc) sounded good and I agreed to the 2nd interview the next day. We trudged around Airdrie near Glasgow from 10-9 and one of the other applicants had to drive because ‘taking the train would mean lots of waiting’ when in reality I knew they didn’t want to pay the expense of the tickets.

    There were 3 of us looking for the job with 2 team leaders. I had one called craig who nathan had stated was well on his way to becoming a manager. Looking back though, I actually think I was given Craig because he was friendly and convincing, sort of trying to win me over to join the company. When we were walking door to door, i asked about pay, comission, % of comission from a sale, sales per week etc and he was like ‘well nathan would prefer not to say until you are employed’

    That day i watched him make his pitch at doors. He was aggressive (putting his foot in the gap between door and wall when the client opened their door) and quite patronising to clients who refused. One example was ‘I am sorry you don’t want to save money. Really, I am, just trying to help you’

    in ten hours ‘work’ we had a half hour break, and then at the end of the night we returned to the office where an assesment form would need to be filled out and craig would talk with nathan on whether i would be suitable,

    This gave me and the 2 other applicants to talk about what had happened and we all concured that this was shady.

    I was called into the office and talked with Nathan. They wanted to hire me (to start the next day) and I asked what about my p45/60, bank details, contract, shift rota etc etc and he said that we can sort it out after I start. He gave the usual flowery speech about me being ‘intelligent – very intelligent – hard working, outgoing and possessing real potential. I can see you being a manager with craig very, very quickly’

    I said I would agree to the job, but would need a week to think it over (adn see out my notice to my current job). He seemed annoyed and asked if I was willing to work inbetween shifts to which I refused saying I already worked 48 hours per week and ti would be illegal.

    So i said if the position is still open in a week I will see out my notice and join you to which he grudgingly agreed. I later called my dad asking for advice and he said i should decline which I had already previously thought.

    Reading this blog has only confirmed my suspicions and I am so glad that I didnt take up the job.

    remember, beware Direct Liasions and Empire Iniative in Edinburgh


  71. Thank you so much for posting this up. I almost went for an interview and will spend my time on searching for a different job instead. Also thanks for the list of other company’s that will only mess me around.

  72. TCWorld offered me an interview 10 mins after applying through
    I have since rang them back and told them I won’t be going to any interview after readed all about the lies they tell.
    I’m also getting a call back from a reporter from the yorkshire post to make sure they know about the scamers.

  73. This exact thing happened to me at this company. I was told it was a marketing and design job. Turned out it was a door to door sales person.

  74. @Carly .. With all due respect you either are a worker of one of these aweful scam companies of your very think indeed!

    Your silly views on people not willing to work hard will doing this slave labour are laughable!

    When these jobs are put on sites like there is nothing saying its door to door selling nor does it say the job is self employed.

    When called them (TW World) they answered the phones by saying “hello PROMOTIONS” .. Why would this be?? ..

    Please get some education and live in the real world these people are slave driving scum bags! Defending makes you seem very stupid ..

  75. I have received numerous phone calls from what I believe to be paragon events based in southampton. i spoke to a woman very very keen to meet me and insisting i could get an interview with huge promotion prospects. they called me ( and keep calling!) on 07415724922. I don’t know if it’s a scam anyone else dealt with them?

    • No. It is not I scam I have been for an interview with them myself. Basically a lot of people call these commission jobs scams yet they work for big charity names and no one has ever stopped this many company’s who are all ‘scams’ people may not want to work for commission but it’s a good earner if you are good at sales and the manager bit isn’t bullshit either. You just have to be good at sales to progress through, it is a tick box criteria. The amount of people that call these company’s scams is an actual joke. The job wasn’t for me however my cousin works for a similar company and is doing really well!

    • I actually just got a call on Friday from Paragon Events Acquisitions. They seemed VERY interested and stated there was a large amount of people they were interviewing so I needed to be on time. Nothing mentioned about outdoor sales etc. similar to the above story. I paid to travel to Southampton where they had “newly” moved in since there was no plaque, signage etc. just a little cardboard sign saying “paragon acquisitions” and they shared a “marketing suite” you needed to buzz up to with 3 other marketing companies. When i walked in there were three other people filling out forms at the same time and I was asked to wait until I was called. I waited over an hour only to be given a speech and essentially no questions or care of my experience etc. and only the four tier system they had where I would move up within 9-12 months to a lead role. No mention of pay and only mentioned that if I really wanted progression, I would be willing to work 10-13 hour days. I got home only an hour later and was called saying they were very impressed by me and would like me to come in for an observation day the very next day from 9-6 dressed in business smart attire with a paper and pen. When I asked on the phone about the compensation and pay structure he paused for a long time and then said it was “target” based but did not have any specific ideas of targets when I asked him about it. He was very thrown off by all of my questions about pay because clearly most people just show up and go with it but I wasn’t about to spend a 9 hour day only to find out that you only get paid for your 50 hour week if you meet certain targets and even then you are making less than 800 pounds a month for more work than a standard full-time job. What a scam. Glad I realized as soon as I was in the interview that something was off.

  76. C J
    11 Dec 2012
    I too was contacted my MG Ltd after spotting them on Edp Jobs 24 – a reputable site or so you would naturally believe I thought. I had previously seen Morton Solutions and thought that looked suspect and steered clear but had not seen MG before so I went to the interview in hope of a new job perhaps.
    On arrival I found myself in a well hidden, small dentist waiting room type office which had just two others waiting to be seen. Although it was indeed a bit small and with no signage and a little in need of a paint job I had been in worse. I was then greeted by a leggy Latvian ‘secretary’ who’s patter was that more of a ‘gentlemens’ club than a professional and clearly there as decoration.
    I’d arrived as instructed on the hour but was made to wait thirty minutes as the person ahead of me in smart business dress went in and eventually came out smiling – a good sign perhaps.
    Likewise although told it was informal I’d decided to suit up and look smart. I was beginning to wonder why the secretary? As surely just two or maybe there were more before were being seen today.
    I was duly called in and greeted by a short, stocky stock-exchange type called Sheridan who I was told was Mr Halls.
    He had a cheesy grin I didn’t much like and an air of smugness that belied his stature along with a self assurity that I’ve only come across in Oxbridge types of watching Made In Chelsea – a Spencer type if you will. Nevertheless I’ve been there before with those types and could handle them being a man of 40.
    After a while of him motor-mouthing through the product – LoveFilm, he asked me some simple questions and I was glad he’d stopped talking (at me) as it seemed a touch rehearsed and uninteresting, still I smiled politely and asked the usual relevant questions, pay, history of company, etc and he answered them satisfactorily saying that after a few weeks I would be trained and earning around 20000, I’d fully expected this as the ad had said this and I’ve been a Project Manager before, I presumed it was the starting wage (I shall never presume again!) as Stephanie (another secretary) had explained my CV was more ‘Management material’.
    Mr Halls proceeded to show me his business model which seemed fine, in fact I’ve been presented with similar ones before. Then the meeting ended suitably and I was told to expect a phone call later.
    After receiving a successful call I was invited my email to an ‘Observation Day’ again I’ve been on these before as a Manager at various retail establishment which is what I was led to believe I was observing – promotions and marketing in a retail field!
    The day arrived and I was met at the same office by a plethora of people of say around 30, some of whom were in the next door office which at the time of interview was closed and looked unused, not today. For around 15 minutes we were made to wait as around half the group were being seen by what we were told was a separate company and nothing to do with MG….Morton Solutions – a sign had appeared albeit small and another demur lady was manning their desk this time. My first eyebrow raised ever so slightly and a doubt crept into my head.
    I was then called in the office with 2 others and Mr Halls and a young chap called Nick who would be training us today, another eyebrow raised when he was dressed identically to Mr Halls – same paisley tie, tight suit and University hair, think Spencer and Proudlock – same accents too! To my amazement another 4 or 5 mini Mr Halls all around 21 yrs old and same outfits came up the stairs and went into Morton’s office – clearly connected then!
    Anyhow I went along with it and thought just see what happens, I was there now and I’m a big boy so if I smell a rat…
    After being led outside by Nick and his sidekick – a wet behind the ears chap called Steve we went toward the City and it was then we were told we were going on a train to a nearby town and that any questions would be answered whilst we were on the move. Oh I thought.
    The other two ladies with me didn’t seem to flinch and were at ease with what they were doing and I said ok let’s see what the day entails.
    On the train Nick continued to flex his brain power and quote from business guru books, explain economic theory and other rubbish but avoided all direct questions about the company instead preferring to talk about LoveFilm, seemed normal you might think.
    We arrived at the town and proceeded to our mission – it was only on the way that we were then told we were door knocking and I became unhappy to say the least but still I lingered.
    After 2 hours of unsuccessful knocking we retired to a nearby pub where I was treated to a can of coke – no expense spared. Some even took the liberty of asking for crisps.
    I was then called by Nick to have a chat – he explained to me the business model and proceeded to write it down except this time it wasn’t the same as the one the slimy Sheridan had showed me, I’d seen this type before – a pyramid scam whereby you work on commission virtually for free for a time before moving up but then you get the big money he said – all lies I thought but kept on nodding.
    After our stop it was dark and around tea time and having secured no sales in the first part we were to.d this was the best and only time to achieve sales so we walked to the nearby estate once more. Nick became something of an arrogant idiot in this time and although achieved 2 or 3 sales after an hour I’d seen enough and left the group to go home as it clearly was a scam!
    A few things I haven’t yet mentioned – the agent (Nick) gives you meaningless tasks to door whilst you walk around and spaces you out so you can’t confere – it’s a tactic so you can’t discuss or see him at work – this is in the first part. The second part involves you more and going into homes if invited – on the doorstep he was so pushy yet polite, even trying to get an old lady to find a pen and paper so he could write it down for her – another trick – no clip board so gets invited in – he’s got a notepad in his jacket – use that.
    I smelt a rat at the offices and as soon as I returned home saw this site – I’m glad I’ve experienced it but it’s a scam that will catch many out as they won’t pay you or give a contract – on this site also they are blogging so watch out!
    They’re smart though and like religious types they prey on the weak and gullible using mind brainwashing games like giving you compliments or getting you talking about yourself , don’t be fooled they are wealthy con artists who care not a bean about you or what stands in their way.

    • If this is a scam please just answer one question. How is it so many there are so many companies out there that do this yet the government/police or whoever have never done anything to stop them! This site is ridiculous. Admittedly some commission company’s do not run there business well, but that does not go out to every company and they are certainly not a ‘scam’. People who work these commission jobs work harder then most and that’s why they can get so high up in the short term, weather it be a year 2 or 3, it’s still less then if you were a manger to another company. It’s sad to see today’s people. Small minded and willing to moan about any given thing they can. So what you got a job interview if you didn’t want the job at least it was practice.

      • The police and government are not entities I would always trust to do everything correctly. These same entities offered me no help when I was assaulted by my wife. Since my divorce I have started up a support group for beaten husbands and repeatedly come across men who have suffered domestic violence at the hands of their wives and nothing has been done by the police or the government. By your logic that must men there is “nothing wrong” with beating up your husband.

  77. I worked with Innovation Marketing Direct and later Revolution Marketing both part of APPCO. In total I spent 18 months knocking on doors!!! I never became an owner or made loads of money as I would have loved to but I will never trade those months for anything else. The skill sets, entrepreneurial mindset and people knowledge I developed could not be bought by money.

    The experience I gained during my period is what is still helping me with the job I am doing now. The most important thing is knowing what you want. That APPCO is not for you does not mean it is a scam. APPCO is not for everyone!!!

  78. Thank goodness for you people who had the good sense to put down your experiences in print.
    I’ve been contacted by a company in Norwich but definitely won’t be going after reading this.
    It’s obvious the companies just rip people off.

    I deplore such scamsters and hope they get their just desserts – shame on you.

    I emplore people reading these pages to quit immediately or better still contact their local paper to inform on these awful fraudsters.


    • Your saying I’m an idiot yet you have no answer to my question.. How is it a scam? No I am not the same person as That dolton that’s you being over paranoid. The whole world are not going to have the same view as you Jesus Christ. Your the idiot for coming on a site to bad mouth a way of work that many people get success out off and making these company’s look bad.

      • Here are the flaws imprinted across the whole APPCO group network:

        1. Commission / Bond: Every sales rep will receive a fee for a sale they make. Accumulated the average earnings for a person will borderline £100-£200 a week. Now HERE IS THE BIG CATCH. This money is not actually full given to you. In fact 60% is given to you whilst 40% is held back by the company to account for client cancellations. This is called a bond. It is almost certain for a customer to cancel within the first three months of signing up so your bond will be taken away for the accumulated sum in your bond balance.
        Even if you earn £400 after bond which is very rare working 70-80 Hour weeks. So £400 divide by 80 do the maths and its is always going to be below minimum wage. And to pay the worker below minimum wage is illegal.

        2. The Recruitment Process. This is where an Administrator will call you and give you a kind of sales pitch on how the company is high and mighty and so forth. From the initial phone call YOU ALREADY have the job. I say that because unless your are really stupid they pass everyone. It’s because the administrators need to keep office numbers high because of 1. The massive drop off rate that all companies experience and 2. They are at risk of losing their job. So you get the call, you do the group interview where the Director tries to avoid question like is it commission and is it door to door. So you will pass this then you’ll be invited to the observation day. This is where you shadow a leader to see what they do and return to the office to get a definite pass. So the interview process is pretty pointless as everyone who they call will get the job.

        3. The Business Development Programme (Which I call the shite APPCO Pyramid). So a the top of the pyramid the Vice Presidents are living a high life earning millions whilst giving so called motivational speeches at several meetings throughout the year. Whilst the Field Reps at the bottom of the pyramid are earning peanuts and struggling to get by. All pyramid schemes are a plan to affect severely the people at the bottom and suit the people at the top. So as long as the APPCO Group continues to grow the more likely it is to shut down completely.

        In Botswana they pay teams of slave labour workers a commission depending on the amount of diamonds they excavate. While the rich at the top live the high life making millions upon millions of pounds profit on the selling of the diamonds. Hmmmm does that remind you of anything.

  79. Thanks for the heads up guys! I just received an email today saying that I’ve been selected for an interview by this “marketing solution”. I find it odd because firstly, I didn’t applied for any post to their company, secondly they didin’t specify my job role and lastly when I research the company (as I always do before I go into any interview) — well there’s literally nothing! Not until I read this scam in “Marketing Business”

    I also found out that they’ve changed the name of the company last 24 Apr 2012 from UNIQUE ORGANISATION LIMITED into UNIQUE MARKETING DIRECT LIMITED. Again I can’t thank you enough for telling your tale and preventing others to be scam by this demonic practices. I too couldn’t believe that “IT” is happening in the UK.

    To those of you who are working under these malicious companies — KARMA is a B*TCH

  80. Hi everyone,

    This is too important…

    I am an ex ‘PerDM’ Manager. I was in their disgusting business for over three years. Two and a half of those as a ‘manager’. I got to leader, assistant manager….got my office…… promoted a manager…. then started asking myself why the hell I was still earning sweet f*** all?!?!

    During the time that I was manipulated and conned, I almost hand a breakdown, lost my partner and our 3 kids, was always skint and truly felt cheated out of over 3 years of my life.

    The way these people work is wrong. From day one they manipulate you until they have control over you. It’s all done in such a way that you don’t notice it and before you realize it, you are completely deluded and are now basically a slave. They teach you all the way up the ladder, on the best ways to manipulate and influence people. If you are a “leader” ask yourself if you think it’s right getting taught how to lie, cheat and manipulate??

    For the people out there who are as deluded as I was, who cannot see the truth even when everyone is telling them, then look strictly at the facts. My “promoting manager” had 5 managers under him/her like me. He/she had been in the “scam” for 5 years. Always made a point of looking flashy especially when “the guys”were around…..

    Then I became a manager and even stranger things started happening…..manager kept asking to borrow money for a drink, lunch etc?!?!How weird. Blagged me into jumping trains when no one was about?! Then I noticed that his/her suits were ripped, holes in his/her shoes, etc. Really the list goes on and on, but I was so bloody deluded that I was blind!

    Until finally, when I had nothing left after just over 3 years of degrading and life sapping days, I decided that I needed to know. I needed to know exactly how much money I was going to be earning when I was at his level, another 2 years down the line. 

    Without saying to much  all of this managers accounts (going back the whole5+ years) ended up finding their way to me. I was completely shocked and could not believe what I saw.

    This manager of 5 years and 5 manager under him……..was paying himself£200 per week and had been losing money continually for around 2 years!! The manager was in debt to PerDM by £11,000!! And this figure seemed to just be increasing steadily!!

    I hate what I did, how I let myself get manipulated by this and I hate the most how it ripped me and my family apart (all together now though ).

    If you need help with this PerDM/Cobra/SCAM situation please contact me. I know how much of a bad effect this organisation can have on family and loved ones. Also if you can help me spread this as much as possible that would be great. I want to help as many people as possible to not get mugged off like I did.

    I have got a couple of web pages dedicated to getting this SCAM out there, I’ll post the links underneath.

    See ya, Truth_Seeker.


    Brighton Outsource Number Blog:

    Powerhouse Number Blog:

    Student Blog about PerDM:

    PerDM Recruitment Scam Article:

    Brighton Outsource Con FB Page:

    Brighton Outsource FB Page:

  81. Thank you so much for writing this article

    I got called by Krishna Worldwide offering me a job, of course the numbers on the emails they sent me are dead which prompted me to Google Krishna Worldwide and saw ‘Scam’ in the drop down and gave it a look, well this is the first link I clicked and THANK YOU so much…. However I am still going to go to this interview and warn anybody else there to avoid it!

    Thank you!

    • Hi, I’ve attended an interview with Krishna World Wide today and have to attend the training tomorrow. My interviewer said my role will not involve selling, instead I’ll be going to houses asking them if they have environment friendly services (cant remember exactly). Should I still bother with them?

  82. I thought I should write another reply as I am seeing a lady called ‘Carly’ saying these companies are not scams…

    Well in 2009 I used to work for Cobra under a offshoot company called Excelsior Marketing based in Sheffield, and again as described above it had women in high heel shoes with stupidly revealing blouses I mean I could see her whole see through bra went she leaned over the desk to check our paper work… the other guys at the interview loved it.
    But even then I knew something was ‘dodgy’ again this gent describes what I witnessed above exactly the same. Anyway I later got employed at this company and worked there for nearly two weeks in the freezing cold of January in nothing but a suit promoting the RSPCA during my time there I quickly learned that the “managers” whom were promoted within the company was actually friends with the boss; one of which was friends before he started that “company”

    Eventually I asked… and how it works, Carly. Is that ‘Cobra’ set up these Companies once somebody whom has progressed within the company wants to spread to a new area where Cobra currently isn’t operating… so if you wanted to start an offshoot company you would have to re-locate to an area where there currently not operating… then Cobra will set up a new company name with you as the boss and of course your friends who want a job will go straight to management won’t they? what are friends for… when you are promoting a charity through Cobra what happens is, every time you sign somebody up that money goes to Cobra and Cobra pay you the boss a percentage of that lacky’s sales commission and you supposedly then pay your lacky’s out of your cut for the sale… anyway.. long story short after two weeks of working there and making them sales I decided to leave… didn’t receive my pay for the sales however… when I called and asked they hung up on me… when I went there in person a month later because my attempts at legal advice through the CAB Office failed I found out they moved to another location… Some months later I learned when going to the Nelson Rock Bar here in Sheffield that the ‘New Place’ they moved to was an Office right above the bar.. they changed their name too (can’t remember the new name)

    Basically… YES, Carly. These companies are scams.

  83. It would be so great, if you could post your list on an extra page and add to it 8global solutions and some of the othe new ones! Has anybody heard of Blueline Global?

  84. Hey Guys, Truth_Seeker here,

    Here is a GREAT video by BBC’s Panorama. The first 10 minutes is about PerDM and ‘Smiths Marketing Associates’. They secretly filmed an interview done by Hicham Mouden. Funnily enough he doesn’t even work for ‘Smiths’, he works for another PerDM company. Enjoy and share.

    Also please like and follow my 2 Facebook pages that is specifically about one company in Brighton called Brighton Outsource. Run by Paul Mcgaw. Also running under PerDM’s umbrella. His website of deceit and lies is

    Our ‘Stop the Scam’ Facebook pages

  85. what about a so called company called Unique Marketing Direct based in Central/east london. Curious as i have a meeting there tomorrow lol.

  86. funny how everyone thinks this is scam. it’s a fantastic oppertunity where you get the chance and training to build a career for yourself.
    If you want 9-5 job, if you want to work without and passion and purpose, if you want someone else in control of your promotions, who can get hired above you, to limit your earnings then yes go elsewhere !

  87. Here’s an email from Unique marketing….beware of Rubix organisation Ltd. All these scammers use the same format for their emails. I didn’t even apply for a job there.


    I’m really happy to confirm that an appointment has been made for you on Wednsday 1st May at 1.00pm

    Our office address is:

    47 Paul Street


    EC2A 4LP

    From Old Street:

    Walk out of Exit 4 @ ‘Old street’

    Walk straight on, until you see a pub called ‘The Angel’ and a shop called ‘Prêt a Mange’, turn Left on to Leonard Street

    As soon as you turn onto the street you will see some, street art which is near the end of the road in front of you, it is a big blue circle with a cross in the centre of it, turn right and we are only 5 meters up the road.

    Please be aware, that on our front doors it says solutions, that is our office. Our door is directly opposite castle sandwhich bar that is blue and white, the door will be open so just push the door and come on in.

    Old Street Maps.png

    If you have any problems finding your way to the office, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Please note that this is an formal appointment but come professionally dressed (office wear, shirt, tie, trousers ect).

    I very much look forward to meeting you & please bring a copy of your CV, if you are unale to print one just respond to my email and I will print one for you here.

    Kind regards,

    Nadia Abdel-Hadi

    Recruitment Administrator

    Unique Marketing Direct
    47 Paul Street


    EC2A 4LP

  88. I had the same experience at 8Global Solutions in Southampton. After taking a day off of work at my cleaning job to attend the interview, I got called that night to say i’d been chosen to return for a 2nd interview. Feeling excited and optimistic, I got there early, not entirely sure what to expect. After sitting in the room with a Foo Fighters concert blaring unnaturally loudly on the TV, I was called through with another interviewee and promptly led outside with a team leader and a man who had recently been hired. We left the building whilst the team leader chatted away about how she’d dropped out of university because she dreamed of making lots of money and was well on her way to opening her own branch. As she chatted she led us to a bus stop, and promptly told us we’d be getting the bus somewhere she wasn’t even sure where it was. After paying the fare with what little money I had left, we sat at the back of the bus while she asked us trivia questions about advertising, much like a parent just trying to keep her kids entertained while on a long journey. When the bus driver kindly informed us that this was the stop we were to get off at, we began our day full of bothering people at home, from mid morning until well into the evening. All the while being given little tasks to write in our notebooks, like “Come up with a new product and explain how you would market it” or “What makes you stand out from the crowd” So as the 2 workers went door to door, myself and this guy stood hunched in the freezing cold while it poured it down, scribbling in our notebooks. After hours of bothering people and not getting further than their front door, we were told we could stop for a quick lunch break, so we found a local co-op, brought a sandwich and sat huddled at a bus stop as it rained, hardly a gourmet meal. More than once we just gave up, muttering about how this was nothing like they’d made it seem in the interview. We were also constantly reminded that we were both against each other, battling for one place at the company, so we weren’t to get too friendly or stand too close to each other. All of this was quickly forgotten when they knocked on an old woman’s door at about 7pm and asked her if she would mind all 4 of us coming in, or just the 2 of them who actually worked there, and she opted for the latter, leaving me and this other guy outside in the cold for about 45 minutes, shivering and asking each other what we were doing here. When the time to return to the office FINALLY came around, we had to wait 20 minutes for a bus to show up. We got back to the office at around 9:15pm, then we were handed a little test where we had to show what we’d learnt, then we were called into the managers office. Here, I was told i’d been chosen to work for them, and how excited they were to have me as the newest member on their team. I said thankyou, shaked a few hands and left the office. Once outside I phoned my mum, who lives in Spain, and told her about the day i’d had, and that I’d got the job. She sounded concerned and told me she was going to look them up online but if I wanted to go for it then to do it. It was all a bit of a blur so I made my way home at 10:30pm, I had to be up at 5am the next morning for my other job, and the next day, after much consideration I went with my gut feeling and emailed them saying I couldn’t accept the job but thanks for the offer. I didn’t hear back so I attempted to phone them to make sure they got the message, but I never got through to them. After reading everyones stories on here, I’m so glad I dodged the bullet. This is a sick way of exploiting people desperate for a decent job, please don’t waste any money or time attending these interviews!

    This is the address and number of the company I went to:

    8 Global Solutions

    2 Bargate House, Top Floor
    East Bargate

    SO14 2DL

    02380 659978

    • I found my self in the same boat right now at the same address….It sounded too good to be true was why I decided to research on the internet.

      I attended an interview yesterday the 6th May, received a call from them that I have been successful and invited me to attend the second phase tomorrow the 8th of May.

      I have researched the name of the bogus director of the bogus company. I will go in there tomorrow, I hope I see him there (I know his name, his house address et al. infact, we are now friends on facebook). Cant wait to see what it feels like for the hunter to become the hunted.

  89. Hi Zainab,

    Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive account of your ordeal. Quite pathetic that people will exploit the desperation attached to getting a good job

    I found my self in the same boat right now…. It sounded too good to be true was why I decided to research on the internet.

    I attended an interview yesterday the 6th May, received a call from them that I have been successful and invited to attend the second phase tomorrow the 8th of May. I have found the name of the bogus director of the bogus company. I will go in there tomorrow, I hope I see him there (I know his name, his house address et al. infact, we are now friends on facebook). Cant wait to see what it feels like for the hunter to become the hunted.

  90. Would you believe they have come to Australia!!! I fell for this exact same thing oh my goodness it was the worst day of my life!!!

  91. NEWS FLASH – Paul Mcgaw’s dodgy office in Brighton UK, is now running job adverts under the company name MyStyle Marketing LTD. Instead of Brighton Outsource. Probably due to the exposure that he is getting at the moment 🙂 This is the new website that they are using to hide behind……BEWARE…….

  92. Hey,

    Me and my partner have set up a group page dedicated to taking down this organisation. The affect that webpages like these have on tearing down this SCAM is massive. So please go to our page and just take 5 secs to have a look, post a comment or even just give us a thumbs up. You would be surprised at how much something small like this could help us!! Thanks in advance, we had over 3 years ripped away from us because of this organisations lies and manipulation.

  93. Hi,

    I attended an interview etc for a company called GRI Global in Belfast (Also an office for for 5 star enterprise) And it followed the exact same structure as the above. I have to say I was suspicious from the off and after seeing the team and offices I knew my suspicions were 100% accurate. My experience was as follows:

    Applied to a sales exec job 20-25k per year. On sunday evening.

    Got a call back from a lady early Monday morning. (missed it but left a voicemail)
    Got an email and call from another lady. Who arranged my interview for the following afternoon with the managing director. (When does a MD do interviews?!?0
    Conformation email received almost as soon as she hung up.

    On attending the interview I knew something was up, the offices were shabby but ok. A guy was on the desk and asked me to fill in a form (BASIC INFO). Loud music playing from 4music on a small TV in the corner.

    Guy on reception never spoke but seemed to be printing something out constantly. After 15-20 mins he got up and I noticed a huge tear on the back of his jacket. He then lead me through a door and it was then I realised he was taking my interview. I only use the word interview because that is what they called it.

    It basically was a 5 min ‘chat’ where he drew two graphs and asked how long it would take in a normal company to become a director. Then he drew a 4×4 grid and drew an arrow from bottom to top saying ‘here you can do it in 6 months’ Im an assistant owner of this company and ive been here 4 months.

    We have 170 offices worldwide and over 26 clients. The only one he would name is Talk talk.

    Here are my concerns at this point:

    1. How many owners or assistant cant afford a suit that isn’t ripped??
    2. The office’s assistant owner mans the reception?!
    3. All calls are from mobiles
    4. All the awards on the wall no other employees in the office
    5. I cant find them on the internet besides their own website.

    I complete the chat and keep trying to ask more questions about the company all of which are dismissed.

    A few hours later I get an email inviting me to a trial day the following day.

    I turn up along with another 7 people and notice 2 new receptionists. They keep us waiting over 25mins before we are paired up with our mentor.

    I am ‘lucky’ enough to be paired with the owner. I later realise this is so that my questioning isn’t overheard by other staff.

    I really grill the ‘owner’ and he walks very fast away from the others. We attend one house and almost get a sale. He is on his phone that often I say lets head back.

    Basically I’m not sure its a ‘scam’ as such. They aren’t upfront about what they do or who they are and operate from a central office.

    These companies earn a commission for your sales and pay you a percentage. As an owner you get a percentage from those below you. The reason their model is to get you to push towards promotion ie hitting bigger targets.

  94. My step daughter is currently working for one of these companies. As soon as she said she could be manager within 4 months with a 800 pound weekly salary I was concerned. She has only been working a few days and has been told she will be working a few weeks in hand. To be honest she thought she was going to an interview for a cinema assistant ( the job advertisement being so vague.) She has just left school and has been easily duped. Her account of her interview is exactly what has been posted. She has been told to go door to door selling LoveFilm for amazon. The company is based in London and I believe were previously located in old street although they have now changed their name and location as her interview was in Southwark . I’m not to sure what the company is now called as she is out all day and I work nights. I thought I would look up this type of company and was led here. I am so pleased I did. If anybody can give me a name for this Southwark company I would be very grateful

    • Hi Kelly, I worked for a company which was once situated in Southwark, the company she worked for is part of the Perdm group, the manager at that specific company is actually a nice women however i’m not sure it could be a good job for your daughter as it’s all about sales and the fact if she doesn’t meet targets the person who recruited her can let her go without notice.

  95. Tc world ltd are also in preston at station house, 4 fishergate court preston pr1 8qf tel 01772 823043.
    They share an office and also same phone number (how i found out)with inspire organisation ltd who are advertising same posts on job sites, Inspire Organisation ltd another to add to list

  96. Hi all, i sadly worked for a perdm group company for 6 months, as a graduate i was excited about a chance of opening up my own business but few months down the line it became unbearable and the fact at first everyone who joined were nice normal people changed into lying sales monkey, i didn’t get paid for the last 3 months i was there apparently because there were problems with the clients, i continued to work there just because i still believed in the scam. The company i worked for was called ‘Key Consultancy’, they are situated in Canary Wharf. The funny thing after watching that documentary on Youtube about the scam is that the interviewer in the secretly filmed interview was the manager of Key Consultancy, his name is Hicham Mouden, one thing i must say about him is that at first he’s a nice guy but 3 months down the line he is a nasty piece of work who cared more about sales than paying the people who worked in his company, and trust me 3 months without getting paid meant i basically starved everyday whilst working.

  97. I worked for them and did quite well in terms of earning money.
    But i would never go back, i realised i was one of the minority that got anything from it. Most people who start leave within a week.
    It is not illegal or a scam though. Just a dishonest business, designed to change people’s mind sets. A very clever sales pitch that lasts weeks/months/years.
    It is a self employed , commission only role. They are just not upfront about this, so they have the chance to sell the idea of management.
    Many people are vulnerable and fall for it, but don’t judge the people who work there too badly, they believe they are right as they have been convinced so. They don’t know what they are lying about as they have been lied to.
    I know all the ins and out of the companies, the good and the bad.
    But i still take positives from the role, I learnt a lot of skills that have helped me in my jobs since.

    I wouldn’t take the advice on anyone who went for an interview and didn’t start too deeply. Find someone who started and got promoted to the second stage ‘leadership’.
    They know the ‘pitch’ and ‘tricks’ designed to make you start the job.
    They are specifically trained to ‘close’ you on your interview. Strange system when a company has to sell you the roll, instead of you selling yourself for a position.

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  99. Wow! thank you all for deeming it fit to bring these evil acts of so called recruiters to this blog…. i would have fallen a victim too. Maximus wrote to me yesterday asking me to come for an appointment but i told them i wasn’t interested cos all i need is a part time job and not a full time comittment. they still called me this morning, practically luring me to book an appointment at all costs. which i did for 9:10am on tuesday 11th 2013. at this point, i wash my hands off this whole Customer Service shit. Wow thank God for this medium.

  100. Thanks for posting this, just got an email (at 6:30pm!) to visit Unique Marketing office tomorrow at 3 which I cannot attend anyway
    More people need to know about them!

  101. Thanks Zaniab for the heads up! I’ve just been to an interview of this sort with Montana Marketing in Norwich. I happened to stumble across your blog post about 30 mins before my interview there whilst doing a bit of pre-interview googling in a coffee shop. Everything about my group interview with the ‘Managing Director’ was as you described, except they were trying to deliver a slightly more professional image. I have a similar interview later today which also smells a bit fishy to me: I’ll name and shame if it turns out to be that way. To summerise, Montana Marketing in Norwich is dodgy!

    • I got offered an interview tomorrow here and went to look on their website. Something looked dodgy straight away about the website and what was said on it so I did a little research and found this and many other sites saying the same thing about Montana. Don’t think I’ll be going to that interview tomorrow.

  102. Thanks a lot for all these details. In São Paulo, in Brazil, one of them is called RTC Consultoria… with the red circle logo…

      • Had exactly the same script with johnsons advanced based in sheffield opposite primark.

        Absolute shithole office, looked more of a temporary set up if I’m honest, receptionist desk was a mess with printers and boxes full of “files” (likely full of the random info sheets we had to fill out, despite emailing a CV with all asked information before, which was neither seen or mentioned during the “interview”).

        Receptionist looked as if she shopped in primark across the road, cheap leggings with them tops that reach between their waist and knee height, loud music in the room which she proceeded to turn louder (Despite being in the room for all of 2 minutes during my 40 minute wait, guess she was filing her nails in one of the other empty rooms).

        Interview was brief; stating I was likely to be promoted all of 4 times to eventually manager within 9-14 months (considering the only employees I saw were primark girl and this smug prick sat in front of me, there were no other staff) also saying I’m likely to travel abroad aswel (buzzing) it started to dawn on me that this was all too good to be true. I endured the rest of the interview/presentation to then shake hands reluctantly and leave, noticing another room with a table and chair as I left (still only one computer for receptionist in the whole building?!)

        After 1 hour max I receive a call off receptionist congratulating me I’m through to the second stage (full day shadowing) despite the manager stating having to whittle down 35 applicants to 6, maybe picking us out of a hat?….

        Anyway reading this forum enforces my resolve not to go to this second “exciting” stage as I would be wasting both money, and time in which I could be using to pursue an actual reliable job, as opposed to becoming a nuisance for both the community and businesses alike. Hats off to people able to make a living doing d2d sales, but you’d require the patience of a saint.

  103. Jam Industries in Nottingham did the same thing to me. My team leader was a complete spiteful weirdo an made it very hard for me by continuously making unpleasant remarks and urinating out in the open. How someone so stupid and unprofessional can become a team leader is beyond me. I wasted a whole day running around like a tool standing outside peoples houses which I was not told of. This is a disgusting business and everyone working there was completely brainwashed.

  104. Thank you for this website. Pantheon International Marketing (London Bridge) is recruiting/brain-washing – they are Parker Worldwide Ltd which is on the list above.

  105. Quintet Group in Norwich is another scam, same office as MG Ltd and Morton Solutions just changed their name again.

  106. Absolutely fuming. I’ve just been to one of these so called interviews and I fell for everyone of the compliments and promises. So glad I’ve actually done some research. Just to add to your list: Jam Industries, KM Collective. Thank you!

  107. A clear objective appraisal of these companies –

    Experience is good for developing confidence and communication skills. There is the possibility of financially doing well, it does happen.

    However the big issue is that being a successful manager in this industry is dependent on two things – sales and growth.

    Sales is straightforward enough – a large enough sample size will always give you customers. It is growth that’s a problem. The more and more bad press this industry receives (coupled with the fact the number of door to door people there are and the age of blogs and facebook etc) mean fewer and fewer people will enter and stay.

    Previously people would come in and be ‘duped’ into starting, get committed or blinded by all the promises of fortune and stick around. As more and more people get clued up that’s going to slow down to a trickle. Without a n influx of ‘fresh meat’ guess what your team/office won’t grow and you could be doing hundreds of sales a week but if nobody else joins…well you will not get to put your feet up.

    My problem with this industry is the lack of upfront honesty. Why not lay things out in black and white – here are the hours, here are the commission rates, being self employed, the cancellation policy, the criteria for progression right at the first interview? The answer is no one would start and their goes your growth. Hence the anger here on these boards that this is a scam.

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    hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. cheers

  109. I rarely leave a response, but I looked at a ton of remarks here How I Fell
    Victim of a Recruitment Scam in the UK | Zainab’s Musings. I actually do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Is it simply me or does it seem like some of the comments look like they are written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting at other online social sites, I would like to follow everything fresh you have to post. Would you post a list of every one of all your social sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  110. Hi I am Jenny, Someone I know used to work at skyline marketing ltd in Birmingham. All I can say is they are a very big scam company.

    They basically put ads up for jobs with titles like “Trainee Sales Advisor”, “Sales Assistant”, “Direct Customer Service / Marketing Rep”, “Marketing Trainee”, “Marketing Sales Assistant”, “Customer Service and Sales”

    All the fake job titles are for the same job which is basically door to door sales.

    You go out from 12 noon till 8 30PM everyday including Saturdays doing door to door sales.. trying to sell lovefilm etc.

    They basically give you a map and tell you to go to that place. You have to pay for your own travel catch trains, busses etc,buy your own food, find that place and then start knocking on over 100 doors.

    There is no basic minimum salary or anything, You could be working all day in cold, rain, snow and you don’t get paid anything if you don’t get any sales.

    You have to knock on over 100 doors everyday and pitch to them like an idiot in rain, snow etc and listen to all the insults and threats people say to you for knocking on their door.

    If you cant sell their services they will blame it on you. They will say its your attitude or your pitch or the way your presenting it to them. Theyll tell you its always your fault and not the systems fault.

    Then they have these things called road trips which means you go to another city with 5 or 6 people to sell their stupid lovefilm etc. You pay your own travel expenses, you buy your own food, you pay for the hotel and you still might not make anything on the road trip.

    Salary: You get paid around £50 every week no matter what and theyll make excuses and wont tell you why your getting paid less.

    Please be ware of this scam company and all other marketing company scams that are out there.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope it helps someone.

  111. Gateway Energy Services are also doing this in Manchester, they got me today was my “first day”.
    Its not every day I condone violence, but I have spoken to a few of my more ruthless friends seeing if they want to accompany me on a trip to their shitty temporary head quarters.

  112. I went out for the second part of an interview with Glasgow Interactive yesterday. Wish I’d read all of this first. Feel pretty stupid now. Great blog.

    • This happened to me today. I walked out on the “second step” of the interview where they gave me a glimpse into their “business structure”. I actually left halfway in the day. The person in charge of me tried to argue with me to stay so I ended up having to be kind of rude. He was in his “second step” of the management program (as he highlighted in the easy managerial training process). I was lucky I went to university for management and realized it wasn’t right. Don’t apply for Glasgow interactive. It’s a pyramid employment scam!

  113. Wow glad I did came here, as I was scam once and didn’t even notice it.

    I got email from Red planet Marketing and said I have pass their CV screening and would now need to complete a next question which is the next interview, after completing the interview question and sending to Red planet market, I was told I have been successful for the final phase of the interview.

    cut story short. I went to the last interview and everything sound like I have got the job and when I will be starting but they will call me the same day 5pm to confirm if I have the job or not. I got the call was told I didnt get the job but there another opportunity which is knocking of people’s door known as (Field Representatives).

    I found that this company as done similar tricks to individual such as myself as the post I was offered was recruitment administrator.

    Now here is email I receive from Unique Marketing direct but after finding their website which is ( there’s nothing to show what Unique marketing direct do.


    Many thanks for your application to Unique Marketing Direct,

    We have now reviewed your CV and would like to invite you to attend an initial appointment in our offices this week, so congratulations!

    This will be the first stage of our application process and is designed to give selected candidates an overview of our business and the positions we have available within sales and marketing.

    Please note, to be considered for the roles available, all candidates must be over 18 and looking for a full time role. With regret we currently cannot work with anyone holding a student visa.

    I’m really happy to confirm that an appointment has been made for you with Unique Marketing Direct on Tuesday 20th August 2013 at 1pm. The roles and any other business related questions will be answered by the Managing Director when you meet.

    For your appointment we will be based at:

    47 Paul Street



    EC2A 4LP


    From Old Street: (Northern Line)

    Walk out of Exit 4 @ ‘Old street’

    Walk straight on, until you see a pub called ‘The Angel’ and a shop called ‘Pret a Mange’, turn Left on to Leonard Street As soon as you turn onto the street you will see some street art which is near the end of the road in front of you on the big roundabout, it is a big blue circle with a cross in the centre of it, walk rightof it onto Paul Street and we are on your right hand side opposite Castle Sandwich Bar.

    Please note that this is an appointment with our Managing Director so come professionally dressed (No jeans or trainers please).

    Any problems with this date and time please email me or call me on 0207 490 9493 to arrange an alternative date, or alternatively email to confirm or cancel appointment.

    Please note, to be considered for the roles available, all candidates must be over 18 and looking for a full time role. With regret we currently cannot work with anyone holding a student visa.

    I look forward to meeting you

    Kaylie Hill

    Recruitment Administrator

    Unique Marketing Direct
    47 Paul Street


    EC2A 4LP

    Tel: 02074909493

    Fax: 02074909499

    • I have a interview for that same address, but for a company called aurora worldwide ltd, for this Thursday haha!!!!!! I am stunned at what I have been reading on this blog, thank you so much for sharing your experiences…I will not be attending this interview now 🙂

      • I actually went to that precise address today, by the blue rounded X, lol.! I wish I read these comments first. Arrived at the address and found the ‘open’ door, full of eager faces talking to each other over loud music, an attractive young lady staring at me from the front (makeshift) desk. Thought to myself, I’ve never worked for a legit company where the receptionist looked and dressed like a porn star. Went up to her and asked if this was the Aurora Worldwide LTD, she grins and attempts to hand me an application form. I ask her, is this a field sales role? she replies, YES! I ask her, is this the kind of role where you’ll be walking up to people at dinnertime in shopping centers or knocking on doors at 8pm to sign debit forms? She shiftily shifts eye contact to the ‘managers’ in crudely constructed cubicles pitching the product to somewhat suspecting victims, while I look at the 10 people stuffed together in a seating area made for 5. Eventually she replies ‘err well, we sell a number of products but the MD will tell you about it more in your interview’ I say to her, ‘No he won’t darling I think this place has wasted enough of my time.’

        Scam, Scamola, Scamfest.

      • So glad I read this blog, I have an interview for rubix and aurora tomorrow, not turning up to either now!

  114. I have been researching this company after having had an unauthorised transaction on my visa account for £30 by a company called G10 Worldwide Ltd; who strangely enough are registered at the same address as G10 Global at 21 Blytheswood Square, Glasgow! Unlike the people above, I have not been applying for employment recently, but it makes you wonder if this is a clever way of getting a lot of personal information from CVs for their ‘other’ scams?

  115. What about RJ Vibe? They are all over job sites and two people I know said they were asking for bar staff/telesales people etc…….and my friend who went under the pretense that it was a bar job was then subjected to a whole day of door to door selling. They need to be removed from these job sites.

  116. Same thing happened to me with Primus a couple of years back. Went to the first interview and was told it was marketing blah blah blah, got a call back for the next day where I was dragged around a council estate in Wigan for 12 hours knocking on doors on behalf of the Red Cross. I was then told on the way back that the manager wanted to put me forward for the next round of the interviews and I told him not to bother. He was a bit arsey then, too. One day in the freezing cold begging was enough for me.

  117. RJ Vibe in Luton is bad. Exactly the same. Don’t waste your time. I was desperate but heard about it from friends and they wished they hadn’t wasted time.

  118. Thank you Zainab for writing this blog. It’ll keep others out of their trap. Please add to the list of such companies mentioned above:
    RJVibes in Luton, UK
    Aurora Worldwide, London EC2A 4LP.

  119. I fell victim to a similar scam. Having been unemployed for a few years due to health, and having a background in retail and sales, I decided to apply for a job advertised on; a “Sales Assistant” role with “Concord Corporation Ltd” in Edinburgh. A salary of £15,000 was offered, as well as on-target earnings. Sounds good, right?

    I received a call from them the very next morning after applying, and was offered an interview. This was also one of the first jobs I applied for since beginning the job search, so you can imagine how excited I was.

    I was interviewed by the “Managing Director,” a gentleman named Caleb who was very excited to tell me about all the advancement opportunities and high profile clients the company represented. I was asked to come in for an evaluation day, or trial day, where I would shadow one of the “senior team leaders” on their door to door sales run. I thought, “Okay, so this isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s something that will pay the bills adequately until I find something better.”

    The trial day was an exhausting 12pm-to-9pm door-to-door run around a council scheme in Edinburgh, trying to get people to donate to Diabetes UK on behalf of the client, care2give. I started to feel uneasy about the whole situation, so I asked the “senior team leader” about his experience with the company. As it turns out, he’d only been there for four weeks, and that he was thinking about dropping out of his business management course at university! I felt VERY uneasy at this point, but I felt confident about the fact that £15,000 a year is enough to justify this kind of work, even if just for a month or two.

    Upon returning to the office at the end of the day, I filled in a questionnaire and had a final interview that was nothing more than an informal conversation about the day. I was offered the job, and started on the next Monday.

    Then I found out what was really going on.

    No salary, entirely based upon commission, self employment, two companies running out of one office, etc.

    I quit after my second day, when I started to see “senior team leaders” who had been there for a mere few weeks asking their colleagues if they could borrow a couple of pounds for bus fares because “last week wasn’t a good one.”

    Meanwhile, the manager is allegedly making upwards of £3,000 a week.

    I advise anybody in the Edinburgh area who sees an advertisement for “Concord Corporation Ltd” or “Avant Garde Initiative” to avoid them. They are subsidiary offices run by Source Marketing Direct.

    Luckily I am now starting a new career in healthcare, which was my objective all along, but my experience with this kind of multi-level marketing scheme has left a sour taste in my mouth.

    • I can’t tell how thankful I am to you for putting up this post. I had my first so called “interview” with the self proclaimed MD of Concord Corporation, Caleb. I became lil suspicious as he didn’t ask me anything one would expect to be asked at an interview and started showing a presentation on scope of work and clients and growth opportunities. After few hours, I received an email for progressing onto the next round, a day out observing clients. As I was researching internet for any possibility of this company being a scam, I stumbled upon this blog. and the first thing I did after reading this post – cancel my appointment for next round. I had also called the guys at skills development scotland to help me find about the credibility of this company, but they could help.

      Thanks a lot once again for saving me from this trap!

      Events/cues that added to my suspicion:
      1.The guy doesn’t even have a Linkedin account
      2. Just look at the website, it’s a sham. No case studies, no client testimonials, no HR co-ordinates.
      3. Motivational videos in place of company’s vision, mission, philosophy
      4. Office being shared with another company called Avant Garde

  120. Hey guys, really interesting reading everyone’s experiences :). I had a similar experience to most people on here, so I want to share my story, and also add a little bit of what I know from the other side, the so called “success stories”.

    Lets start with my experience, I recently dropped out of uni after deciding it wasn’t for me and i’d hastily picked the wrong course, among a few other reasons. So I was desperately looking for a job, and with just A levels and very little experience, was unsuccessful :/.

    After applying for a job with Alpha Advertising (Manchester), I, like everyone else, got a phone call inviting me for an interview and was really excited. They really do try to make you feel special or set apart, in hindsight after reading everyone else’s experience I realise how naive I was but at the time I was sucked in thinking “Wow my cv stood out”, I was a little suspicious but still played along, everyone likes to be complimented, right?. Went to the interview, i’d done some research on the company website just so I could sound interested and knowledgeable in the interview (totally not necessary for these companies) but couldn’t really find anything about what they really do on the website so I was already feeling nervous and incompetent.

    That all changed when I got there, everyone there was super friendly, there was around 20 other people being interviewed, the receptionists were really nice and talking to us about the latest Game of Thrones episode, and encouraging us to pick the songs they were blasting out on speakers from their ipods, everyone seemed young, fun, vibrant. As bad as it sounds I was also checking out my competition, as at this point I was talking it all seriously and didn’t know at all what I was getting myself into, there were people being interviewed who’d turned up in trackies or a suit jacket with a Nike top underneath, I was already feeling hopeful. I was interviewed in a pair, the girl who was with me i’d been talking to in the waiting area, and was really nice but from the beginning of the interview I could just sort of tell the manager didn’t like her. She was a muslim and wearing a headscarf etc and he seemed very disinterested in her, for no reason since she was more qualified than me, but he kept keeping eye contact with me, and then sent her off, and kept me in there with him while he shook my hand, lingered and told me he “saw something in me”. Now again, alarm bells should have been ringing, but I honestly think at this point, I was just sorta drunk on positivity. He asked me what I was doing the rest of the day and invited me back for the observation day skipping the whole phonecall step. My interview was the same as everyone elses in the sense that he didn’t bother saying what it was we were doing or the pay etc.

    The observation day was grim, it’s unsettling getting in a car with 4 strangers, and the girl driving was honestly texting at least 60% of the time she was driving, and another 10% was her picking her next dubstep track. We spent about half an hour driving to some random area, we went to Sainsburys first and she kept offering to buy my lunch, I refused, but again was thinking “wow everyone here is so lovely”. She told me how the manager makes 100k a year and just comes in when he wants, she said she makes around 6 sales a day, but she didn’t make any that day. Also as a girl it’s a bit threatening going door to door, one guy in particular stands out, he answwered the door, and my mentor said something like “Hi, i’m here for British Red Cross” and he said “yeah i know, I can see it on your right tit”, lovely. She just brushed past it and said that they are the only charity able to help in combat areas or something and he replied “i’ll sign up if you two give each other mouth to mouth right now”. To be honest if she had tried to kiss me at this point, I was so bored out of my skull and tired that I might have gone along with it just to remind myself that I am human and not a verbal punchbag for the public to hurl insults at (obviously it’s justified, no one likes someone coming to their door). Got back to the office around 10pm, my feet were killing, had to fill out this “test”, which I passed, but I wasn’t feeling the positivity anymore, my mentor was genuinely really nice, everyone was but I just hated walking around all day, plus she made no sales, didn’t really sell it to me. I took the job anyway, and the manager told me that if I didn’t turn up on monday my mentor would look like an idiot so I better (casual guilt trip), got high fived by like 5 people on the way out. I didn’t go in on monday though, my mum was very against it convinced i was going to be kidnapped by a Mancunian Josef Fritzl or something and It wasn’t something I wanted to do anyway. My mentor had my number and started texting me all week like “HOW’S YOUR WEEK GOING BABE”, i felt bad because she was nice, but I just said I didn’t have the money for transport etc and she kept offering to pay and i should just some back, but I eventually just stopped texting her.

    Sorry this is really long, i’ll just summarise what I wanted to say about the other side. I have a friend who is an Owner, I actually ran into him before my interview, he was back visiting his old team, since he’s now set up his office in Newcastle. He seem’s to be pretty successful, although I do think he is very brainwashed by them, and as much as he’s a great guy, he is a bit of a bullshitter, so I never know how much of what he’s saying is true, he’s always showing me pictures of expensive cars or watches he’s about to buy, but never seems to buy. I don’t know enough to know how well he’s actually doing, he’s a new owner, but I know he’s struggling, he never has any money, its always about to come, or “will start rolling in, then im a highroller”, and even if he does start doing well I don’t envy him, he doesn’t have many friends because there just inst time for it in that job.

  121. Quintet Group aka “Morton Solutions” ran by Lewis Morton.

    3 Merchants Court,
    St Georges Street,
    NR3 1AB

    They are scammers, exploit young and desperate people who are unemployed and I had the misfortune of having an interview with them and on to the second stage. Never apply for a job there for the love of God, you will feel like a lost soul and a laughing stock. It’s not worth it and it makes me ill to know they still exist.

    • Yes! i did that too with morton soloutions (which is now Quintet Group). Lewis Morton is a con artist and a muppet. They are a disgusting company. after my first experience with them (got to second stage, everyone does), i left and then 3 months later applied again, Lewis didnt even recognise me and again went to second stage, i did this for the second time just to waste their time and totally piss them off lol. i then went back into the office told lewis what a total mug he is and a disgusting person. He called the police lol. i left before they arrived and nothing ever came of it. i suppose even the police now what a total gimp he is.

  122. SRJ Marketing ltd Manchester – same crap, same script manger played with.
    Although office itself looks nice, ppl are dressed posh and localisation itself (deansgate 39) is really good. They were recruiting via Gumtree for CSR jobs (Customer Service Representative) as SIMPLY RECRUIT (Building receptionist told me she never heard of Simply Recruit and asked whether I was sure or not [DODGY!])

  123. Hi everyone, my son nearly fell victim to this last week did 1st stage and 2nd stage interviews. Same old story as outlined above. The company is ANB Promotions they are based in Birmingham, Wolverhampton address is 31 Hurst Street, Birmingham. Now they do have a website and they have upped their game a bit.

    To those who say it is not a scam…..he applied to the following advert:

    Immediate Start – No Experience Required!

    We are an expanding Sales, Customer Service and Marketing Company based in Birmingham. We are looking for at least 25 enthusiastic people to join our team!

    We are now recruiting in the following areas:-
    -Customer Service

    Benefits for you include:-
    -Average Earnings paid weekly
    -Travel Opportunities
    -One on one support and coaching
    -Fun Environment

    Availability Monday – Friday/Saturday an advantage!

    No Experience is necessary as we provide full product coaching, although we welcome candidates with previous experience in Sales, Customer Service, Advertising, Promotions, Retail, Call Centre, Hospitality or Marketing.

    If you are looking for an opportunity in the Birmingham area APPLY ONLINE NOW!!!!

    £250 – £500 per week – Average Earnings!



    We regret that we are unable to provide any sponsorship for non-EU citizens.

    Now the scam is and UK advertising law is very clear on this the job must clearly state the terms and conditions i.e. if it said 100% commission based and door to door selling then it would not be a scam. There are no other jobs as referred to in the advert are there?

    I intend to pursue this matter, because it has been a real eye opener to me how widespread and vast it is, everyone affected who has responded to an advert needs to make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency, I’m going to get on their case. They claim on their website they get very few complaints about job adverts. Yet I have found one company on called SLS Recruitment they have 208 jobs all more or less exactly the same nationwide (I found an account of someone’s experience with them somewhere!)

  124. Incidentally there are also adverts on Jobcentre plus for these kinds of vacancies BUT and this is the massive difference they make it very clear in big letters that it is a self employed vacancy etc etc. and to speak to a job centre adviser for advice on how it may affect benefits etc.

  125. You might want to add Swan Global Direct to that list of companies.
    They’re based in Newcastle as far as I’m aware although gave me the same story about expanding from the US and Europe.
    Went to the observation day and was offered a job but decided against it for obvious reasons.
    A lot of people commenting aren’t realising why this is a scam.
    The job advertisements claim to be something the job is not, meaning a lot of over qualified people apply for the positions.
    If you want to do work like this, go ahead, but it’s not for me.

    • I went there for about three weeks of “training” without pay, of course… They get you so excited about promotion and stuff and at the end it’s total crap and scam :(.

  126. You can add Pioneer Advertising in London, near Picadilly Circus to the list. Luckily for me, I saw through the scam during the interview process and asked several questions which the “MD” (who was about 25 years old) found uncomfortable to answer fully

  127. I went to an interview with Montana Marketting in Norwich (be careful, these people change their names all the time because they get such a bad reputation). I knew it was just another scam, but i went to waste their time.

    They invited me to follow one of their brainwashed mugs around all day in some town miles away going door to door. After an hour i got bored of the pretence and snuck away from the person i was shadowing. i managed to get to a bus stop and go home. i later heard that the whole team spent 3 hours searching for me! totally ruined the companies business that day!

    Again they made promises of becoming a director!! within 6 months! Pah how idiotic do you have to be to believe that!?! I spent the hour or so shadowing this muppet who genuinely believed it all, going door to door getting people to donate to charity, whilst i went around following and having to write down answers to his questions like ‘what is marketting?’ ‘Write a brief business plan’ …this has nothing to do with door to door work!

    It is total scam, you will make no money from it.

  128. Hi
    thank you so much for publishing this blog. Tc world contacted me today and I thought I would check them out. Thanks goodness I did. I wont be going to their open day now. Thanks for saving me my time and sanity. Love sue xx

  129. Thank you for this post.
    It was about time someone produced something in detail about their experience with the “cobra” group.
    The false recruitment advertisement these companies use is highly unethical and unprofessional.

  130. I can’t thank you enough for this post. I got sucked into Global Net ( – Blue Ocean Outsource Ltd. & Corner Rock Ltd. (Unit 8, Cumbrian House, 217 Marsh Wall, Poplar, London E14 9FJ); and this post finally made me realise the reality.

    I’m compiling a list of all these company names here:
    Feel free to reply or post on the page any company names I have missed.

  131. Thanks for sharing the info, my wife received a mail from Aurora Worldwide Ltd , confirming the interview date at below ddress , what a crap!!!
    Aurora Worldwide Ltd
    47 Paul Street
    EC2A 4LP
    Tel: 02074901520
    Fax: 02074909499

  132. First of all, I would like to thank Zainab and all the people who have taken the time to share similar experiences in the comment section. You are doing everyone a huge favor.

    Today I travelled to London for an interview with SRJ. I had very little time to research them and as I had applied through a recruitment site, I found out the name of the company at the very last minute. So I was too busy checking their website (which I thought was a bit too “bling bling” to my standards, plus their London office did not appear on the site either, which seemed a bit strange).
    Anyway, the interview was pretty interesting. It took place in a room that was not even as welcoming as a hospital emergency room. I sat there with a girl ten years younger than I am with zero sales experience and watched a guy try to sell us a job in which we could make a crazy amount of money just like him. To be honest, his outfit looked pretty much like Borat’s (the suit outfit, not the bathing suit, obviously)…Which made me wonder how a successful salesman with such a passion for money could have such a monastic attitude when it came to fashion that he would get his clothes from the salvation army. Don’t get me wrong, I try not to judge people by their looks but I have worked in sales long enough to know how much people focus on their appearance as it is one of the tools that help them sell.
    The fact that he asked for my age and told me “But you look much younger, sweetheart.” was probably the most hilarious part of the whole five minutes I spent there.
    In my country, such scams do not really exist, the recruitment process is also very different so it didn’t occur to me that someone could actually apply for a scam job, if such a job exists where I come from, it is usually the company that contacts you spontaneously.
    He made me leave the interview room quite fast because I was about to start asking questions about tasks and pay, etc, since he was not providing any info on his own. I was so perfect he wanted to see me again on Monday.
    Oh, by the way, they didn’t even bother to call or write an e-mail to tell me I had been selected, they texted me.
    I think what he really wanted was for me to leave the room so he could focus on the other candidate who seemed to fit their target audience a bit more. (She seemed pretty smart and strong willed though, so I hope she doesn’t fall for it.)

    Anyway, I thought I would help by quoting the ad that I found on several websites (in this case I had applied through SLS, I will write them an e-mail regarding this ad, which of course will be useless, but I think I have to).
    Here is the title:
    New Year, Fresh Start – Sales & Customer Service
    They say there are several positions available (which explains, in theory, why they do not provide information about the salary).

    I hope none of you fell asleep reading me.
    Good luck to all of you and may 2014 bring you better job opportunities than the above mentioned.

  133. I posted back on the 5th of January about my experience with MyStyle Marketing operating in Brighton. Thankfully I got a zero hour job at National Express in a proper selling environment so I’ve not been keeping up recently with this.

    My friend went to an interview under the name “Big Time Marketing” in Brighton, website is operating at the same address as “MyStyle Marketing” and “Be-Right-On Marketing” did within the past year or so, alongside the same mobile telephone number to contact their “administrator”.

    They could’ve changed their name by now but the more people ignore these job adverts the better, and if you see them you need to report it.

  134. I guess there is only one solution for this sales interview scammers, and that’s a violence !!!
    One good punch to the face, broken chairs and tables, they might think over again with placing some stupid adds for jobs which never existed. ” There is no 9£ an hour you tricked me and wasted my time and money for travelling” – kick to the head.

    • My friend answered a vague job advert and went to the interview day, just like the experiences being recounted here. The Owner was missing some teeth, had a badly bruised eye and a bloodstain on his tacky suit that he presumably couldn’t afford to have dry cleaned, so it looks like some forward thinking person in Leicester has indeed decided to take action into his own hands.

      • Lol you are ridiculous, I’m self employed i only get paid for what I earn. richard Branson does not receive a petty basic like you shmucks

  135. Valiant, Maidstone Kent and Montana Acquisitions share the same building and run the same scam down in Kent. I’ve seen people complain monthly from within my own circle of aquaintances. This practice is disgusting and I can’t believe the law and local councils do nothing about it. Valiant tell their “staff ” to declare themselves as self-employed so they can tax evade! Disgusting.

    • The HMRC could put a stop to this because it is up to them whether or not someone is “actually” self employed but it has been going on for so long and they don’t seem to be in the slightest bit concerned about it.

      The only avenue of complaint is really the original advertisement, it is easy to get a complaint upheld but the ASA do very little else and imo are an impotent and useless organisation, For example the company I complained about are just getting around it using another “recruitment company name” to re-advertise. But the adverts must clearly state the job is “self employed” and that it is door-to-door canvasing. Although the ASA have assured me it is being taken up further with their watch-dog organisation. It needs more people to complain to the ASA.

  136. A1 People recruitment run by one person, Anthony Ovenden is a scam company. He will say your cv looks interesting but it’s all about the portfolio so send him some examples, then never ever lets you get any further than this. He’s collecting information and people’s work to use for his own ends to make money from real companies. He never even knew how to use a website to view a portfolio. Scam fake company. Don’t use.

  137. Hey guys. I would like to share my experience with similar company. They are called VENTAS CENTRAL in Angel. First interview was very quick I barely had chance to talk about my experiences and skills. He was talking about four step straining programme to become a manager in 9-10 months. Bollox, righ? It looked like he has been talking the same line million times a day. Like a robot. They called me the same day I was successful with first round and invited me to second round. Afterward they emailed me information about to spend all day from 12.30pm to 8.30pm or more with them gathering some information about how this position work. That I have to wear informal clothes and comfortable footwear that we will be out most of the time. After finding out about all what this can be a send them email I’m not interested. I might be wrong but don’t have a good feeling about this company.

    • UPDATE:
      Hi Mailis,

      Thank you for your recent interview call and appointment subsequently. The call from you was indeed in a very professional manner. Apart from the Job advertisement. It was very very misleading and its shame how the further process went through.

      Exactly what happened !! I bring one of the old reviews to your attention on the web. Click here for your better understanding, although you already are familiar with the facts.

      Have a look at the following advert please.

      Warehouse Experience Wanted ~ Sales Assistant

      Empire Initiatives – Gravesend – +1 location
      Empire Initiatives ~ Our Current Focus. Right now we specialise within the telecommunications industry and we look to expand into the entertainment and charity…
      JobsInKent – 2 days ago – save job – block – email – more…
      New Year, New Start! Immediate Start

      My application was simple for warehousing. However I am an individual with multiple capabilities so I thought to give a go. I was selected with flying colors having no idea what was about to come next. Next day I reached at 10AM and was told to come back by 10.45, so I did.

      No one respected my time until 11.45, sitting in the office staring at the orange ticking clock. 11.50 AM another trainee shook my hand and led me to the car outside wanting me to go to Ashford at a stall sales. He explained me upon inquiring the jobs were about call centre, door to door selling or market displays. That’s definitely not what was advertised. Was it?

      I was also made to sign a declaration at the reception that I am not going to be paid or am able to claim compensation. That was the first thing handed over to me prior to being seen or told what happens next. It was all so dodgy.

      Now kindly be wise enough to understand I made two travel journeys from Sittingbourne to Maidstone and back. The fare is £6 x2= £12.00

      I would like you to reimburse £12.00 of the state money which I am claiming from job centre. This is totally for the purpose of states money being returned with immediate effect that pays destitute and jobless people totally for the sake of serious, I mean SERIOUS JOB HUNT, and not for anything else. Depending on your response kindly acknowledge I am currently not bringing into account the wasted time and £143.12 paid fortnightly basis by the job center.

      Lastly I requested Stephonie the receptionist to give me a copy of the declaration that I was made to sign on arrival, She promised me to send it by e-mail. Kindly I would require the copy of the same.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Best regards,

    • Just got called in for an “interview” with them. They’re not a real company but a scam. For anyone reading who also got called today or last week who need more information, DO NOT GO! They’re a false company! I know because their website and Facebook pages have both been removed, and I’ve received nothing from them since the recruitment phone call.

  138. Hi

    I just saved myself from this scam. Bless all of you for your energy to enlighten others. My scammer Aurora worldwide. Smelly pot of lies. Beware of them mugs. Aurora worldwide.

  139. I rememeber falling for this BS when I was 18, over ten years ago, this was also in Birmingham, the job was advertised as sales exec, earn £600 a week, at the interview there were 10 other unlucky souls who were waiting with me in the reception, they had friends playing on the TV, my first impression was a good one, they interviewed in pairs, the guy I went in with arrived in jeans and a Tshirt, they did not mention anything about the fact that we would be going door to door, all I got told was that there was lots of positions available, and this opportunity was very special, I got the bad news when I left that I was successful, I was told I would be starting the next day, I met some ginger haired bloke who handed me a bus ticket and took me off to the outskirts of the city, we were selling a restaurant voucher, 2 for 1, most people slammed the door in a our face, other refused to open the door, and the ones that did open up could not wait to close the door once they realised we were selling crap, I did not go back the next day, I did not get paid, and I have seen this job advertised every year since I first went along in early 2000’s, recently I saw a ton of them in Dublin, when I got the phone call from the company recruiting I asked what the sales job was doing, he said I will inform you at the interview, I said why can’t you tell me now > he said, Data protection! I said that doesn’t make sense, sneaky little gits these type companies, I would recommend working in a factory rather than listening to BS these companies come up with.

  140. City Angels Group is also scam. They take money from you for “training” and make you sign a contract for their first interview/meeting (which seems remarkably easy), despite the job description stating ‘on the job training’. They give you some time to read up on some online materials and tell you to sit an assessment. Prior to that they will paint a really good picture of what your job will be, where, how much you’ll be getting etc. After you are done with the material you are suppose to email them back to let them know you are ready to sit the assessment, as stated in red in the initial email itself. Now, one of the worst things about this company is the lack of communication. You can email them as much as you want but you will get no reply. If you think you can phone them, then you better have some serious time and money ready, as I got a huge phone bill for calling a 0843 number. The whole company feels disjointed, as they’re based in one place and when you phone them they are somewhere else. You do get through to them on the phone at times but they will take your details and say they’ll get back to you. Anyway I managed to sit the assessment after a while. The questions are real test questions from MCITP papers, despite them saying its not an exam at the interview. If you fail they will tell you to resit, over and over. But every time you want the results you have to keep on phoning them and chasing it up. I’ve waited weeks for my results, and they don’t even give you your papers back to see which questions you’ve got right and wrong. They’ll say you haven’t passed and you’ll just have to take their word for it. I don’t know if anyone has ever passed this “assessment”. Every time you want to speak to someone you just feel like you’ve hit a dead end, via email or phone. Meeting in person is also not possible because, trying to arrange one is impossible as you don’t get a reply. They seem to be really busy all the time. I feel like I lost my money, which feels like a good investment for the things promised by them. However, I’m also glad that I haven’t lost more than what I already have. Please, if you are looking for an IT job, do not apply to this company. I guess what they say is true “If something feels too good to be true, then it probably is”.

  141. I fail to see what the scam is exactly?

    Misleading job vacancies are bad but how exactly have you been scammed? Were you made to pay them money? Did they make you do anything illegal? Is Avon a scam?

    You went to a job interview, you didn’t like the sound of the job, then don’t do the job.

    • Yes I was asked to pay money for the training and sign a contract. They told me verbally that I would get such and such money and I’ll be doing this and I’ll be working there etc. FYI, I loved the sound of the job, but little did I know that, that’s all it will be just sound and things would never materialize. Reading comments from others, it seems to me that they are preying on unsuspecting and vulnerable people who are looking for a good IT job/career.

      • Yes alpha you are 100% right about them. City Angles Group is SCAM. Everybody stay away from them!!!!


    Some reviews of the Quintet Group in Norwich.

    Done some research, turns out Lewis Morton and Louise Waller (receptionist) are in a relationship, and whilst working for “QuintetGroup” she has pictures on her twitter of a Morton mug.

    Asked two of my friends about her who went to sixth form with her, turns out she spends all her money on cocaine and was known for having threesomes along with being a snob. Lovely, anyway her twitter is @Louise_Waller and Lovely Lewis is @_lewismorton.

    Usually I wouldn’t do this but these two are huge pieces of s*** who wasted my time yesterday and time on the forms which took a while to fill out, and by the looks of it many of the people on here so I feel it’s fair.

  143. You can add “Complete One” to this list. It’s a trading name of Lowes Client Solutions Ltd. They have offices in Newcastle and Glasgow, and apparently soon to be Edinburgh and Dublin.

  144. You can also add Benchmark Advertising Ltd to the list; their addresses are as follows:

    Head Office:
    Lower Ground
    Richmond House
    Yelverton Road
    BH1 1DA

    3rd Floor
    Maxwell House
    167 Armada Way
    PL1 1HZ
    Tel: 01752 253473

    Nicholas O’Mahoney the Managing Director, was at Montana Marketing in Leicester.
    The, ahem, corporate website is very slick and reassuring, but it just didn’t add-up.

    I applied for a job at the Plymouth office and, when they gave me the address for the interview, I recognised it as a venue for fly-by-night scam businesses, having been there before.

  145. Can anyone please help me, I got a phone call from City Angles Group to ask me to attend job interview which I didn’t apply for. Job looks good but i got scammed before by ITeam Support and i don’t want the same to happen again. Is this company a scam as well, they are based Regent street, London. Or is this a company with the same name.

    • Yes Emma they are scam co. Don’t sign any contracts with them. I got interview there today and I figured out that they just selling MS exams nothing more.. I forgot to take pics of the contract with my mob that would have been amazing.

  146. Hi mates, how is all, and what you desire to say on the topic of this post, in my view its actually amazing in favor of me.

  147. Add Infinity Acquisitions Group (Belfast) to the list. Went through the whole application process over a couple of days including the 10.00 am – 9.30 pm field trip turned down a ‘job’ from them. One of the worst things about these companies is that they blatantly lie to people when in their homes trying to make a sale. Infinity promote a home security system that costs £6.50 A WEEK direct debit to install. When in homes false claims were made that “this is a limited offer and that the installation fee is normally £300 pounds, but today only it’s £100!” This isn’t true, and is just an attempt to encourage those hesitating to bite. He would also claim “many of your neighbours have already availed of today’s offer”, which was a lie as well as practically everyone told us to f off.

  148. Thanks for this thread, I managed to avoid City Angels Group by this… I am receiving such calls and invitations for interviews, last week it was from Prospects-UK. Thanks again guys for the help made public

  149. Has anybody ever had a run in with TC world in Leeds? Or anywhere ? U guys have all got me thinking the worse ? Please message back Urgant ?

  150. This thread is absolutely ridiculous! APPCO is not a scam! You are all adding extra companies on have you took the time to think that these are companies being opened up by people that have been promoted yet you are saying the promotions are a scam,,,, think about it! Just because its commission based it does not mean that it is a scam! You can earn as much as you want as it is uncapped earnings! You guys are the kind of people that will never get anywhere in life with a bad attitude. Its not for everyone but the people that do want to have a successful career APPCO make it possible!

  151. Have just been to the interview with city angels and I paid them 300 for some training that apparently has a job guarantee but I must pass two exams within a month..thought it all sounded legit at the time then I decided to do some digging.. anyone got any advice ?

  152. TC World- well what can I say? Its job offer is advertised under STARTJOIN and they offered me an interview the next day of applying. Although it clearly said on the advert performance based wage. I guess i should stop spamming my cv to the jobs didn’t read that bit. I cancelled after reading this blog only because i was suspicious from the start also after reading their website. These companies may increase for the reason stated below.

    Economy isn’t going to recover guys so wise up and make life decisions accordingly! All economists and traders agree other than what you hear on the bbc.

  153. City Angels Group at CityPoint Central London
    Warning it is a scam company and not genuine. I have had interview there and they wanted me to pay £495 for MS exams. I felt it is not a real job and refused it.
    Just advise anyone not to be fooled by them,

  154. These companies are rampant right now, they’re really sneaky as well, like Zainab said you apply for ‘Customer Service’ roles on job sites and their ads are completely different and look like a real job. You just never know which ones are going to be these scams.

    I’ve recently just been to two interviews, both the same kind of deal first with Home Fundraising which initially advertised as a call centre job offering £7 an hour to help ‘already subscribing customers’. This was a lie as it turned out it was door to door commisions sales asking for direct debit information. You’re on a two week trial period where you have to pay to get to whichever poor unsuspecting neighbourhood you have to harass and in this period you don’t get paid, however you have to work a full month before you’re paid for the first two weeks, but if you don’t meet sign up quotas you get the sack after two weeks. Needless to say after futher online research I informed them that I wouldn’t be attending the ‘second stage’ of the ‘interview process’ Can anyone say #slavelabour?

    I then got called in for the same kind of situation again the following week, however this time their guise was as a ‘Marketing Research’ company, pretty much the same gig, commision, no pay for a month, sacked if you don’t meet quotes, door to door sales. This was a company called Consult Zee. I’d like to add that both companies had dirty old offices with slovenly looking personnel. Honestly alarm bells ring as soon as you enter these kinds of places it’s SO unprofessional. Furthermore the Consult Zee ‘firm’ also had it’s receptionist in the interviewee waiting area, so it was basically her office, and while I was there she must have called 10 people and repeated the same script over and over again! “Hi this is …… from Consult Zee I’m just calling because the direct manager was really impressed with your CV”. Hilariously enough it was the same crap that was also said to me on the phone. I was about to shout “Where’s Ashton?” (Punk’d reference) when I got called into my ‘interview’. Maybe I’m a martyr to my own cause but after listening to her have the same conversation with half of South Yorkshire I decided to go ahead with the interview, the manager just confirmed what I already knew. Between him the ‘manager’ taking a call in the interview and discussing his bank balance infront of me, and boasting about how he had offices in Barcelona, Lison, Liverpool, Madrid and Sheffield; I was more than over it (upon further research they only have the one, two room ‘office’ in Sheffield). Even more laughable was the fact that their ‘Congratulations you’ve reached the second stage’ email, informed me to wear ‘comfortable shoes and office wear’ as I’d be dealing with customers during my ‘assessment day’. My research alerted me to the fact that I’d be doing door to door sales, which was NEVER mentioned by them. However it made sense, as the Home Fundraising lot actually disclosed this at the first interview, and had the same content in their congratulations email as the Consult Zee people (I’m not saying they’re linked). But basically the whole thing was bogus!

    I’ve just been called by Krishna Worldwide Ltd which has brought me to this amazing article and further confirmed my suspisions that they’re the same (on the list).

    Luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to discover the scam behind these ‘companies’ before I’ve allowed them to exploit me through their ‘second interview – assessment day’ which is a day of unpaid labour. I didn’t have to travel far or really endure any inconvenience aside from my travel costs. However for anyone just looking around for more info I’d just like to state that you should thoroughly vet these companies.
    If you can identify any of the following just save your time and money and continue your job search:

    Vague job describtion (inc. pay and duties)
    Receiving a call to the tune of “I’m contacting you conscerning a recent customer service role you applied for.. my manager really liked your CV” (I’ve heard it from all three of them)
    Talk of “Progression” and becoming a manager, team leader or owner within a few months
    Mention of a ‘Second interview’, which includes a days work, sometimes called an ‘Assessment day’
    Assessment period or trial period with witheld pay
    Companies involved in ‘Sales Outsourcing’ ‘Marketing’ ‘PR’ – Note that, that’s what these companies say they do as a business, but the ‘jobs’ they offer are always as ‘customer service’ or ‘sales’ roles
    Being told to wear ‘comfortable shoes’ to your ‘second interview’ – means door to door sales

    Those are the main patterns of these companies, there are many more, however there are also more obvious things, such as; Not asking for references or certificates, not requiring experience, or not asking for your NI number. There’s so much more, basically once you’ve dealt with one, you’ve dealt with them all. It’s like a scripted rhythm they have, which helps as you realise early on and don’t have to deal with them. Like I just have.

    My main tip would be to RESEARCH!!! If you have any doubts just RESEARCH!!
    It takes less than a second to Google, and it could save you so much time and money!
    I’ve heard some real horror stories, including people actually getting into debt!
    Even if you think it sounds wonderful and you’ve ended your job search, just search and find some reviews.

    Lastly the SCAM companies I have dealt with are, Home Fundraising, Consult Zee Ltd and Krishna Worldwide Ltd. In Sheffield, but who knows where else they are.

    Best of luck everyone, and I hope that one day they’ll make this kind of shit illegal!

  155. I’d just like to add to the post above about the ones in Sheffield:

    Legacy Advertising Worldwide
    Level One
    Watsons Chambers
    5 – 15 Market Place
    Castle Square
    S1 2GH

    This is the in the same building and floor as ‘Consult Zee Ltd’ –
    so I’d suggest to everyone to avoid the Watson Chambers building! it’s clearly a SCAM hive!

  156. I was supposed to go to an interview with both the above TC World and Citipeak positions listed above (Same places too) now I wont bother. Cheers for the info

    • Name & Registered Office:
      Company No. 07311226
      Previous Names:
      Date of change Previous Name

      Think they making no business in Manchester since this has exposed so they are now moving to Glasgow, be aware of this company people! You can read their reviews on Glassdoor UK as well!

      • Manchester Interactive are still trading and recruiting in Manchester, except the director claims to have started in Glasgow two years ago from nothing and has expanded into offices across the country. Alarm bells are ringing. This is a scam on a massive scale. They also operate in Birmingham among other cities.

  157. Hi Everyone

    I have an interview with Future Organisation for a Sales Administrator Assistant, I cant find any information on them besides that they have changed address and they have another branch in London.

    The Future Organisation
    2nd Floor, 12-20 Baron Street
    N1 9LL

    There old address was

    The Future Organisation
    One Victoria Square
    B1 1BD

    I don’t know if they have more than one branch in Birmingham, I have an interview in the Mclaren Buidling 46 Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7LR its located on the 5th floor, I have also had a few interview which have turned out to be scams so this time I don’t want to waste my time. I reckon it is based in a building where offices are let to companies so It’s a chance the job is probably commission based and is a scam. I have emailed the recruitment consultant asking if this job is commission based I haven’t heard a reply yet.

    I would appreciate it if anyone knows anything about this company if you guys have come across this company please do share your experiences.


    • Sounds likely, where did you see it advertised?

      And who is the recruitment agency that might give me a clue as I’m watching a few in the Birmingham area. I’ve had quite a lot removed from various jobs sites.

      They must state on the advert that the vacancy is self employed and commission only. If not you can complain and get it removed.

      • It was advertised in the CV Library, I cant seem to find the advert I think they removed it. Appco company is listed above so its a scam overall so gutted dont know why they lie on their adverts….Thanks for replying.

    • Just had a quick look at their website, I would say with out a doubt they are a Appco company. They look tacky and the term direct sales is a give away. Still like to know who the recruitment agent is though.

  158. The company that I was involved with, Global Net, has changed their name to ‘Kreative Client Solutions’. They are still associated with the same company: Blue Ocean Outsource Ltd. Company Reg no: 08437993, and trade under the address: Kreative Client Solutions, Angel House, 3rd Floor, 225 Marsh Wall, South Quay, London, E14 9FW
    Avoid them!

  159. is Krishna worldwide definitely scammers? do you put your money In the pot first of all type of thing ? or what? I wont be bothering to go there then!

  160. CITY ANGELS! Location : Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9HT FLOOR 10! ANNIHILATE SCUMBAGS!

  161. Does anybody know something about Recruit8, they advertise trough totaljobs website ? They have a huge offer of jobs and very attractive salaries (sounds to good to be true).

  162. Also you can add
    NE8 3HU

  163. I applied for a Event Sales job for a company called Legacy Advertising Worldwide and heard back from them almost immediately. Apparently I’d been selected out of 460 applicants and was invited to an interview. I accepted, not realising anything was amiss. The job description clearly stated a salary of 14,000 to 19,000 so I was happy to go. I arrived in Sheffield and went to the offices. I was a bit confused as to how such a “successful” company’s offices could be so horrendous. Old, grubby and needed bulldozing. And they weren’t really offices. Just small rooms with shabby tables and two receptionists. I filled out a form with basic details and gave it back to the receptionist. The MD’s office was a tiny room with just a desk and an Alan Sugar book propped up on the windowsill. The MD was charming enough, a young guy. He said that if I was successful today then I would come back for an assessment day which was the next day. I thought it was odd that it would be so soon. I told him I was busy but he said there would be no other time. I agreed to reschedule another job interview. (With Montana Marketing, another scam!)

    That night they called and said I was one of four or five to come back for a second interview. I was excited because I hadn’t worked it out yet. So I spent £20 getting there (waking up at 6 a.m.). I filled out yet another form and was swiftly introduced to a leader who would show me how they operate. They drove an hour away and she told me the history of the company and quizzed me on my marketing knowledge. We didn’t arrive at any offices but at a small shopping centre where they set up a stall and started trying to sell TalkTalk products to people. I was told to sit in Costa Coffee and watch them. I was sat there for seven hours on my own, with one girl checking up on me every half an hour or so and giving me tedious tasks to do.

    She told me all about their progression scheme and that in 1 – 4 weeks, I could be a team leader. In 3 – 12 months, I could be an assistant manager and then 2 weeks after that, a manager with my own office in a different country if I wished. All I had to do was get to assistant manager, the MD would go on a “business trip” and leave me with the office for a week and if I made £2000 profit, I could be a manager. I thought it was very suspicious. Why would a company leave a workforce and office in the hands of someone who could be 19? They boasted about having no seniority, no politics and no age limit.

    And the 14,000 to 19,000 salary was a lie. Entry level sees you getting £150 – £250, leadership is £250 – £600, assistant manager is £600 – £1000 and manager (here’s where it got ridiculous) is £1000 to £13,000 per week! And apparently you could see a 41% bonus in a good sale. What the hell? They do business with a company called PerDM which also revealed hints of being involved in scams. Link to story here:( I was also told it’s Monday to Saturday working 8 – 6. So a ten hour day, six days a week which is 100% commission. Hmm. Seems different to the job description. For a job that requires travel, they offer no travel expenses. I don’t mean the cost of the train to get there but the travelling around to make THEM money. The girl I was with filled her car up twice happily and wouldn’t see a penny of it back.


  164. I started about 12 weeks ago at Montana Acquisitions after I moved to kent from America on a football scholarship.

    I was a little confused when I came across this Blog as I’ve been working alongside British Red Cross.

    I’m worried for my possition after reading this but a couple of things.

    1. I get a basic salary as they gave me an option in the interview, I chose the 16k basic instead of commission.
    2. How can a scam work with such large clients, I mean British Red Cross and HSBC?
    3. A jobs a job, isn’t a scam when someone doesn’t get paid for the work they do?

    I agree with a lot of what you say but all the information here is based on people who only went for an Interview?

    Has anyone actually got to Management/complete the program and had bad experience as so far I have been paid for the work I’ve done and quiet enjoy face to face.

    Can someone please let me know what the real pay for management is?



  165. as you are all aware google can now remove upon request search results
    please remember to Use other search engines when looking for info

  166. That is unbelievable, how hard it is to protect your identity from all the scammers that are still managing to make a good living on account of desperate people that are looking for job the struggling unemployed part of society.

    You are looking for a job, daily, loosing hope, when suddenly you receive a phone call that you’ve been waiting for some time. You’ve been offered some descent job – says lady on the line. Ow Havens, finally – you think, feels like that is an opportunity to get back on track, you’ve been given a chance to attend an interview and you care nothing about the fact that it is pretty far from your area, located on another side of the capital.

    You spend £10 out of your stricktly accounted budget, plus £10 on the Cab, as you are lost in the area and running late – its an interview, I must be punctual- comes across your mind. After entering the building you start recalling the preparation questions and answers just to find out that the job description was false and has nothing to do with your professional experience and might end up beeing unpaid.

    As a young girl I got in a scary situation, that reminded a scene from movie about the kidnappers.

    Once I went to Solar Energy company (cant remember the name now) where they hired me the same day 🙂 I was very naive back than, however I felt that it is somehow fishy …

    As I got involved in chat with one of the other victims, we decided that it is too late to go back, so followed the game.

    Signed some piece of paper after what they seated us into a minibus and we were off to Kent, the suburban area with no transportation links around.

    It was only in the minibus, where we received some instructions about the way door2door works, we were supposed to collect some personal data (back than I didn’t know what door 2 door means).
    It meant 8 hours of walking and listening to refusals and my muscles were aching so badly that I bearly made it to the bus back, (and I did professional ballet for 14 years before) my bag was in that minibus, had no cash or phone or oyster, nothing. Sweating in under the hot sun in my black suit and shoes with high heel.
    No way to escape, I collected only 3 phone numbers and 2 addresses in the end of the month it would be equal to £1 per number, if the client picks up and agrees to arrange a demo at their home. 🙂
    Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of that company, however i went for one interview, quite recent and realised that its the same kind of crap, when declined that offer I received some invites from their “sister companies”, following:

    Pantheon UK (Door2Door)
    Pantheon International (Door2Door)
    Consolidated-Holdings Uk (to do money transfers from Western Union)
    Altitude Acquisitions (Door2Door)
    Source Marketing Direct (sales at the venue)

    • i just came back from an interview with Pantheon UK. Thank you for this write up, and thank you, Zainab for this blog. You saved me so much time from the long hours they expected me to be with them tmr. cheers

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  169. Sounds like you couldn’t do sales bud and you’ve got a bad attitude. I work in sales and it’s an awesome opportunity for anyone to make as much money as they want if they are motivated and determined to learn and develop themself. Too many people in this world just wanting an easy ride and payouts for not having a job. Now that’s a scam!

    • You’re knocking on people’s doors all day selling subscriptions, it’s not mathematically impossible to make the kind of money your bosses tell you.

  170. Another company to avoid: RedRock Acquisitions. They are the trading name to the company that I was associated with, Corner Rock Ltd, Company reg no: 08385378. Though it is still located at the same place (Unit 8, Floor Three, Cumbrian House, 217 Marsh Wall, Poplar, London E14 9FJ).

  171. I just applied to a bunch of different things through…..SO glad I came across this site. I just got an email by TC World ltd saying how i’ve been short listed etc and the weird thing is that they even have a website. It’s weird how they can make things seem legit. I’m going to email them back saying sorry I can’t make it….and should I give them a link to this site it might be funny but then again they probably will find different ways to scam people and make it seem legit by using the things people are saying and improving on their scamming ways.

  172. Skyline Ohio, located in Blue Ash (Cincinnati) is a Cydcor office. Beware, it is door to door selling and will make a $1 a day if you make it long enough (3 weeks) to see a pay check.

  173. Hi Zainab,
    I am so impressed with your beautiful write up and accurate analysis of the situation. Being a Nigerian myself I am quite proud of what you’ve done at least this would protect other innocent individuals that might fall for this scam. I wish you good luck in your career and I hope you ‘ve found a good job.

    Best wishes,

  174. […] La lírica y la prosa pueden llevar al empleado (de este tipo de empresas) a pensar que una actitud positiva podrá añadir más ganancias a su bolsillo lleno de telarañas y que será un futuro manager, los que fracasan o lo dejan son aquellos que no tienen control de su futuro.  Todo sobre el tipo de empresas en el siguiente link. […]

  175. Emprise Direct is the company based in Plymouth and I was given the same treatment. Got to the job on the first day, piled into a car full of people, drove up to a supermarket where the workers piled into to half roast chickens for breakfast and then back in the car to hit housing estates….I managed to knock on 5 doors and within half an hour realised this was definintely not the job for me…..a con, hard work, no contract……

    Needless to say the office is as described in the article above….no signs, the directors office, completely bare with the exception of a table and chair…explanation of how to rise up the ranks……

    They have been kicked out of their offices as they didnt pay the rent. The company trading was called Parker Worldwide Ltd on the termination of lease notice in the window in BretonSide, Plymouth. next to the Minerva Pub. They are no more….Emprise direct…..

    What was also funny is that everyone turns up at 10am, leave by 10.30am to start the crappy door to door selling of Talk Talk and then end at 8.30. The office manager and the secretary close the office at 11am and sit around at home or the pub……..What a joke…….

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    as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just
    following you. Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

  177. ‘Hi John, I hope you are well. Congratulations for being short listed for initial appointment with us. Your appointment will be on Saturday 6th September 2014 at 10.30 am. Our office address is 26 Baldwin Street. BS11SE. Weare on second floor. Good luck and have a great day! Thanks Ashi.’ That’s the text message from Krishna Worldwide i received an hour after setting a CV on CV library. The add i found on indeed.couk said: kitchen design consultant. The building i went in led me straight on top floor – all other doors to couple of other companies were closed. Ms Ashi was very pleasant, Mr Krishna was very friedly, both indian lads, and on the interview with him everything went perfect. As if he wanted hear everything what i had to say. That made me suspicious because of my nature which always rings a bell when people are too exited about anything and congratulate me about sth i havent achieve yet. Then he said i gonna have some half year course where i will be learn how to lead my own business. At the end he said i gonna have to have one more Interview (tomorrow at 11.00 a.m.) but this time i can’t come with my jeans on me. He expects me dressed in suit. Luckily i found Zainabusman’s post and i literally do not give a fck anymore. As always i think positive and i keep looking for some other job. Just felt I need to share my yesterday’s experience to warn other more naive people. Good luck guys with finding a better job!
    And thank you Zainabus!

  178. Thankyou Zainubus for confirming my doubts. Prestige Promotions based in Leicester is another bull shit company that’s popped up and advertised the same role with Reed. Had a interview with them last Friday.The offices were exactly how you guys have desribed them. Got a call today (Monday) for a second interview for tomorrow morning at 8.30am. I’m going to go and when i arrive tell every successful candidate that’s there that the job is a scam and dish out some slaps to the wanker that interviewed me and also give a bitch slap to the scanky receptionist as she’s also in on the scam..

    Bless Everyone

    • 415, Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G3 8AZ
      tacky office, two girls in the waiting room constantly ringing up for more interviews for the job. The others waiting where from a range of backgrounds from graduates to shop floor assistants going for the same job. Currently advertised as £15,000 – £25,000 per year but states this is “self employed and paid on commission only for each sale they complete, all earnings are uncapped!” The interview was very unprofessional please don’t waste your time with this company (companies from the waiting room”)

  179. It was great talking with you earlier. My manager Matt Stewart is really looking forward to meeting you on 16/09/2014 at 4:15 PM. When you arrive, please let our receptionist know you are here for the interview.
    As we do have a few candidates to get through, we will only need you for around 20-30 minutes. If this first meeting goes well, we will look to set up a trial day at one of the event sites at a later date so that you can meet the rest of the team and see the ins and outs of our event promotions.
    To prepare for the meeting, please have a look at our website, read through the links below and be ready to talk about your background, strengths and what you are looking for now. If you could also bring along a paper copy of your c.v.
    Directions are at the bottom of the email. If you have any trouble finding us please call me on (number removed but it’s a mobile number) once you are on your way, but we are right by Reading Station so very easy to spot.

    See you soon,
    (name removed)

    Atlas Outsourcing Ltd

    Atlas Outsourcing
    15 Station Road
    RG1 1LG

    Then once I came back from interview this email:

    We have everything confirmed for you to come and spend the day with us. We will need you back at 8.45am, as we will need to leave the office for the event site at 9am. We have a full day planned so please keep your day free till 6pm.

    As discussed today, this will give you a chance to meet a few people in the team, see the exact work and get a feel for our culture and clients.

    We will be looking to assess you in a few different key areas, so please bring with you a notepad and pen for the tasks you will be given. Please also bring another copy of your CV with you.

    Please be dressed professionally, but make sure you are warm and comfortable as you may be on your feet at the venue for sometime observing the physical promotions and sales processes.

  180. Advertising today for positions in SOUTHAMPTON>

    Graduate Trainee Business Assistant
    Agency/Employer:Paragon Acquisition Salary/Rate£16000 – £30000/annum + travel opportunities + incentives Location:Southampton, Hampshire Posted: 11/09/2014 (10:34)
    Graduate Trainee

    Events Assistant + Business Development

    Southampton Centre

    Are you a Graduate that believes your career needs a little more inspiration in it these days?

    Are you a Graduate that wants to help inspire yourself and others every day?

    Are you a Graduate that wants to enjoy your job EVERY Day?

    If so – We might want to meet you so we can forge a mutually beneficial working relationship!

    Paragon Acquisitions are looking for graduate trainees that consider themselves entrepreneurs to help build a vision. Everyday at Paragon Acquisitions we wake up and find ways to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. We coach leaders and our clients on how to encourage people. We speak about it and write about it…

    But as a company we cannot do it alone – We want others to help build a vision that can inspire and give back to others – so we need help so that we can be as efficient and effective as possible.

    There is work in the office, but mainly the work is at our events, and so you’ll be working virtually most of the time. You’ll have lots of variety and freedom with your schedule, so you can learn how to teach, train, interview, master the art of conversation, sales and other things – but were not interested in someone who is only looking for a job, or who is only looking to sell…

    We are looking for someone who can:

    * Represent our clients to the public with honesty and enthusiasm
    * Attract the attention of the public in venues with heavy foot fall
    * Receive product training plus on-going guidance and support
    * Have the opportunity to determine their own earnings
    * Have the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace
    * Have the opportunity to travel throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe

    We travel a lot and work in many locations, which means there is lots of scheduling that needs to get done – so you should be a super organized person, with drive and ambition.

    And, as an Events Assistant with Business Development goals, we might ask for you to help with the personal development of others too.

    In a nutshell – We need someone who wants to change their life …we need a pace setter…we need someone who will help drive the organization and work with us and enjoy themselves every single day!

    Can you help?

    If you’re interested (and are over 18 years of age + eligible to work in the UK), drop us a note – tell us a little about you and we can set up some time to talk more in person.

    Whoever will help us, we guarantee will help inspire others and enjoy the work they do every day!

    Thanks for your interest in Paragon Acquisitions!

  181. Visionary Advertising is another!!! Matthew Goodchild is the ‘conveniently onsite Director’ who apparently has 60 other offices located around the world. I knew what was up because I’d been suckered in by Bradford Resourcing a few years ago, so I just went through the assessment day and saw how identical it was I feel sorry for the guys I was with, really nice guys but they had no idea that they were never really going to get a high salary down the line.

  182. Thank you for all the information listed here. I was due to attend an interview tomorrow morning with Montana Marketing in Leicester. I received a call today from them and thought it was odd that she mentioned ‘Customer Service and Sales’ during the phone conversation as I knew I had not applied for any kind of sales vacancy. Like others have noted, the official website while looking very slick and convincing didn’t seem to contain any useful information, and wanting to learn a bit more I looked a bit harder. Google is my friend. Doubly so for leading me to this blog!

  183. People I have to say that Project Zinc and Phantheon UK in Angel Business Suite, St Alban’s Place, Islington, N1 0NX is pure scam! Be careful I was there yesterday and what they do is horrible!
    They lie always when they are selling and when they are talking to you!


  184. I was invited to an interview with Pareto Global Associates in Liverpool to meet MD Cyril WIlliams. Like others here it was unusually easy and quick to get the interview. I smelled bullshit as soon as I got to the interview office, the place was deserted except for an awkwardly place reception desk and staff and the other interviewees. I was fed some story how Cyril had broken his leg the night before so I would interviewed by “Ben” who said he ran another business in this block which had started up three weeks earlier (probably true! I’ll explain if you keep reading). Because there were so many other waiting I was interviewed with another guy which set alarm bells rings as well. In the interview he told me how I would progress up the ladder in 9 months to work with the manager etc. Within 5 minutes the interview was over and later that day I was invited back for a day of shadowing, though no expenses would be paid (alarm bells ringing! No reputable company does this!!). In the end I decided not to take this opportunity after initially accepted because it sounded so dodgy. After emailing them the next morning to inform them I never did get a reply. So that was that…

    A couple weeks later I applied for a customer service/retail assistant role online. Similar to my previous experience they were very quick to get back to me and now as I sit writing this I have an interview arranged for next morning with Atlas Outsourcing Ltd of Liverpool. The MD named as “Matt Stewart”. I noticed this whole process is exactlly the same as with Pareto Global Associates. After very little investigation it turns out the addresses of AT and PGA are identical: 27 Lord Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 9SA. Putting this address into google brings up loads of companies on the first few pages all registered to this address. I’m not going to bother turning up to meet the exact same receptionist tomorrow and probably be fed the same bullshit but I will phone them up in the morning to see if they try to tell me my interview will be with “Ben” again. It seems clear that they have multiple company names and that “Ben” is probably the guy hiding behind all of them.

  185. I had a very similar experience. Being out of uni for a few months and waiting for graduate schemes to close at the end of the year, I was growing desperate for a job and thought a Sales job would be fine as there are so many out there.

    I have applied to many and had a few interviews to discover they weren’t what they advertised, they were vague, or just terrible jobs but the one that takes the cake is Pareto Global.

    They gave some pompous title of Events Marketing Management and I went for it, getting a phone call very quickly and an interview the next day. I showed up in my business attire for a 5 minute long interview where they asked nothing about me, not even caring I had a university degree or asking to see my CV despite asking me to bring it. It was simply him giving me a presentation about the company without saying anything about the job itself. He did however make big promises of progression and management in a matter of weeks because I was a special recruit! He then said he would get back to me that day before 4pm. I was phone at 5:30 and just missed the call, upon trying to ring them back I was ignored, the girls in the office clearly didn’t want to waste a single second getting out of there and clocked out. Eventually after me contacting them, I found out I was “successful.” I went to a training day and was informed to wear smart business attire and be there from 9-6pm. I braved the weather with my cold, hoping to get clarification and a good job. Sadly that was not the case.

    Upon arriving, I was introduced to two 20 year olds I could tell weren’t nice individuals who inappropriately hit on me in an office environment but I tried to ignore it. Me and another poor soul I was paired with to go against each other for the job were then confused as we were being ushered out of the office to walk to a bus stop. We were then told suddenly to pay for our own bus fair to get to the middle of nowhere. During our journey, he made us write down foolish things that were common sense. Upon arriving at the freezing out door shopping centre, he got to work on his sales job, leaving me and my partner alone on a chair in the corner for 2 hours. He gave us pathetic tasks to do to keep us preoccupied but had nothing to do with the interview or job. A.K.A, come up with 5 inventions and 100 words to describe a good manager. Myself and the other candidate were also forbidden to talk to one another as it was “Unprofessional” in the two hours we had been left alone. After we both admitted to one another we did not want the job, we told him in the most polite way possible instead of just walking out. He then stood incredibly close and tried to intimidate us into staying to which my politeness ran out and without another word, we left, getting a bus together from the middle of nowhere.

    This was just a terrible experience that cost me time, money, effort and made me even more ill. now have job trust issues.

  186. After a weird first interview I’m getting suspicious of ORA ADVERTISING and CITIPEAK PROMOTIONS (same building: DBH Gateshead, Aidan House, Sunderland Rd, Gateshead, NE8 3HU) Does anyone have any experience with either group?? Thanks

    • My wife was at the interview. Same crap. Too bad I didn’t search before going there, would have saved time and money.

  187. Appco Group AKA Cobra is just one tentacle of the global direct sales cult known to some as Devilcorp.

    The BBC, The Mirror, The Daily/Sunday Telegraph and the New Zealand Herald have written numerous articles about this organization. They are about to be investigated by the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing in N.S.W.. It’s a top shelf company!

    If you go to you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

  188. I also meet this problem , I have not received my basic pay. I think I can get my basic payment ,however not . some people tell me the salary is depend on the sales how many I finish. what happened I pay my own train travel , my own food in shop , what happen I spend my whole six days at door doing a speech to anybody, it is a marketing campaign , why they do not pay for that , generally, doing a door -to door sales is a rubbish job I have done. I would never do that . And I hope some one know those jobs, not about the smart dress ,not about professional work , not about development , no ,no , it is totally job scam. I would never do that job at all. Never!

  189. watch out for MONTANA MARKETING in both Leicester and Norwich. That is if they haven’t already changed their name to something else. Same pyramid based scheme.

    • Haha… I had a call from a lady yesterday. I called her back after I realised (was nearly tricked by another company in Norwich before) and told her to kill herself.

      Fucking bitch.

      • Hi Stefan,

        I am the person who took that call. I don’t even work for that company, as I said on the phone, I work in administration for another company that simply happens to rent space in the same business centre, but the lady you wanted to scare wasn’t there so I answered for them. It was not a very nice call to take, thank you.

      • Also.. if you simple rent the same dodgy place, what brings you to this page? It’s not easy to find for those who ‘don’t know’ anything about this scam-shite.

      • That really made me laugh! I would of told her to kill herself too but only I would of added a very reasonable ‘please show evidence of this’ afterwards 🙂

  190. There is no denying that the recruitment procedures they use are very misleading!

    However having worked for RS advertising for just over 6 months I can honestly say that the tenacity and work ethic I got from starting my sales career in a commission only role has made me the man I am today. After working for what is essentially the Cobra group I then went to sell home improvements (commission only) which I done very well at. I have since moved on to much bigger and better things….. (Basic + Commission)

    However, there is one crucial thing that separates me from the majority of people on this list. I can sell.

    It is what it is if you can do the business you will make the money.
    If you can’t you wont.

    I didn’t realise that I was self employed for the first few months which was very naughty.
    I do believe the government should look into them more as I still know of brainwashed people thinking they are going to open an office and become millionaires…. when the reality is they are living on credit cards and earning a pittance.

    Sales is sales, some can & some can’t.
    I can also say that I made some good mates working there, majority of whom have returned to their pre recession jobs.

    I am one of the few still in Sales but then I am good at it.
    My eyes were open through the whole experience and I am fully aware of the reality of how much money people do and don’t make there.

    Relationships have fallen apart due to the excessive hours and the lack of money for some people which is horrific. People that caught up this extreme I feel for.
    I personally only worked a maximum of two Saturdays which was my choice.

    But for the majority of people ranting and raving on here, it was in the recession and it was money even if as stated above average of 70-200 a week. Which personally for me was more 400-700.

    Nobody ever died of hard work and hopefully like me, you gained some confidence, tenacity and work ethic. I would rather be knocking on doors and earning 50-70 a week than signing on sitting on my arse, feeling sorry for myself and waiting for something better to come up.

    Its easier to find work when working and you feel healthier and in a better frame of mind. The training is pretty good basic sales skills and no matter what you do in life sales skills will help you.

    For anyone who done it and didn’t give it a chance….
    Life is sales and you should all be doing something (perhaps not sales) were the harder you work the more you get paid. If your not then what are you dong?

  191. absolutely every situation you came across you saw negatively. you saw the challenge in the oppurtunity, instead of the oppurtunity in the challenge. dont you all get it? these companies are providing people with an oppurtunity, most of those you mentioned are probably awful, but there are great marketing businesses too. your the type of person who is what i call a bin head. nothing but shit gets processed through their. your just not for marketing. i would die if i had to be in an elavator with you chatting you negative pointless counter productive shit .

    • Absolutely every situation you came across you saw negatively. You saw the challenge in the opportunity, instead of the opportunity in the challenge. Don’t you all get it? These companies are providing people with an opportunity, most of those you mentioned are probably awful, but there are great marketing businesses too. You’re the type of person who is what I call a bin head. Nothing but shit gets processed through there. You’re just not for marketing. I would die if I had to be in an elevator with you chatting. You negative pointless counter productive shit .

      Took the liberty in correcting EVERY mistake you made because you sir, are an idiot. Come correct if you’re going to write (shit) like that. You pathetic uneducated sack of shit.

    • Wow! So this is how you motivate people? Glad I don’t work for you, you total knob. You probably couldn’t get a legit job packing boxes. I would love to be in an elevator with you so I could have the pleasure of watching you die!

      • Maybe the only people who can stand working for you/with are mindless zombies, because you suck the joy and soul out of them, you uneducated, money grabbing, grammatically challenged prick.

  192. AJG Direct
    is such a company, based in Leeds.

    Having read the comments above, my story is not much different. I am a recent graduate and as such, I am desperate for a job. The interview was made in a similar fashion – got the job without any efforts, at all. The job, of course, was falsely advertised, we had an observation day, etc. etc. There was another candidate, but in my case we were separated, so we could not exchange impressions about the job. I wasn’t excited as a graduate from a respectable university to be selling door-to-door, but I thought that it would stand good in my CV, as it was related to my degree. This was also going to be my first job in the UK. I had in mind, that this would be something I would be doing for not more than a month, just to add a little bit to my CV. I also saw this as an opportunity to increase my communication skills, as well. I really tried to see some positive in the whole thing. I spent about 5 days there and met some of the most unscrupulous, primitive and materialistic people that I have seen in my life. People who would teach me to win the trust of the person behind the door and as soon as the sale was done – cheer at how good they were at fooling the schmucks in the Wolf of Wall Street manner (which, unsurprisingly, was a source of inspiration for a couple of the lads). They wanted to make it big, to live the dream, to own a couple of Ferraris, have a personal chef, etc. One of the soon-to-be-promoted managers that was training me, would on several occasions during the day say how superior was he in comparison with the rest of the schmucks and how he was going to be famous one day, and these people would be begging to talk to him. He would tell people that the receipts containing his name would be valuable one day, because he would become a billionaire. The atmosphere was the cult like thing explained above. We were also constantly reminded not to communicate about our jobs outside of it, as the “losers” didn’t understand the benefits of the longer term commitment. Conversations about what happened during the day were strictly forbidden, like for example, someone sharing having been chased by a dog would be a potential put-off for another person. Some of the higher hierarchy members can make a sale for you, while you are a trainee just so that they suck you in more.

    I see that some people are defending this vile scheme, so I would like to ask them:

    1) How ethical is to promise a SECURE promotions and glamorous future, when this is obviously not possible

    2) What do you think about superiors keep telling subordinates that they will be really good in this trade, when they obviously are not and never will be, but they don’t care and are happy with the couple of sales a week they bring since no payment is wasted on them ?

    3) Why are they constantly changing names if that’s only a business model ? – this is their website

    Leeds, LS1 2NL – this is their address, of course, shared with similar shady ventures. I wouldn’t trust any company situated there

    They are aiming mostly for young people, irrelevant of having a degree or not. So if you are young and hungry, watch out.

  193. Right Guys and Girls, Here is how it works……..
    All the companies mentioned and numerous others currently Trading are part of the Cobra Group. founded by a man named Chris Niarchos (google him) what the cobra group offers is a chance to progress through the management system until you get to a position where your team of people that you recruit and coach are profitable enough to go it alone!
    the leader of this team then gets promoted to be MD of his or her own company which is why there are so many of these companies,
    However the company that promoted the person to MD still gets a share of all the sales that his company makes and this continues down the line.
    I agree that the job spec is misleading, however from my experience i was told everything i needed to on my evaluation day or observation day whatever or wanted to call it.
    I know all this because i went through the process and i was promoted to be MD of my own marketing company at the age of 23 after just 5 months in total i worked within the cobra group for about 3 years until Family issues forced me to close my company to concentrate my time at home.
    Can you earn money doing this? yes very good money if you are prepared to work all weathers,
    Do you work long hours? defiantly my working days towards the end where 16 hour days.
    Would i do it again? no this was over 10 years ago i have a family and a successful recruitment business, what the experience did teach me was how to have an excellent work ethic how not to give up and how to always strive to be the best,
    This has stuck with me throughout all my career and i have worked for some very big organisations and been very successful and in some part i put it down to my experience.
    in summary these roles are NOT for everyone, i know of some very wealthy people that this industry has created, i did ok for a young man.
    If you think this is a scam ask yourself a few questions, look at the major companies that these firms represent, some massive names would these companies be legitimately involved with dodgy companies? No
    What’s in it for the companies they represent? they only pay for results the Cobra group then take a percentage of the money generated and then pass it down the line and this is where you get your money from.
    to be clear i am in now way affiliated with the cobra group any more i havn’t been for over 10 years, these are young people trying to make something of there lives. if its not for you walk away but don’t criticise those who work hard and try to better there lives.

    • Knocking on people’s doors all day and bothering them into signing up for things they don’t want, what a noble and rewarding profession. Or, like most ‘sales professionals’ do you conveniently forget the ‘customer’ you’re making your commission from?

  194. I had similar experience with Red Square Direct in London. I was invited for an interview – on arrival, very loud music was playing. A gentleman invited me to a room, asked a few questions and congratulated me for passing “excellently” on the interview. I was asked to come for “trials” the next day. When I arrived, I was ushered into a basement where many persons were talking, cramming and repeating what seemed as “sales pitches”. My “manager” informed me how “lucky” I was to have made it and we would be going to Hackney. It was a nasty, stupid and crazy experience. Of course, I couldn’t continue and opted out.

  195. “Developing your potential recruitment” is a scam. It is advertised as a teaching recruitment site, that tries to bully and threaten you into paying for a course which you don’t need and which holds no value. And they have no vacancies. They have another company with the name of “vision recruitment”. This is also a scam. Be careful! these so called scams are all over the internet, i.e indeed website.

  196. These companies are most certainly NOT a scam. I worked for Celica Marketing under the instruction of Nicci. He was a fantastic boss and taught us all a great deal to make money. Yes they are a marketing firm and yes you do have to work hard for your money, you do have bad days and good days but overall if you work hard you can make serious money. Anyone who says this is a scam obviously was not working hard enough and is not cut out for that type of work.

    I left Celica marketing around 2 years ago because i wanted to try something different. I can honestly say I have carried the knowledge they gave me and moved on to better things. Bad mouthing a company because you are not willing to take your life into your own hands and make something of yourself just makes you look like a twat.

    • Defending a company you supposedly left 2 years ago makes you look like a liar.

      Remind me exactly how going door to door all day, earning very little money, being sucked into a cult atmosphere and gutting your social and personal life is a positive thing?

  197. I think you can add Snowbird Advertising and Visual Insights Ltd based in Birmingham. Both of these companies have very vague job descriptions and both have the same address, SBQ1, Smallbrook, Birmingham, B5 4HE, that same address has been mentioned already in the comments section. I think it is very bad that they do this and it needs to be stopped and hopefully bring attention to this will make more people aware of these crooks and have them shut down.

  198. Clover Advertising – Bristol. Same story, shit company, no basic wage, deluded workers, shady sales tactics, misleading interviews, intimidating and ruthless boss. Get them on the list!

  199. Glasgow Promotions has posted this ad on a recruitment website, Not sure if part of this ad is illegal or not.

    Retail Sales Assistant
    Events / In-Store Promotions
    Excellent Development & Travel Opportunities
    If you are getting bored doing the same mundane tasks day after day and are looking for an opportunity where you can grow and develop then Glasgow Promotions could be the place for you. We are currently undergoing massive expansion as we increase representation for our telecoms client, and we are looking for 15 people, with a background in retail sales, to start immediately!
    At Glasgow Promotions we specialise in customer acquisition through events based marketing. Using direct and pro-active marketing strategies, taking our clients products / services direct to their potential customers, it provides our clients with instant feedback and outstanding results while remaining extremely cost effective.
    Customer Service
    Campaign Management
    Sales / Promotions
    Events Co-ordination / Management
    Public Speaking

    Applicants must be 18 or over and available to start straight away! If you tick all the boxes apply today!
    To Apply – Submit your CV through the on-line process, all applications MUST include a contact number and email address. Visit for more information.

    Applicants successful at the initial meeting will be invited to spend a day observing one of our representatives at an event, getting to see first hand what the roles involve. As this is a part of the interview process applicants will not be compensated and expenses will not be covered. Our representatives are self-employed and paid on commission only for their completed sales, all earnings are uncapped therefore the more you put in the more you get out. As the openings are immediate start we regret we are unable to accept applications from people not currently able to commute to our office in Glasgow.

    The bit I’m referring to is the bit in caps lock – anyone have any thoughts?

  200. Great post and thanks for listing these corrupt companies! I came across two scams when I was at University and searching for a summer job.

    The first was hilariously obvious but also dangerous to anyone who would fall victim. To begin with, I didn’t even apply for this job and I was instantly selected for a trainee session after they found my CV on some recruitment site. They were called Nottingham Consultants Limited, and if I recall they were addressed under Nottingham Trent University after I researched them, which gave the early indicator. Nevertheless, the job was essentially online payment processing (illegal) and they claimed after my training period I would earn around £2,000 a month. As I knew this was a scam I wanted to play along until I knew it was best to stop. Until they wanted my details, I reported them.

    My second encounter, not long ago, was less extreme i guess which was with Pantheon International (or Pantheon UK based in St Alban’s Place, Islington, N1 0NX), which I believe is still a scam because it’s a dishonest scheme. It’s exactly what you have mentioned: a misleading ad which is ultimately door-to-door sales.

    The title of job advert was exactly what I wanted to hear which is how they fool us. In the job description they mentioned how they dealt with international companies and how I would be working in an exciting fresh team. After applying for the job in the morning I received a call later that afternoon from a what sounded like a young American lady (which is clever of the company because us guys can be easily lured in). She asked two on the spot questions and invited me for an interview for the next day. I once got a decent temporary job when I was called on the same day so I didn’t find it suspicious in this case.

    That was until I done my research to prepare for the interview. Their website looked professional until I realised there was no social media links. When I searched them on twitter there was an account, with their logo, with hardly any followers which I found odd. Then I looked on facebook and again they hardly had any likes and it didn’t look professional. After googling them more, I saw more posts on forums, claiming the same company, was misleading and you end up in commission based door-to-door sales. I didn’t attend the interview, but I wish I did now to play along and see what they’re like.

    There’s a reason why organizations like this are not telling the truth and tricking us. They want to sell and brainwash people into this job because it’s the only way it’s sustainable! I don’t like to slam jobs, but under these conditions, you won’t be earning the money they tell you and to become a manager within a year is simply their brainwashing tactic to keep you motivated!

  201. Hey, my name lemar I’m 19 years old

    I’ve been in the business for 9 mounths

    Yes guys, 100% commission means you make no sales you don’t get paid

    Now you can think of this in two ways

    Ah its a scam

    Or ah I’m going to have to learn a trade and put in consistent actions to get consistent pay

    After working nine mounths in the business I’ve learned valuable skills

    Such as

    Having the best
    Student mentality
    Work ethic
    And attitude

    Because of this mindset and not listening to all of the above

    I’ve recently been promoted to assistant management
    Now I’m not bragging but it’s not a fair debate weather or not these companies are scamming people without both sides

    I’m living proof it is possible to get to management

    Also Ps

    Management is not promised it’s provided if you have a great mindset

    • Weather or not? I’d prefer my manager to know spelling, punctuation and grammar before he attempts to write up a dodgy contract.

    • Haha mate the same with me, I’m in the Brighton office and it took me 13 months to get to AO these idiots just don’t have the balls or the skills to make it

  202. Also AVOID Privilege Promotions – Leicester – Event Marketing

    Their website:

    Carlton House, 28 Regent Road,
    LE1 6YH

    Will Ross (originally from Birmingham) Age: Mid 20’s

    Just another marketing firm, that hide the truth, on what the actual job is…looking for cheap labour. And place stupidly ridiculous emphasis on “promotion” and “progress”

    The whole time I thought there must be a catch as they should be focusing on sales and the exact amount of money you can make.

  203. Hello,
    I fell for this exact same scam yesterday and I am extremely angry about it, everyone pelase avoid the firm MJ Experia Marketing, this is a scam. I have never felt so belittled and mugged off in my whole life!

  204. Reblogged this on secreteyes4 and commented:
    Carly stop talking out of your ass. You actually said on this forum for someone to bring you facts to show why its a scam. Guess im the right person for the job. Here are the flaws imprinted across the whole APPCO group network:

    1. Commission / Bond: Every sales rep will receive a fee for a sale they make. Accumulated the average earnings for a person will borderline £100-£200 a week. Now HERE IS THE BIG CATCH. This money is not actually full given to you. In fact 60% is given to you whilst 40% is held back by the company to account for client cancellations. This is called a bond. It is almost certain for a customer to cancel within the first three months of signing up so your bond will be taken away for the accumulated sum in your bond balance.
    Even if you earn £400 after bond which is very rare working 70-80 Hour weeks. So £400 divide by 80 do the maths and its is always going to be below minimum wage. And to pay the worker below minimum wage is illegal.

    2. The Recruitment Process. This is where an Administrator will call you and give you a kind of sales pitch on how the company is high and mighty and so forth. From the initial phone call YOU ALREADY have the job. I say that because unless your are really stupid they pass everyone. It’s because the administrators need to keep office numbers high because of 1. The massive drop off rate that all companies experience and 2. They are at risk of losing their job. So you get the call, you do the group interview where the Director tries to avoid question like is it commission and is it door to door. So you will pass this then you’ll be invited to the observation day. This is where you shadow a leader to see what they do and return to the office to get a definite pass. So the interview process is pretty pointless as everyone who they call will get the job.

    3. The Business Development Programme (Which I call the shite APPCO Pyramid). So a the top of the pyramid the Vice Presidents are living a high life earning millions whilst giving so called motivational speeches at several meetings throughout the year. Whilst the Field Reps at the bottom of the pyramid are earning peanuts and struggling to get by. All pyramid schemes are a plan to affect severely the people at the bottom and suit the people at the top. So as long as the APPCO Group continues to grow the more likely it is to shut down completely.

    Now time to wipe the floor with you Carly. According to you the companies withing the APPCO group network can recruit so many people because they will be on a commission pay structure . Unfortunately you are completely wrong. They reason they recruit so much is to as i said before keep office numbers high so they can use people and pay them below a minimum wage. it is technically another form of slavery. Ill give you a real time example. In Botswana they pay teams of slave labour workers a commission depending on the amount of diamonds they excavate. While the rich at the top live the high life making millions upon millions of pounds profit on the selling of the diamonds. Hmmmm does that remind you of anything.

    Carly think before you speak. People come on this forum to write of their experiences. And don’t dare comment on how lazy they are. You don’t know them so don’t be so condescending towards them. So please reply I would love to hear what you have to say

    hmmm… i applaud your bravery in telling this story in such a detailed manner. Only because something similar happened to me, and i was so embarrassed and disappointed with myself for falling for such a scheme. But since you’ve encouraged me, for the benefit of others:

    Iv’e been living in Dubai for almost 2yrs. In my first yr, after the 1st semester of my Msc., i had quite a long break, and i decided to try to find a job at that time. Some newspaper adverts led me to some “recruitment” companies, which as i look back had all the warning signs for me to see. Examples: It was too easy to get an interview, shady locations, unprofessionalism and the like.
    All of such companies are situated in the smaller, more flexible states (in terms of how far you can bend the law) though they claim all their operations are in Dubai and AbuDhabi (the limelight states) and of course, i didn’t Google to find any information.

    So how they get you is: on the day you arrive, they give you a makeshift interview (of course everyone passes), then they tell you that you’ve got the job but only on probation basis (the probation bit is actually clever). But here it is, since you’ve got the job, they want you to pay them for their services before you start (the next day). On the receipt it says “not refundable” which covers their backside with the law. I should have realized the problem here, all i had to go on was their word and here i was paying them for their “services”(again, not refundable). Well I turn up the next day, and lo and behold there were many of us, we were herded around basically, as far as i could tell without any plan or course of action. At our first stop, most of us gave the benefit of the doubt and let our chauffeur enter the building and supposedly work the magic, with no success. After the next stop we realized what was happening, we were just stopping by at random locations and he would go in and ask if they wanted to hire anyone of us. How is that different from what we could do on our own, after telling us the previous day that we were accepted and hired albeit on probation?

    The final straw was the next stop.. a cyber cafe (i suppose cos we were all with IT backgrounds, they figured hey, get them a job at a cyber cafe). After that, a couple of us decided to go to a police station and report this. At the station, it turned out the police were well aware of the companies and their dealings from many such reports (even their names and locations), but because they technically didn’t do anything wrong, it was a civil case for the courts… And that was that.

    That all seems so long ago now, but i have come to realize that there are always people and organizations out there willing and ready to take advantage of desperate and well, lets face it, Naive people. Some of the stories i have heard from living in this country are so sad that they can only be termed modern day slavery.

    I mean its one thing to con a millionaire or a corporation out of a fraction of their wealth, but to usurp a desperate person out of their last hope and what is probably an already debt ridden financial situation is just despicable. But hey, they’re the ones who don’t have anyone fighting for them right? which always makes them the easy target… Imagine if it were some rich mogul (say an expat from the west) who reported the issue of an organization ripping him off some money… the authorities would not rest until justice is done, so they can be portrayed in a good light where it matters, in the Western world.