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Understanding Nigeria’s Historic Elections and Why They’re So Contentious

It is common to hear policy makers, development experts and pundits talk about the need to “build strong institutions” in Africa as the solution to governance challenges without quite understanding what processes building or modifying these “institutions” entail. Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson in their 2012 tour de force, Why Nations Fail, provide a compelling … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day 2015

The International Women’s Day 2015 was officially on Sunday 08 March 2015. This is a celebration of women, but also a reminder of the need to attain gender equality, equity, parity, equilibrium or at least, some form of justice, fairness and fairplay. The Aljazeera Magazine has a special issue on “What Women Want“. I shared a … Continue reading

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Apply: The World Bank Group Analyst Program

From the website: The World Bank Analyst Program is a new and unique opportunity for exceptionally talented young people with a passion for international development to contribute to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. Through this structured three-year program, you will work in an intellectually challenging and culturally diverse environment within a specific practice, … Continue reading

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The Politics of Inequality – DLP Annual Conference 2015

On Thursday 12 February, the Development Leadership Programme (DLP) held its 2015 Annual Conference on the theme of the politics of inequality, at the University of Birmingham. I presented parts of my doctoral research as a panelist in the session on “Inequality and Political Settlements”. With a resurgence in academic, policy and media interest in inequalities … Continue reading

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Application portal open: NLI Future Leadership Seminar 2015

      Below is a press release from the NLI on its annual Future Leadership Seminar: Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) in partnership with First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s most valuable bank brand will be grooming twenty-five Nigerian leaders from Nigeria and the Diaspora at the NLI May 2015 Future Leaders Seminar in Lagos, … Continue reading

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An Interactive Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the new global development framework set to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. They will be formally unveiled at the UN in September this year, when the MDGs expire. A robust consultative process preceded the articulation of these goals. One fundamental difference between the SDGs and the MDGs, is that … Continue reading

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Time to Keep National Security Institutions out of Partisan Politics

I have said it many times, Nigeria and Nigerians are in many ways similar to the United States and Americans. The country’s size, the regional presence, the diversity, the assertiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians, the economic and regional inequalities etc. That is probably why in 1979, the country decided to switch from a Parliamentary … Continue reading